Construction work has started at the new Lobiring Health Centre in Ropp District of B/Ladi as part of the health infrastructure initiated by Rep member, Istifanus Gyang.

The initiative, a statement from Gyang's office says is aimed at embedding health care at the grassroots.

"The new health centre at Lobiring is meant to bring health health care to the door step of the people at the grassroots," the statement says.

It would be recalled that ID Gyang has carried out massive health outreach in the constituency involving  free medical examination and  treatment for tooth care, Optamology  in screening Cataract, Glaucoma and eye surgery, general surgery for cases of Hiernia, Hydrocole, Lipoma, laboratory services and screening for Diabetes, Hepathitis, Typhoid, HBP, Malaria ans screening fir HIV/AIDS.
He also conducted constituency wide  Malaria eradication campaign.

The "inclusive" health approach of Rep ID Gyang  covers both preventive and curative health for the benefit of the people.