Photonews: Buhari, Lalong, Others Get Rousing Welcome in US.

President Muhammadu Buhari might be more popular amongst Nigerians based in the United States than many might think.

The President and his entourage based on pictures released online appears to have enjoyed a rousing welcome from officials and residents of Nigerian origin in the US.

Details in the pictures attached

Month after attacks, Rep member dishes free medical treatment to 8,000 constituents

A month after deadly attacks hit parts of Bokkos local government area, in Central Nigeria's Plateau State, a member of the House of Representatives, Solomon Maren has sponsored free medical care for nearly 8,000 constituents.

Anchored by Project Zero Initiative, a nongovernmental organization comprised of medical experts, concerned with the plights of indigent patients, the Free Medical Outreach in Bokkos and Mangu Federal constituency which Maren represents held from 26 and 27th April, 2018.

The exercise was designed to particularly to relief the burden of medical bills for those who could not afford such, Maren said.

According to him, it was also to enable them get the needed healthcare for improved productivity, as "health is wealth."

A summary of the programme released by Project Zero Initiative after the exercise shows that a total of 7,564 people were  registered and attended to.

Out of the figure, the Eye Unit treated 2,542 cases and issued medicated glasses to 878.

Furthermore, a total of 951 dental cases were attended to according to the statement, out of which 896 had varying degrees of dental surgical procedures including scaling and polishing.

The Laboratory Unit screened 5,276 for malaria, Hepatitis, HIV and Diabetes among others, the statement says.

The summary statement by Dr. Emmanuel Sabo Ombugadu, the National Coordinator, Project Zero Initiative also said all the nearly 8000 people registered and attended to were given free drugs.

This is the second time Hon. Maren is organizing such free medical outreach, an initiative he believes could improve the health performance of his constituents for enhanced national growth.

Ex Plapoly student found dead in a well

A former student of the Plateau State Polytechnic, Barkin Ladi, Mr. Mandong James was on Saturday found dead in an open tin mining well near his home village, Butura Kampani, Bokkos LGA.

James, a 2016 diploma graduate of the Polytechnic was said to have gone for tin mining at the site where he reportedly drowned.

A family source said James, 31 had a brain shock while trying to fetch water from the 25ft deep well, which was filled to the brim.

"It came to him like epilepsy just when he had thrown the drawer into the well," the source said.

According to the source who claimed to have been working on a farm close to the mining site when the incident occurred, the deceased could not be rescued until after 45mins of rigorous efforts.

"When I heard a loud sound of something falling into water, I quickly alerted people around.

"Divers came and did all they could but couldn't rescue him.

"We had to use water pump machines to drain the well before recovering his body," the source narrated.

It could not immediately be ascertained whether the said brain shock was caused by epilepsy or any other medical condition.

The deceased was however believed to be into hard drugs, a situation experts believe could cause nervous breakdown.

A clinical biochemist, Mabur Tokshik told MKB that certain drugs when consumed in excess could "alter the nervous system," resulting in occasional brain shock and other complications.

Firthermore, Tribune newspaper in 2017 quoted the Lagos State Chairman of the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria, ACPN, Pharmacist Biola Paul–Ozieh as saying abusing drugs could either damage kidneys, cause hypertension, lung cancer, neurological disorder or turned them into destitute, or in worse cases, cause death. 

Between 26.4 million and 36 million people are reported to abuse prescription opioids globally.

Nigeria is believed to be one of the countries with the worse cases of such abuse of drugs.

Clinical Biochemist, Mabur Tokshik who is also the Secretary, Bokkos Progressive Youth Forum blames this on youth restiveness and depression usually arising from lack of jobs and comfortable socioeconomic life.

"Our elites are to be blamed for this because they are supposed to create the opportunities for those coming behind them to benefit from the sane system that made them who they are but often times they only consider themselves and their families," Tokshik said.

The worse cases of drug abuse are in slums and rural areas where youth restiveness is at its worse, with scarce government and security presence, findings have revealed.

The Plateau State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Hon. Yakubu Bot recently disclosed plans by the government to upgrade all slums within the greater Jos Master Plan towards fighting drug abuse and other related problems.

Equally, the Governor Lalong administration recently created a new ministry to facilitate and coordinate economic development in the state.

Whether this ministry yields desired results with regards to unemployment and its attendant effects on general health performance, only time will tell.

Plateau: Bokkos residents alarm over indiscriminate grazing, rape by suspected herdsmen

Residents of Bokkos town, in Central Nigeria's Plateau State have raised alarm over rising cases of rape, indiscriminate grazing and intimidation by people suspected to be Fulani herdsmen.

Over the past three months, indiscriminate grazing in residential areas has particularly been on the increase with no visible security intervention, a community leader in Bokkos, Ayuba Mangai said.

Efforts have been made by various groups and individuals to curtail the excesses of the herders but there has been very little success, a member of the Run Muruwi Vanguard, a native interest group who chooses to be anonymous however said

Corroborating this position, a former President of the youths in Bokkos, Samuel Agandu said "often times when the herders are cautioned, they pull out arms to fight."

The situation is not new as there have been several reports of such excesses but none has been tangible, said the Secretary of the Bokkos Progressive Youth Forum, Mabur Tokshik.

"We only hear them as rumours and no one has officially reported such," he said.

Police authorities have equally denied receiving official reports of such just as a Fulani leader, Ardo Shagari Abdullahi has said there has never been a complaint against the Fulani as such.

The Bokkos Divisional Police headquarters has however confirmed the killing of a young man by suspected Fulani last week Sunday near Government Secondary School Kopyal.

Popularly known as Olu, the young man in his early 30s from Njong village in the locality was reportedly shot to death when he took

The murder followed an alleged raping of an 18 year old girl by two suspected Fulani herdsmen in a farm near Bokkos town.

Police could not however confirm the rape incident when contacted.

The Secretary of the Bokkos Progressive Youth Movement however said there were several unofficial reports of rape in Bokkos but could not attribute them to any group or individual.

He disclosed that findings from his office reveal that on the latest incident, there was no penetration as the victim was immediately rescued after she screamed while struggling with the culprits, alerting nearby farmers.

