A new gas and electric powered frying pan has been launched to ease the making of Northern Nigerian pan cake-like  staple popularly known as Massa.

The pans made from a combination of locally sourced materials, the inventor, Jerry Mallo said is meant to change the face of massa business for those involved.

"This is meant to ease and mordernise the making of masa which has been before now made using the local clay pot or aluminium pots on a firewood powered fire.

"Before this, masa was something that was hard to make inside the comfort of an indoor home kitchen but now, it can be made anywhere with no smokes and at a better hygiene," Mallo, the CEO of Bennie Agro Nigeria Ltd told MKB.

The idea of developing the pans he said was conceived long ago but was delayed by other pressing demands.

"We have been working on designing other bigger machines, we haven't had time to make these until now," he said.

Having commenced production, the one-time popular figure in agro allied business who developed the first made in Nigeria tractor only needs hours to make many of such special pans, he said.

He said, "It only takes me one working day of 8hrs to produce 15 pieces of these pots if I am working alone. But with my other team of fabricators at Bennie Company, we can make several more."

The young inventor who has starred on so many local and international radio and TV shows as well as symposia to discuss his innovations disclosed other activities involved in by his company thus:

"We are into the fabrication of industrial/small scale agro processing machines, household appliances and food processing machines. We currently have a whole list of machines we have been able to design for our customers.

"These include Maize threshing machine (maize, sorghum), Grinding machine (tomatoes etc), Milling machine (for grains), Cassava press, Fish drying/Smoking Kiln and Wheat thresher.

Others are rice thresher, Cassava milling machine, Groundnut expeller, Sugarcane press & Juicer, Masa frying stove (electric/gas), Palm oil extraction machines, Rice/soya bean/wheat harvester, Weeding machine and Wheel barrows production.

As to where he gets his raw materials, Mr. Mallo, 25 said "Materials are here in Jos as a matter of fact.

"Most of our raw materials have been readily available in and around this country.

"For the finishing, it just takes experience in the fabrication field to be able to get a fine and polished quality like this and we have that experience."

He disclosed his workshop to be in Kunet village near Plateau State University, Bokkos where he utilizes a team of experts who range from Designers, welders, electricians and many more to achieve his goals.

Though a starter business, the Bennie Agro company boss said the business is self-sustaining.

He said, "For a business like this at this stage, it funds itself from sales we make. We initially raised capital through sales of our farm produce because we the founders ourselves are farmers, which is self-sustaining.

"At a later stage we got some support through soft loans from Microfinance Banks like Mwaghavul MFB and Plateau State (PLASMEDA), as well as COCIN light microfinance bank."

Mallo promised "Bennie Agro is here to make an impact through innovation in Plateau state and Nigeria at large.

"We want to let our people know that we are indeed capable of doing anything imaginable to change the image of Nigeria in international scene of technology as far as we put our hands together."

He however challenges young Nigerians to "put in hard work and extra time" in what they can do to contribute their own quota to the development of the country.