Locals have reported persistent gunshots in Josho community in Daffo District, Bokkos LGA, Plateau State as government securities are said to have been moved to guard President Muhammad Buhari during his visit to Jos.

A local Chief from the village, Sunday Akuns said Nghakudung and Farandong Hai villages in the Josho area were this morning surrounded by heavy sounds of gunshots after five women were gunned down last night in Nghakudung .

He said smoke was also sighted from a particular direction but could not be ascertained to be house burning.

"The villagers are however terrified and have been indoors," he said.

Although he confirmed that securities have been drafted to the area to intervene, the Chief could not confirm if the situation had been contained.

Some women in Daffo had converged at security checkpoints to protest the latest attacks.

Farandong village in Josho, Daffo was on 24th January attacked after a dispute between two Fulani youths and some locals.

7 people were reportedly killed during the attacks while two went missing.

Securities had been stationed at the villages to restore normalcy.

The Councillor of Daffo Ward, Danjuma Dauda however said securities were moved from the village few days ago ahead of the visit by Buhari.

Earlier report by MKB:

Gunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen last night attacked Nghakudung village, near, Josho in Daffo District, Bokkos Local Government Area (LGA), Plateau State wounding five, sources say.

The gunmen who reportedly attacked houses at about 11pm, shooting sporadically, held hostage of the village for hours without security intervention.

As a result, the five gunned down, all women bled for hours before family members "braved the risks of moving in the thick of the night without security cover to convey them to Plateau Hospital in Jos where they are currently receiving treatment," a source said.

The attack which precedes President Mohammed Buhari's visit to Plateau State has sparked riots in Daffo town.

Police Public Relations Officer of Plateau State, Tyopev Terna could not confirm the incident as at the time of this report as he reported being busy at the airport ahead of President Buhari's visit.

Village Head of Daffo, Da Bitrus Dauda however expressed sadness over the renewed attacks which follow series of peace meetings in the area.

Meanwhile a private radio station in Jos, TinCity FM is said to have received threats from the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) ffollowing a report it aired this morning on the Daffo attack.

A source said the NBC warned the station against "causing chaos" during a Presidential visit in the state.

"President Buhari long expected," says PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Plateau State yesterday faulted President Buhari's visit saying "Mr. President was long-expected to have visited the state to condole the people on all the daredevil attacks visited on very peaceful communities since the inauguration of the current administration."

In a Statement by its Publicity Secretary, John Akans, the party said "Plateau people are still mourning the killing of dozens of  peaceful and hospitable people of Irigwe people in Miango chiefdom of Bassa Local Government (and theattacks are continuing) and the murder and displacement of more communities in Riyom, Barkin Ladi as well as Bokkos Local Government Areas.

"While the President unveils the Road Map to peace, we remind him that as at the last count, over 44 villages were underforceful occupation by Fulani herdsmen in some LGAs in some parts of Plateau, and we have not seen any federal efforts to either recover them or reconstruct communities destroyed by the herdsmen."

It therefore demanded that the attention the President has paid to the displaced persons in the North East should be rightly extended to the displaced people of Plateau.

The party said "Any road map to peace (as Buhari is proposed to commission during his visit) that does not take cognisance of and commit to justice and equitable treatment of the Internally Displaced People of Plateau as well as uplifting of democracy will only be a roadmap that is short-sighted, empty and pretentious."