A young Nigerian international businessman, Dr. Hassan Jingina says youths aspiring for leadership positions must prove their capacity by investing in their local communities.

Speaking at the 2018 Panyam cultural festival of the Mwagavul people of Mangu Local Government Area, Plateau State, Dr. Jingina regretted that most Nigerian youths who attain economic power often plant businesses outside, where their immediate communities cannot benefit.

As a result, development he said is deprived the local communities thus encouraging rural-urban drift.

"In the end, the local communities remain impoverished despite having produced men and women who are of high socioeconomic standings," he lamented.

Dr. Jingina, the founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jingina Empowerment Foundation (JEF) which caters for the needs of the poor and vulnerable groups believes sitting businesses in local communities expands development and reduces over congestion in urban centres.

According to him, such moves also increase interdependence and enhanced economic viability.

He particularly challenged Christian youths to instead of donating more of their fortunes to foreign churches, consider donating more at home to boost the socioeconomic outlook of their localities.