I was in a funeral some days back,it was a family of  four, the parents and their twins,now the mum and dad lost their lives to a fatal motor accident and left the two kids behind, just at the age of 10, male and female,all through the sermon the preacher kept emphasising on who was going to take care of the children?

Honestly it did not dawn on me to go very emotional though it was very pathetic, the preacher suddenly said "you have said a lot about the parents of this children, how they have been nice to you and helped you in different ways,therefore i want 5 people to volunteer to take the responsibility for these children from their education to feeding, accommodation, discipline and good home training"

Hmmm guess what? Almost 15 people came out, and all of them  were making promises of how the will help, support and be responsible for the kids, it was then that i began to weep for those kids because I have been there, done that,  I knew very well that only few amongst them could try to keep those promises.

I am a living witness,the same thing happened to my twin brother and myself,amongst all that made promises,the uncles,the aunts, and others,today only one person is keeping  that promise alive,and the more she does that,the more she gets blessed, mummy corrina, our corrie spice, you have really spiced up our lives, only God will continue to enrich, protect, guide you and open ways for you.

#sonsofJacob why make promises that you cant keep?

#daughtersofsarah God is watching your every step,dont forget that you also will die one day,how will you feel if the same thing happens to your children,when they are left alone to cater for themselves?to my younger twins,i can't promise you anything but only one thing, GOD WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU,DON't look up to all the people making you empty promises,just look up to God where your help comes from.