Death toll from last night's attacks in Plateau's Mayi and Josho villages of Daffo district, Bokkos LGA has risen to ten, MKB learns.

Several other people have been displaced from about eight villages, Councillor of Daffo Ward, Hon. Danjuma Mabas said.

A number of aged people in the affected villages are also missing, Mabas said.

According to him, several other people are currently being treated of varying degrees of gunshot injuries.

Security around the troubled area, the Councillor says appears to be comprised.

"The whole place has been left to the mercy of the attackers," he said.

Attacks in the Daffo villages have persisted since January 24, 2018 when about seven people were killed around Josho community.

The latest attacks began on Wednesday when five women were shot in Nghakudung village in the Josho area.

A local Chief, Sunday Akuns and the Daffo Ward Councillor, Danjuma Mabas said the injured were taken to the hospital where one eventually died, by Vigilante members without security cover.

The STF Spokesperson, Maj. Umar Adams however said STF personnel saved the women by taking them to hospital.

The attack resulted in demonstrations yesterday when President Buhari was on a working visit to Plateau State.

While the STF said it drafted its men to the scene to contain the situation, heavy gunfire were reported in the villages throughout the night with five losing their lives.

The five were said to have been ambushed while fleeing to safety around Mayi village.

More people were reported to have been attacked in other villages including Ganda and Farandong Hai villages where the January 24 attack was recorded.

A similar attack was this morning reported in a Bassa village.

No official statement has been released by government authorities on the situation yet.