He however called on securities to be more proactive in dealing with security threats in the area.

The ex President of the Bokkos youths, Mr. Agandu however joined Lt. Gen. Theophilus Danjuma to call for self-defense among communities.

"Even the securities these days are hands-tight and can hardly function as expected due to superior interests," he said.

Bokkos LGA has been in the news of late following series of attacks by suspected Fulani herdsmen that have led to the sacking of nine villages.

Over 30 people are said to have been killed and 7000 others displaced from over 1000 homes in the attacks that started in January this year.


By Femi Fani-Kayode

Last friday the United States Government released a damning human rights report on Nigeria, saying "grave violations of human rights" continued to increase in 2017 while officials who perpetrated them were never prosecuted by the Federal Government of President Muhammadu Buhari. 

It also said, inter alia, that Nigeria is suffering from "ethnic, religious and regional violence".

This is the bitter truth and the report is a welcome development. 

Ethnic cleansing, genocide, mass murder, state-sponsored terror, unprecedented corruption, monumental incompetence, the persecution of opposition figures and their families, the violation of court orders, the intimidation of the National Assembly, the Judiciary and the Fourth Estate of the realm which is the media, the targetting and cold-blooded murder of Christians, Igbo (IPOB) youths and Shiite Muslims, the gradual and incremental Islamisation of the nation, the humiliation of the Church and Christian clerics, the covert support for and encouragement of murderous Islamist and jihadist terror groups like the Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram and so on and so forth are now the cornerstone and hallmark of President Buhari's govermmemt. 

Worse of all he did not have the National Assembly's approval to withdraw $496 million from the Federal Governments Excess Crude Account which he used to pay for the 12 Super Tucano jets that he purchased from the United States and that are to be supplied to the Nigerian Airforce by 2020. 

This makes it an illegal expense which, under our laws, is an impeachable offence. It also makes the whole transaction unlawful. 

Even more troubling is the fact that, as long as Buhari is in power, those jets are as likely to be used against innocent and defenceless Nigerian civilians, including women and children, as they are against terrorists.

I sincerely hope that these issues will form part of the deliberations and discussions that will take place in the meeting betwen President Donald Trump and President Buhari in Washington on 30th April.

They should also discuss the shameful way in which the President Barack Obama's administration interfered in Nigeria's 2015 presidential election and assisted Buhari to come to power and the $500 million that the Buhari administration contributed, through various fronts and companies like the Chagoury brothers, to Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.

And now to the meat of this essay. 

In terms of high level military, intelligence and security operations and what are known in western intelligence agencies as "black ops" few events in our history come close to the one that took place in Dapchi a few months ago. 

I am not referring to major or cataclysmic events which also had the imprint and involved the input of numerous foreign and domestic intelligence and security agencies like the murder of General Aguiyi-Ironsi in 1966 and the coming to power of Lt. Col. (as he then was) Jack Yakubu Gowon or the murder of General Murtala Mohammed in 1976 and the coming to power of General Olusegun Obasanjo or again the murder of General Sani Abacha and Chief MKO Abiola in 1998 which led to the release from prison and the second coming to power of President Olusegun Obasanjo. Those are the obvious ones.

I am referring to the more subtle ones which had less obvious but equally identifiable motives. I will not go into detail and I will not expose the motives. I will just mention the events and the facts surrounding them. 

First was the cold-blooded murder of Gloria Okon, an international drug courier, that was working for powerful government officials and men and women in high places and that was about to spill the beans when General Muhammadu Buhari was in power in 1985.  

Second was the elimination of Dele Giwa, a prominent and highly respected journalist, by agents of President Ibrahim Babangida's government in 1986. 

Third was the C130 military plane crash in Ejigbo, Lagos in 1992 in  which 158 junior and middle rank army officers were tragically killed. The plane was brought down and those gallant officers were left to die slow and painful deaths in the swamp because the rescue operation was purposely delayed. It was more of an execution than a plane crash. 

Fourth was the slaughter of Kudirat Abiola, Chief MKO Abiola's wife, Chief Alfred Rewane, Rear Admiral Omotenhiwa and hundreds of other pro-June 12th and NADECO leaders and operatives by General Sani Abacha's military junta between 1995 and 1998. 

Fifth was the mysterious "plane crash" in Kano in 1996 in which Ibrahim Abacha, the first son of General Sani Abacha, together with his close friends Bello Dangote, Omieba Princewill and a number of others lost their lives. The fact is that most of those that died were killed after the plane had crashed at the crash site by unknown elements and there appears to have been a struggle on the private jet before it came down.

Needless to say the whole thing was covered up by military intelligence and the truth was buried. Not even General Abacha, who was Head of State at the time, knew what actually happened and who was involved until much later.

Sixth was the murder of numerous high profile leaders and political figures during the tenure of President Olusegun Obasanjo between 2000 and 2007 including Chief Bola Ige, Chief Marshall Harry, Chief Dikibo and many others. 

Seventh was the bombing of Odi town in Rivers state by the military during the course of President Olusegun Obasanjo's government in 1999 in which hundreds of civilians were murdred. 

Eighth was the masscre of dozens of people in Zaki Biam in Benue state by the military during the course of President Olusegun Obasanjo's government in 2001. 

Ninth was the blowing up of the Bellview Airlines plane over Lisa, Lagos state in 2005 in which over 100 people perished and which was passed off as a fatal accident and plane crash. 

I have said it before and I will say it again: I became Minister of Aviation one year after that crash and I had access to all the relevant security reports and American NTSB documents. According to that NTSB report the plane did not crash but was brought down by what was described as "a low-level incendiary device" which had been planted on the plane before it took off by unknown elements. 

Tenth was the murder of Mohammed Yusuf, the founder and erstwhile leader of Boko Haram, whilst in the custody of the Nigerian Police in 2009 during the tenure of President Shehu Musa Yar'adua. 

Eleventh was the blowing up of a building in Prophet TB Joshua's SCOAN Church in Lagos by remote control detonation from a drone as a consequnce of which over 200 people, including many foreigners, were killed in 2013. 

