32 year old Engr. Simput Dafup, a Central Nigerian activist arrested three weeks ago in Jos for allegedly converting one Miss Nabila Sanda, 19 from Islam to Christianity, says his experience while in custody of the Department of State Securities is unforgettable.

Speaking to a crowd of Church leaders, family members, friends and well wishers who gathered to receive him in Jos, Saturday night when he was released from the DSS Headquarters in Abuja, Dafup said he and a driver who transported the said convert to Jos, arrested along with him were kept in the same cell with Boko Haram terrorists.

Aside the torture they both underwent in the hands of the detectives right from the time they were taken from Jos, the suspect said only prayers of the faithful delivered him.

His co-detainee, Mr. Danjuma Dauda said "If I am to write a book on my experience in the DSS custody, it might be over 100 pages."

The two were released on Saturday after the intervention of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

The CAN President was said to have directed the General Secretary of the body to act on the case while on an overseas assignment.

The directive followed a request to that effect forwarded by a group of activists fighting for his release, through the ECWA President, Jeremiah Gado.

The detainees' bail issued "on trust", signed by the Northern CAN Chairman, Rev. Yakubu Pam on Saturday.

The two were therefore brought to Jos same day where they met with a cross section of the Christian community.

They were both expected to undergo medical examination ahead of hearing in the suit filed by Barr. Prof. Francis Kwede of the university of Jos, challenging their arrest.