The Management of Plateau United Football Club of Jos has condemned in strong terms the physical assault on a staff of Jay FM Jos, Mbum Ferdinand by allegedly the club's supporters on the orders of the club General Manager,  Pius Henwan. 

A statement signed by the Media Officer of the club, Albert Dakup, says the assault was never on the orders of the GM, "a law-abiding citizen who abhors violence in any ramification."

The statement explained that at no time did the GM nor the management of the club order such "barbaric action against a journalist who was discharging his duties to the public."

"The GM, to prove how unhappy he was about the incident, immediately rushed to the Police Station where Mr Mbum was held and tried a much as he could to douse the tension," the statement added.

While disassociating itself from the "unfounded actions of the supporters club members",  the management of the club in the statement apologized to Mr Mbum Ferdinand, his family and Jay FM for the "embarrassment caused by this unfortunate and totally unnecessary act."

It said, Plateau United has enjoyed tremendous support from Jay FM and Mr Mbum in the past and as such could not be part of anything malicious to either cause him or the station any embarrassment.

It also apologized to the Sports Writers Association (SWAN) and the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ for the "unacceptable conduct of the thugs" who acted on their own interests rather than that of the GM or the management of the club.

"Henwan (Club GM), who describe the press as partners in progress, promised to fish out all those responsible for this act and deal with them decisively while also reiterating Plateau United’s love for the media and journalism in Nigeria as a whole," the statement says.

Ferdinand Mbum, a sports presenter with Jay FM, Jos was on Saturday evening reportedly assaulted and whisked away by a group led by the head of the Plateau United Football Club supporters club.

He was said to have 25mins before then reported alleged financial fraud in the club on his show.

Mbum's employers believe the Club GM ordered the assault in disahreement with the report as a case of defamation was filed against the presenter in a police station after the abduction.

The management of Jay FM is thought to be considering legal actions against the club.