Even though the whole event was recorded on CCTV, including the drone and the detonation, this was largely ignored by the authorities and no meaningful criminal investigation into what was clearly an act of terror took place. 

The whole thing was passed off by the Government of the day as an accident due to a faulty foundation even though the intelligence agencies knew better.

Despite the Lagos State Attorney General's simplistic and foolhardy assertion that the State Government would "pursue the case against TB Joshua and his Church to a logical end", the truth is that what the government is dealing with is a premeditated and well-orchestrated act of terror carried out by highly proficient, skilled and experienced operatives and not one of involuntary manslaughter which came about as a consequence of negligence on the part of the Church authorities or a faulty foundation. 

The Lagos State Attorney General, as naive as ever, has no idea that he is being used, that he is on a wild goose chase, that he is helping to shield and protect the real perpertrators of the crime and that he seeks to destroy the legacy and name of an innocent man and Church. 

The truth is that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode has much work to do if he really wants to know what happened because the "faulty foundation" theory is a brilliant ruse. 

I challenge him to ask for all the relevant security reports on this matter. They tell a very different story indeed.

Twelfth was the abduction of the Chibok girls in 2014 which was planned, funded, executed and orchestrated by rogue elements in our intelligence agencies in collusion with some disgruntled northern politicians and key members of the then opposition including three sitting governors. 

Thirteenth is the secret and cold-blooded mass murder and illegal incarceration of thousands of IPOB youths and members by security forces over the last three years. 

Fourteenth is the state-sponsored mass murder of Shiite Muslims at any given opportunity and the ruthless persecution of their members, including women and children over the last three years. 

Fifteenth is the overt support that the Federal Government has consistently provided for the Fulani herdsmen who have slaughtered thousands of innocent and defenceless Nigerians, including women and children, over the last three years. 

Sixteenth is the covert support that Buhari himself and key players in his political party and administration have given Boko Haram over the last 6 years by funding their operations, openly identifying with some of their core values and ideals and seeking to protect them from the proscription. 

They have also protested publicly when the military hits them hard, insisted that the Army uses kid gloves when fighting them, released their top commanders, refused to target and kill their key leaders and paid them vast sums of protection money and ransoms which the terrorists have then used to purchase more arms. 

In terms of special ops and secrecy Dapchi falls into this category of events. And the fact that Leah Sharibu, the only Christian amongst the over 100 "abducted" girls, was the only one that was not released speaks volumes. The message is simple and clear. 

These complex covert operations are commonly  referred to in intelligence circles as "black ops",  "extreme measures" and "wet work" and they are always done in the utmost secrecy and with the full knowledge and sometimes assitance and logistical support of either one or two other friendly and trusted foreign intelligence agencies. 

The motives for the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth will be made manifest next year during the presidential election in the event of anyone daring to give Buhari stiff resistance or a hard fight. 

This time around it will not only be the dog and the baboon that they intend to soak in blood if a strong challenge is presented to Buhari but the whole of Nigeria and the west African sub-region. 

That is why $2 billion has been released from the Excess Crude Account in the last four months to supposedly "fight terrorism". 

That money will not be used to fight terrorism but to arm the terrorists in preparation for the conflict that lies ahead. 

Now that President Buhari has formally declared his intention to run in the 2019 election and seeks a fresh mandate I fear that what is coming our way is not just an election but a series of cataclysmic events that will change our lives and our country forever. 

Nigeria, with its incredibly incompetent and carefully hand-picked and selected leaders, has been targetted by the powers that be and the chaos and anarchy that we are witnessing in our country today is contrived.

Sadly the Nigerian people have been hoodwinked and appear to be incapable of putting the jigsaw together, asking the relevant questions and demanding the appropiate answers. 

They cannot see and neither can they fathom or comprehend the evil machinations of the hidden hand or the dark and sinister world of covert operations and black ops. 

They are more than content and happy to watch Big Brother Nigeria and to see, read and believe the rubbish that the government feeds them through the local media. 

Saddled with a largely uninquiring press, the truth is that we are more often than not misled and misinformed with a labyrinth and forest of official lies, government cover-ups and disinformation.

I have often wondered why such a well-educated and dynamic people are so trusting when it comes to their Governments and I have often asked why some of us are so naive. 

If we wish to know the truth and get to the bottom of such matters we need to sit up and do far better. I trust God that perhaps one day we will do so: that is if the coming chaos does not consume us all first.

FFK writes from

Wife gets emotional as Rep, Hon. Maren sponsors thousands of poor patients again for treatment

Thousands of poor patients have again received free medical treatment in Mangu and Bokkos, courtesy the member representing Mangu/Bokkos constituency in the Nigerian House of Representatives, Hon. Solomon Maren.

The initiative designed to address the health needs of the constituents for enhanced productivity was organized as part of his constituency interventions, Maren told newsmen.

Flagging off the exercise in Mangu and Bokkos, the lawmaker said given the value of healthcare to wealth generation, giving such to those in need would generally impact the socioeconomic life of the society.

He disclosed that so far, he has sponsored eight bills, moved 20 motions, filed three petitions and contributed on over 100 bills on the floor of the National Assembly.

Maren listed several other interventions he has made in the area of road constructions, water supply, rural electrification and many others across the constituency.

The idea as against past representative experiences in the constituency he said is to give the electorates value for their votes.

"I cannot be comfortable when the people that queued up in the scorching heat of the sun or heavy rain to elect me cannot even point to one thing that they have benefitted from me," he said.

The exercise which is the second organized by Hon. Maren since assumption of office in 2015 has so far witnessed a large turnout of poor patients from different parts of the constituency.

Touched by what she saw after inspecting ongoing diagnoses and surgeries at Allah Na Kowa Hospital, Mangu and Lunar Hospital,  Bokkos, venues of the event, Hon. Maren's wife, Mrs. Victoria Maren could not hide her emotions.

"I want to thank you Honourable member for all these that you have done, for us as a family and for the entire people of Mangu/Bokkos constituency," she said as she narrated how caring he has been.

Also on the entourage of the rep member was the Chairman of Plateau State PDP Chapter, Hon. Damishi Sango represented by his deputy, Amos Gombi who also took time to eulogise the rep member for his "unprecedented representation."

