The Plateau Youth Council (PYC) Chairman, Dr. Jemchang Fabong says those calling on him to condemn Senator Jonah Jang's recent comments on youth participation in politics should "please hold their peace".

The Senator, Jemchang said was "absolutely amazing on radio and totally correct".

Those who have a contrary opinion, the youth leader said should prove Senator Jang wrong using the "privilege authors have of correcting in a Second Edition the faults of the first."

In a social media broadcast, the PYC boss challenged youths to "leave the social media and walk the talk."

He said, "Freedom is not free. It is fought for.

"No one gives you power. You take it. The doors are always closed. You breakthrough. Simple. Youths should understand that."

Senator Jonah Jang yesterday in a radio interview said the Senate is not for young people, a statement that has generated heated controversy over the past 24hrs.

The Senator has however not come out to make any clarifications on the true intent of his message.