The Nigerian House of Representatives has resolved to step up measures at enforcing law and order in areas witnessing violent attacks by suspected herdsmen.

The House at a recent plenary resolved to to stem the tide of violent attacks and bloodletting in Plateau State by disarming "killer herdsmen".

Acting on a Motion of Public Importance on the resurgence of violent attacks in Plateau State and its implications on National Security sponsored by member representing Barikin Ladi/Riyom Federal Constituency, Istifanus Gyang, the House also resolved to put up measures to recover all farmlands forcefully occupied by armed herders.

It further agreed to ensure that persons displaced by violent attacks repossess their ancestral habitat, properties and farmlands.

Presenting the motion, Hon. Gyang lamented that the herdsmen attacks seem to be defying all "known theories and practice  of conflict resolution" as no sooner had communities agreed to peacefully coexist than the attacks resurfaced.

Gyang observed that if urgent steps were not taken against the violent attacks, the situation could "complicate" national security.

The motion which drew reactions from other members in favour of Hon. Gyang's prayers was adopted with the House expressing  concern that the attackers showed no respect to the President on his visit to Plateau State, as while he was being hosted to a Town Hall meeting, communities in Bokkos and Bassa Local Government were under herdsmen attacks.

The House expressed worry that despite the military led Operation Safe Haven in Plateau State, the "Killer herdsmen" are still having a field day attacking and sacking whole communities and villages.

Meanwhile, a Plateau Youth Group, G-17 has listed 40 villages under forceful occupation by Fulani herdsmen in Riyom and Barkin Ladi LGAs of the state.

A social media broadcast by its leader, Musa Bagos wondered how long the attacks would be left to continue.

The broadcast reads:

It all started in a remote village called Mahanga in Riyom. It then spread to many more gradually.
The following are the comprehensive list of villages completely sacked by gunmen (herdsmen)

Riyom LGA:
1. Rankum (Mahanga)
2. Fass
3. Loton
4. Rot Chun (Rafin Acha)
5. Darin
6. Gwon
7. Shong 1
8. Shong 2
9. Maseh
10. Janda
11. Rakweng
12. Kak
13. Nangam
14. Nincha
15. Taballeng
16. Wull
17. Rachos
18. Rachot
Barkin Ladi LGA:
19. Rahol Mazar
20. Rakwok
21. Vatt
22. Kungot
23. Zakupang
24. Dorong
25. Rubong
26. Udeh
27. Fanzat
28. Zim
29. Jong
30. Shurum
31. Loh-Birin
32. Rarin
33. Ningon
34. Khai/Kiokwo
35. Kaffi-Abu
36. Kaching
37. Dogo
38. Kufang
39. Pwakuduk
40. Hyai

We earlier warned that if attention is not given to the security situation in our  villages it will one day meet us in the city, we laughed about it and said it will never happened. The bad news today is that; it's not a dream,  it is a reality.

Dong village is just by wild life park and  wild life park is just by federal Lowcost then state Lowcost from the other side of wild life park is mado village then Tudun Wada
It took them almost 10 years to sack 40 villages in Riyom and Barkin ladi

The question is, how many years will it take them to occupy most of the villages in Bassa, Bokkos, then parts of Jos South and Jos North?

Lets be United against the common enemy before our children become slaves.
It's not about APC or PDP,  bullet or machete​ don't know party.

With strategies, prayers, political will and purposeful leadership we will be victorious
Pray and be wise as a serpent
The time is now or never.