Also present were Plateau Central Zone PDP Chairman, Hon. Benedict Shinugul, elders Dr. LT Fomson, Lita Shindai and party stalwart, Alhaji Sani Golden.

There were also Hon. John T.  Akans the Plateau State PDP Publicity Secretary, Hon. Micheal Abi the Chairman of Bokkos PDP,  Hon. Mahli Maton and a host of other stakeholders across the two Local Government Areas.

The programme is expected to continue today at the two LGAs.

At least three thousand patients are expected to be reached during before the end of the programme.

Last year's event witnessed about 4000 diagnoses and over 100, 000 surgeries including caesarian sections.

Herdsmen Killings: Jihad declared on Northern Christians, says Christian Youth Group

The National President of Youth Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN), Engr. Daniel David Kadzai, has said that the serial coordinated killings going on in Christians dominated towns in the northern region is full jihad declared on Christians In the country.

Kadzai who spoke to journalists at the Yola International Airport yesterday said the 'fabrication' of the term 'herdsmen' was a 'cover up' by government to shield the perpetrators of the 'jihadist' activities.

He pointed out that the different reasons given for the killings by President Muhammadu Buhari and his security chiefs is a confirmation that government knows those carrying out the genocide "against Christians", but is fabricating fake reasons as decoy.

"The Inspector- General of Police Ibrahim Idris, said that it is farmers/herdsmen-clash, the minister of Defence Mansur Dan- Ali, said that it is  blockage of cattle routes, President Buhari told his foreign host that it is fighters from Libya that are carrying out the genocide against Nigerian Christians.

"The questions is if it is fighters from Libya why is the President not declaring them terrorists?

"The different narration of the security chiefs on the killings is a clear testimony that this government is shielding the jihadists," he stated.

Kadzai regretted that Christians' statements on the killing of their fellows are viewed by government officials as a confrontation against Buhari's administration while similar statements from Muslim leaders receive applause, a situation he said has given the Christian leaders in the country a "clear indication" that the perpetrators are getting government backing.

"When former chief of army staff Lt General TY Danjuma( rtd) said that Nigerians should defend themselves, because the military are conniving with the killers to slaughter Nigerians, government said he should be probe, but the same and more dangerous statements were made by Miyitti Allah leader, Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, and the Sultan of Sokoto Abubakar Sa'ad, but government did not order for probe, so under Buhari's government only your religion gives you the right to speak even on issues affecting your people," the YOWICAN leader stated.

Kadzai noted that the "selective negotiation" of the release of Muslim Dapchi girls and abandoning the only Christian girl, Leah Sharibu, in the "den" of her captors as well as the "lopsided appointments" and budgetary allocations to Muslim institutions has confirmed the "Islamization agenda" of Buhari's government.

"In the 2018 budget National Hajji Commission got N239 billion, the Christians Pilgrimage Commission got N21 billion only , this shows that the Muslims population is 85 percent above the Christians, government also voted N800 million for Arabic and Islamist studies , but no one naira is voted for Christians studies, so how can a mentally balance person said that Buhari government has no Islamization agenda," he stated. 

Kadzai urged Christians leaders especially in President Buhari government to stand up and defend their Christians brothers and sisters before they are cleared by the Jihadists.  

Plateau Red Cross team interfaces with World Health Organization towards improving societal impact

Officials of the Nigeria Red Cross Society, Plateau branch yesterday met with representatives of the World Health Organization in Jos to discuss areas of collaboration for greater societal impact.

The meeting primarily spotlighted on the mandate, successes and challenges of the Red Cross branch in the state and the areas of intervention by the WHO.

The Red Cross delegation was led by the branch Chairman of the Executive Committee, Chief John Mankilik and Executive Secretary of the branch, Manasseh Panpe.

Details of the meeting soon.

Plateau: Good roads without human capital is a waste, says new Scholarship Boss, Chom Bagu

Newly appointed Plateau State Scholarship Board Chairman, Mr. Chom Bagu says human capital development must be given topmost priority for there to be socioeconomic progress in Nigeria.

In an interview with MKB in Jos, Mr. Bagu said infrastructural development is necessary for economic growth but not without the necessary human capital.

Advanced economies of the world he said invest in this sector because of its potential to drive other sectors to success, and therefore should be emulated.

"The problem is that we just want to build roads, hospitals and the rest but it is that human capital that is the one that will transform these investments into practically beneficial investments. 

"Otherwise you will have the best roads and nothing will be happening there," he said.

The Scholarship Boss advocated for adequate financing of vocational education to provide skills that will make graduates economically productive and self reliant.

This according to him is due to the low capacity of the formal educational system in the country to provide practical skills for economic self-suffiency.

He said, "We are providing University education that is not giving people jobs.

"This means that this education is inadequate. 

"There must be vocational training as a stop-gap initiative - other things that have a more practical usage so that while you are waiting for the Ideal job, there will be something that you are doing.

"That's the  way even advanced countries are impacting their economies. There was a time the British government was doing a two-year technical education. You finish your university, you do a two-year training."

Mr. Bagu further called for the organizing of educational conferences to identify new ideas that will better impact the country's educational system.

Thousands identify with Hon. Dalung over loss of cousin

By Jeffry Isaac

Hundreds of condolence messages have continued to flood the social media timelines of the Nigerian Minister for Youths and Sports, Solomon Dalung over the demise of his cousin, Brig. Gen. Nanven Rimtip.

Many including groups, NGOs and top personalities who have commented on the unfortunate incident describe it as a loss not only to the minister but the entirety of the nation especially now that it is at its most trying times security-wise.

Dalung had written on his Facebook timeline about the loss last week saying, "It sounds like fake news difficult to believe but indeed the Soldier man is gone.

"I cannot question these, which I am also a prospective subject."

Burial for the deceased General is slayed for this Friday in Langtang, it is learnt.

NASS Member, Hon. Maren to hold free medical outreach for constituents, Thursday & Friday

The Member Representing Mangu/Bokkos Federal Constituency at the National Assembly, Hon. Engr Solomon Bulus Maren is set to hold the second edition of his free medical outreach towards improving his constituents' health for better political participation.

