At least four people have been killed following yesterday's attack on Josho village in Daffo Chiefdom, Bokkos LGA, Plateau State.

More than ten people were also injured in the attack with dozens of houses razed down, the Daffo village Chief, Saf Dauda Maren told MKB.

According to Saf Maren, the attack was a followup to an earlier dispute over grazing space between some Fulani and native youths.

An eyewitness said the conflict began when some three people went to excavate sand for block molding at a site claimed by the Fulani as a grazing route.

"They saw them digging sand and confronted them that they should stop spoiling their grazing land.

"The two young men and a woman digging the sand didn't even talk to them.

"Obviously upset that they were talking and were ignored, one of the two Fulani accousters stroke one of the young men at the site with a stick.

"The two of them (Fulani) started brutalizing him till he went into coma.

"The other guy and the woman wanted fleeing but one of the Fulani accousters rushed him and hit him severally before he used a hoe to strike him in defense."

The eyewitness said after the Fulani accouster was stroke down, more of the Fulani appeared with guns and started shooting at random, and later torched the natives' houses in the village.

Police Public Relations Officer of Plateau State, Matthias Terna who put the number of deaths at three said one person has been arrested in connection to the attack.

Normalcy is however said to have returned following series of peace  meetings between the Fulani and Ron community leaders yesterday.

The meetings are expected to continue today towards preventing Amy further violence.

Meanwhile unofficial sources say fresh Fulani attacks were recorded yesterday in Tashek, Jop village in Riyom LGA and Rafiki village, Bassa LGA, Plateau state.

At least five persons were fatally injured during the separate attacks.

Details later