The event slated for  Thursday and Friday - 26th to 27th April,  2018 simultaneously holds at Allah Na Kowa Hospital,  Mangu LGA and Luna Hospital (Asibitin Damulak), Bokkos LGA.

A statement by his media aide, Diyong Mangut says patients would be diagnosed, treated and given free medications during the program.

"Minor surgeries will be performed, Dental services will be provided and those suffering from eye related problems will be attended to," the statement adds.

The statement calls on all members of the constituency to avail themselves and be part of the exercise.

Hon. Maren's first medical outreach held last year had about 7000 patients diagnosed of different ailments.

The 2018 edition is expected to witness no less success.


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A= godliness
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C= impact making lives
For this organization to be sustained, it will do the following:
A= offer consultancy services at minimal but sustainable rates within the vision and mission of the organization.
B= generate funds from the sales of its publications
C= welcome and accept donations from well meaning friends and partners. These donations could be in the form of cash, spirituality books or materials, academic books or materials and any other form the lord would lay in the heart of people and organizations that have the younger generation at heart.
L.G.I will work with relevant facilitators from time to time for conferences, seminars, counseling, campaigns and research for the attainment of the objectives.
L.G.I doesn’t have a corporate structure yet. It is in this regard that she solicits for volunteers through which among them, the governing council, the board of trustees, and the management team will be appointed by the executive director.
A= to undertake awareness campaigns that will conscientize students on the need to be spiritually and academically sound in schools and campuses.
B= to carryout research and identify core features necessary for making a balanced spiritual and academic life and to disseminate them to the students.
C= to engage communities and societies in activities that will promote the spiritual and academic lives of their children who are the students.
D= to run programs that will promote morality and academics.
E= to publish documents for the promotion of academics and spirituality.
F= to distribute writing materials especially to schools in the rural areas. Also to distribute spirituality materials to students of higher institutions of learning.
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L.G.I envisions Nigerian youths (students) who will be sound and balanced spiritually and academically. This is because only moral and academically sound youths will make Nigeria great again.
The Legacy Generation Initiative was initiated by Mr. Abafaras Longji Mark in 2016 as a result of the careful observation of the level of moral and academic decadence in our schools over the years. Most students are not committed to their spiritual lives when they get to schools. There is also the challenge of passive attitudes towards their studies. Parents now cry when their daughters and sons get admitted into universities why? Because their godly values may soon be a thing of the past.
L.G.I is a non-governmental organization through yet to be registered with the CAC but we hope to do so with the necessary support and guidance we may get. L.G.I hopes to partner with individuals, churches, governments, private organizations, other NGOs and religious bodies who share its vision so as to bring about the needed change of the narrative in our institutions. Only this way, we can have serious students in our schools and by implication productive future leaders of the Nigerian state.

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N50,000 Scholarship Package Ideal for Plateau Students, says New Board Chairman, Chom Bagu

Newly appointed Chairman of the Plateau State Scholarship Board, Chom Bagu says the current allowances paid students as scholarship in the State are too meager to meet their needs.

Bagu, a peace development expert and human development activist, in an interview with MKB in Jos said there is a need for an upward review of the package to meet the objectives of the programme.

"Some of us if there was no scholarship, there wouldn't have been a dream of going to school for us.

"In those days, our scholarship allowances could afford us a car aside caring for our academic and welfare needs despite coming from ratchet backgrounds.

"Today, they pay N5,000 after series of bureaucracies that hardly even pay the student's transport fares to and from the payment venue," Bagu lamented.

While there is need for increased budgetary allocations to the board, streamlining the expenditures to meet specific needs is what is paramount, the scholarship boss said.

"The program itself is supposed to provide support to those who without the scholarship won't be able to go to school.

"We have to go back to the drawing board. Are we giving support to those who really need support?

"Secondly, there are certain levels of training that are not relevant to our society, which makes them not needful here.

"We should channel the resources to developing those who are really in need and would impact us directly," Bagu said.

In his words, a scholarship allowance of N50,000 is the least that should be given a student in higher institution given current realities.

"The minimum a student should receive is N50,000. All you need is define who are the beneficiaries and screen the process to make sure it is those beneficiaries that get them," he said.

Plateau State is among the states with the lowest salary package for its students in higher institutions in Nigeria.

The programme has over the years provided uniform stipends as bursary allowances to all class of students of Plateau origin, both studying within and outside the state.

These alliances in the past either never got paid or were delayed for unexplained reasons, a situation the new scholarship boss, Chom Bagu berates as unhealthy for development.

"You will always find money for what is important to you.

"If education is important as critical as it is to socioeconomic development, then it must be given top priority in the scheme of affairs," he said.

Bagu was appointed to head the scholarship board a month ago, by the Gov. Lalong administration after working with local and international nongovernmental organizations in the area of peace development and conflict resolution, human capital and social welfare development among others.

"I don't know why they appointed me there," he told MKB but he is expected to deploy his local and international connections as well as experiences in conflict resolution to address the eminent anomalies within the system.

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Anti-Youth Comments: Youths will Teach Buhari a Lesson Come 2019, says YOWICAN

Following recent comments by President Muhammadu Buhari in United Kingdom (UK) that lots of Nigerian youths are lazy and want everything free, the National President of the Youth Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN), Daniel David Kadzai says the Nigerian youth would mobilise votes from across the country in favour of a young leader that knows their value.  

This would be to teach the President a bitter lesson on their capabilities, the Youth Leader said.

In a statement on Sunday, Kadzai expressed shocked that a President could lower the image of his youths - the "brain box and pillars of democracy" anywhere in the world before the international community.

Kadzai, who challenged the President to tell Nigerians what he achieved in his personal life on personal merit, alleged that Buhari joined the military on quota system and became president on zoning formula, not on merit.

The YOWICAN Boss observed that it was the efforts of the youth to change the leadership of the country that brought the President into office and should therefore be treated with respect.

He added that the youths have made and are still making tremendous sacrifices towards keeping the country strong despite leadership failure.

He said, "The youth fought the civil war to keep Nigeria as an indivisible entity and that the country has lost thousands of youths in all the security agencies battling insurgents and other criminalities in the country as a result of poor leadership by leaders that are over 70 years of age.

"The current economic crisis and its expected fallout leave youth and women increasingly endangered following the sustained massive looting.

"While innocent nigerians are brutally murdered like never before, all that concerned them is 2019 elections,the dead do not cast votes Mr. President."

He added, "We know that his host will be amazed by such comments from the Nigerian President, because his host knows the capacity of Nigerians youths in education and other disciplines.

"We are patiently waiting for the five million jobs President Buhari promised Nigeria youths during his  2015 campaign and would not be distracted by his UK's outburst," he said.

Anti-Youth Comments: Youths will Teach Buhari a Lesson Come 2019, says YOWICAN

Following recent comments by President Muhammadu Buhari in United Kingdom (UK) that lots of Nigerian youths are lazy and want everything free, the National President of the Youth Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN), Daniel David Kadzai says the Nigerian youth would mobilise votes from across the country in favour of a young leader that knows their value.  

This would be to teach the President a bitter lesson on their capabilities, the Youth Leader said.

In a statement on Sunday, Kadzai expressed shocked that a President could lower the image of his youths - the "brain box and pillars of democracy" anywhere in the world before the international community.

Kadzai, who challenged the President to tell Nigerians what he achieved in his personal life on personal merit, alleged that Buhari joined the military on quota system and became president on zoning formula, not on merit.

The YOWICAN Boss observed that it was the efforts of the youth to change the leadership of the country that brought the President into office and should therefore be treated with respect.

He added that the youths have made and are still making tremendous sacrifices towards keeping the country strong despite leadership failure.

He said, "The youth fought the civil war to keep Nigeria as an indivisible entity and that the country has lost thousands of youths in all the security agencies battling insurgents and other criminalities in the country as a result of poor leadership by leaders that are over 70 years of age.

"The current economic crisis and its expected fallout leave youth and women increasingly endangered following the sustained massive looting.

"While innocent nigerians are brutally murdered like never before, all that concerned them is 2019 elections,the dead do not cast votes Mr. President."

He added, "We know that his host will be amazed by such comments from the Nigerian President, because his host knows the capacity of Nigerians youths in education and other disciplines.

"We are patiently waiting for the five million jobs President Buhari promised Nigeria youths during his  2015 campaign and would not be distracted by his UK's outburst," he said.

WOCCI, TPF Hail Dalung for Empowering Nigerian Youths

The Chief Executive Officer and founder, Women and Children in support of Community Development Initiative" (WOCCI), a Jos based NGO, Edwina Mang has applauded the minister for youths and Sports Development, Hon. Solomon Dalung for creating and facilitating opportunities for youths to be self-reliant.

Mrs. Mang, in an interview with Headline newspaper's Political Editor, Jeffrey Isaacs in Abuja saw the Minister's efforts as nationalistic, urging others to emulate.

In a related development, the convener, the Tarok Professional Forum, a nonpartisan development group, Chief Nanzing Nden has showered praises on Minister Dalung for his selfless service to humanity.

Nden in an interview with Headline news believed the minister's skill acquisition initiatives and other "people-oriented" programmes facilitated by him are of enormous national benefits.

Gov. Lalong under cyber security threat as group suggests livestock alimentation practice as panacea to herdsmen killings

Cyber fraudsters have hacked the phone line of Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State and are using it to dupe unsuspecting members of the public, officials say.

The State information commissioner, Yakubu Dati in a statement yesterday said the culprits cloned the Governor's mobile phone number and are using it to send text messages requesting financial assistance from the Governor's close associates.

The statement however says security agencies have been notified on the develooment.

Members of the public are advised to disregard such messages, the statement says.

Meanwhile a "concerned Ron/Kulere" group led by Arc. Macham Makut has called for the adoption of "Livestock Alimentation" practice as panacea to the frequent herdsmen attacks in Nigeria.

The group made the call in Jos after reportedly losing 1017 of its villages and over 30 of its members in Daffo, Bokkos LGA in series of attacks from January 2018.

Alimentation practice otherwise known as feedlot system the group says would replicate the Rwanda peace deal by upgrading herders' local paddocks to standard facilities for controlled animal rearing.

The Police in Plateau yesyerday confirmed the killing of four persons from Bassa Local Government Area by yet-to-be identified armed men, Wednesday afternoon.

The police said it swung into action immediately to address the situation, but the harm had “already been done.”

The police spokesperson, Terna Tyopev, made the disclosure to PREMIUM TIMES in a text message on Thursday morning.

According to the police, the attackers killed the victims while they were performing their legitimate daily activities.

“Adamu Sunday, aged 38, Jatau Akus, aged 39, Chohu Awarhai and Marcus Mali age 22 years; bodies taken to Plateau State Specialist Hospital, Jos for post-mortem examination,” the text stated adding that all the victims were male.

It added that the victims were murdered by suspected herdsmen at Angwan Rogo DTV Area of Bassa.

The statement said efforts are in place by police to track down the suspect.

2019: Gov. Lalong does not deserve a second term – PDP spokesman

By Michael Auta

The PDP in Plateau on Tuesday reacted to Gov. Simon Lalong’s interest in another term, with its spokesman, Mr John Akans, saying that Lalong’s administration had not made much progress.

Lalong declared his interest in a fresh tenure at a meeting of the All Progressive Congress (APC) stakeholders in Jos, on Friday.

Lalong, while seeking the stakeholders’ endorsement, said that he needed four more years to consolidate on his achievements in the areas of security, infrastructure, agriculture and education.

But Akans said in Jos that Lalong had “largely been an absentee governor”.

“Lalong only appears in Plateau once in a while. He spends most of the time in Abuja attending to party matters or even attending weddings.

“Sometimes, we are told that he has gone abroad to woo investors. A lot of money is invested in these trips with nothing to show for it.

“Just last week, women from Daffo and other attacked communities came to Jos to protest Lalong’s persistent absence from the state since the attacks started.

“We all want to see him in Plateau working for the people, but he is never in the state,” Akans said.

He advised Plateau voters to reject Lalong in 2019 and vote for a leader that would be there when needed.

Akans accused Lalong of “massive waste of resources on frivolous activities that have earned the state more enemies than friends”.

The PDP spokesman claimed that the last three years had been “very bad” for Plateau residents, saying that severe hunger, poverty and want had been their lot.

Akans further claimed that many Plateau voters had regretted voting Lalong into office, and advised the governor to use the remaining one year to address security issues that had bedeviled the state.

Reacting, Mr Chindo Dafat, Publicity Secretary of the APC in Plateau, said that he was “very surprised to hear a Plateau resident accusing Lalong of poor performance”.

“`Lalong has performed very credibly; just last month, President Muhammadu Buhari visited the state and inaugurated several projects. Everybody witnessed the inauguration of the projects.

“So, if anyone says that nothing has been achieved, that is unfortunate and not right.

“The accusation is just the opinion of whoever you spoke with, but it is good to be fair to someone that has tried his best for the people,” he said.

Dafat said that Plateau people would decide Lalong’s fate at the right time, and particularly commended Lalong for paying salaries of workers consistently, since he came into office.

“His two predecessors – Joshua Dariye and Jonah Jang – left lots of salaries unpaid, but Lalong has cleared all the arrears and even settled pensions and gratuities 0f retired workers. Such person deserves more years,” he said.

On the attacks in the rural communities, Dafat declared that they were “purely political”.

“2019 is around the corner and politicians are all looking for campaign materials. The attacks are just part of politics,” he said.

Christian Proprietors Allege Tactical Move to Erode Christian Values in Nigeria

A group of independent school proprietors known as the Association of Christian Schools in Nigeria (ACSN) has alarmed that there is a tactical move to erode Christian education and values from the nation's educational system.

The body in an interactive session with journalists in Jos on Monday identified the imposition of Arabic Education on school children as one of such moves.

It equally viewed the recent ban on private schools teachers from supervising WAEC as a direct affront on Christian education.

Similarly, the body alleged the sidelining of Christian schools in the distribution of government grants in some states.

The ACSN through its President, Ekaeta Enang therefore challenged the government to balance the margin or risk losing the goodwill of the affected schools.

It particularly threatened to boycott WAEC exams if obvious anomalies were not addressed.

The body among others demanded the recruitment of Christian theological seminary graduates to teach Christian Religious Studies in Secondary schools.

SWAN disagrees with Dalung over position on Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

by SWAN information unit,

The Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) on Tuesday in Abuja said Nigeria’s performance at the XXI Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast could have yielded better results if the right things had been done.

The association, following a review of Team Nigeria’s performance in Gold Coast and in comparison with earlier appearances, faulted the position of the Minister of Youths and Sports that the Gold Coast appearance was the best in history.

In a statement by its Secretary-General, Olawale Alabi, the body said, "It is unbelievable that the Minister of Youths and Sports, Solomon Dalung, could contend that our performance in Gold Coast which brought a total of 24 medals from 10 sports was better than that of Glasgow in 2014 where the country recorded 36 medals, comprising 11 gold, 11 silver and 14 bronze medals from seven sports.

"Also, given the resources that were put into our participation at the Gold Coast Games, as well as the benefit of learning from the mistakes of the past, we should have done better than ever."

The association said it was its belief that the minister must have acted from an "ill-informed position’’.

SWAN further said, "Dalung by now should have been aware of the fact that sports in view of its sensitive nature to Nigerians and the role it plays in uniting the country does not deserve utterances and conduct which sway towards politicising the sector."

The body expressed wonder at the fact that Dalung was expecting success from a situation where the athletes were not well-prepared, advising that adequate preparations should always be the focus before subsequent international competitions.

``If not for the intervention of Nigeria’s foreign-based athletes who had better training opportunities and facilities, we might not have won any medal,’’ he said.

SWAN therefore urged the Federal Government to stop paying lip-service to sports development, in view of the fact that it is a huge industry that has the capacity to engage the country’s youths and create wealth.  

The association also urged the National Assembly to step up its oversight function in the sector, while cautioning administrators against actions that could further worsen the already-battered sports sector.

``As watchdogs of the sector and critical stakeholders in sports development, we will continue to discharge our duties of drawing attention to failures and successes, as well as proffering solutions when necessary.

``While commending the efforts of the athletes, as well as their commitment and determination, we advise that concerted efforts should be made towards strengthening grassroots sports development,’’ SWAN said.

Exam Supervision Ban: Christian Schools to Dump WAEC Exams

The Nigerian Association of Christian Schools yesterday said it would dump the West African Examination Council (WAEC) if its recent decision banning teachers of private schools from supervising its exams is not withdrawn.

Addressing newsment in Jos, President of the body, Mrs. Ekaete Enang viewed the decision as a direct affront on Christian schools.

 According to her, most private schools in Nigeria are operated by Christians who uphold godly values and should therefore not be indicted along with those found to be into malpractice.

Mrs. Enang said ACS stands for integrity and would never condone any form of malpractice both in internal and external examinations.

She described malpractice ad the worst form of corruption, calling for the closing down of suspected schools.

The body's President however called for the review of certain government policies that seek to deny Christian schools and children their constitutional rights.

"There is an attempt to erode Christian values and education in Nigeria," she said.

She cited the recent decision by government to make Arabic education compulsory and its unwillingness to offer grants to Christian schools as it does to Islamic schools as instances.

She observed that even the recent review of the curriculum which was changed to expunge Christian Religious Studies from schools curriculum has not been confirmed to be implemented.

Mrs. Enang demanded that the curriculum be designed and approved by Christian schools and bodies while suing for the enrollment of Theological Educational graduates to teach the subject.

Nigerian Police Clash with Shiite Protesters in Capital Abuja

Police on Monday clashed with protesting members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) in the country's capital, Abuja, local media reports say.

The Forces clashed with the protesters near Transcorp Hilton hotel firing teargas and water cannons to neutralize the protests, Channels TV reports.

The IMN Shiite group has dominated major streets in the city since last week Thursday protesting against the continued detention of its leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

El-Zakzaky was arrested in December 2016 on charges of treason and other related offences.

More than 100 members of the group are said to have been killed in series of clashes with federal troops since the coming of President Muhammadu Buhari to power in 2015.

Victims Of Bokkos Attacks Accuse Plateau Government Of Neglect

Their spokesman, Emmanuel Macham, in a statement on Sunday in Jos, accused government of abandoning the victims to their fate and “ignoring complaints that some are starving to death’’.

By The Eagle Online On Apr 15, 2018


Victims of the recent attacks on rural communities in Daffo District of Bokkos Local Government in Plateau have accused the state government of neglecting those displaced.
Their spokesman, Emmanuel Macham, in a statement on Sunday in Jos, accused government of abandoning the victims to their fate and “ignoring complaints that some are starving to death’’.
He said that 10,000 persons had been displaced by the violence that claimed several lives, adding that many others were still missing.
According to him, the Internally Displaced Persons, who were first camped in COCIN Church, Bokkos, before being relocated to COCIN Church, Daffo, have been “thrown into the streets’’ after the camp was closed down on Friday.
Macham said: “The camp was closed down on Friday because there was no food to maintain the IDPs.
“Some of the displaced persons sleep in Churches, while others stay in schools, markets, uncompleted buildings, or relations houses.’’
He alleged that no government official visited the IDPs camp before it was closed, adding that no assistance was received from NEMA or the Plateau State Emergency Agency.
Macham called on the Plateau government to build tents to assist the IDPs “instead of leaving them to wander around without shelter, food or water’’.
The spokesman, however, thanked Sen. Jerry Useni for donating N300,000 and 50 bags each, of maize and rice, to the IDPs.
According to him, Useni also set up a committee to verify the damage with a view to assist the victims to enable them return to normal lives.
The spokesman called on security agencies to assist the victims to return to their villages by protecting them from the attackers who, he said, had occupied the deserted villages.
He listed villages occupied by the suspected attackers to include Ganda, Hotom-Waren, Morok, Ngakudu and Josho.
He said: “These five villages have very fertile land and the farmers want to go back to the farm, but they are afraid of what may happen to them because some people have been killed on their farms.
“We want to suggest that the security men should be stationed in the villages where the attacks are carried out and not in Daffo town that is relatively quiet.’’
Macham expressed optimism that the tension currently in the area would “go down’’ if people returned to their homes, and expressed fear of imminent starvation if the farmers were not assisted to return to the farms.
On the possible solution to the violence, Macham called for “serious and sincere dialogue between herdsmen and indigenes of the area’’.
He said: “If government is committed to restoring lasting peace, it should set up a committee to investigate the immediate and remote causes of the violence so as to iron out the lingering issues.’’
The News Agency of Nigeria reports that hundreds of Daffo women, dressed in black, stormed Jos on Thursday, to protest the “horrible conditions of the IDPs camp’’.
The women, who held leaves and placards, marched through the state capital, moving from the House of Assembly to the Government House where they submitted petitions to Governor Simon Lalong, President Muhamadu Buhari and Speaker Peter Azi.
Their spokesperson, Comfort malan, who signed the petition, said that the poor health conditions, hunger and depression in the camp were “already breeding suicidal tendencies among the adolescents’’.
She said that nine villages were affected by the violence, and called for urgent steps to forestall a humanitarian crisis in the area.
Contacted, Yakubu Dati, the Commissioner for Information and Communication, rejected suggestions that government had abandoned the IDPs to their plight.
He said that Lalong had mobilised security agencies to restore peace and assist the IDPs to return to their homes, adding that a minute’s silence was observed at the last State Executive Council meeting, in honour of those who lost their lives in the Bokkos crisis.
Dati said that government had also provided succour to those affected through the Local Government Chairman and other officials of government.
On the closure of the IDPs camp, Dati explained that the goal was to encourage the people to return to their homes, saying that more security personnel were being mobilised to protect the villages against further attacks.


Plateau: Rep ID Gyang visits Nding village after Fulani attack, calls youths to shun drug abuse & secure homes

Member representing Plateau's Barkin Ladi/Riyom Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Istifanus Gyang says the only way for there to be safety in local communities is for youths to shun drug abuse and stay sound to safeguard their homes.

Speaking during a condolence visit to Nding village in Fan district, Barkin Ladi LGA following a recent attack by suspected Fulani herders which left about 7 dead, Gyang said unless efforts are made by the youths to protect their heritage, the next generation has nothing to inherit.

"Our forefathers stood up and fought to secure the land for us to inherit, but now in our own time we're not doing same what then shall we hand to our children?

"We need to deny ourselves sleep so We can watch and protect our land," he said.

The lawmaker assured of sustained efforts to ensure that government acts appropriately to end the sufferings of the people through favourable legislations.

Elder Toma Chollom, an elder in the community urged federal government to deploy every military personnel to their states of origin to prevent compromise.

He said, "If the FG really wants to end insurgency in this nation, since the military is no more neutral, everyone should go to their states of origin."

Nding village was recently attacked after months of relative calm in the area.

Observers link the attack to relaxed vigilance owing to perceived peace.

Plateau: Suspected Herdsmen Kill 14yr Old Grand Daughter to Bokkos Village Chief, Wound Four in Different Attacks

Gunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen on Saturday shot dead a 14 year old grand daughter to the Chiroman Tagai Monguna village in Bokkos Local Government Area, Plateau State.

Miss Rejoice Uhan Stephen, a JSS 2 student of Government Secondary School Monguna met her death when the gunmen stormed the royal home at about 7pm, shooting sporadically, eyewitnesses say.

The gunmen who had demanded for cash after invading the house and were given, reportedly began firing shots on their way out of the house.

In the process, they killed Miss Uhan in her room through three stray bullets from the parlour where they had her parents lying down, a family source said.

Her father, Mr. Stephen Ishaku was equally said to have been shot in the leg.

The attack on the house of the Chief, Da Ishaku Achul was said to be one of the series of supposed armed robbery attacks in the area by the same group.

It was however not known if the matter was reported to security authorities.

A similar case of attack by Fulani herdsmen recently in Butura Kampani village, Bokkos LGA has however led to the demobilization of the STF personnel drafted to maintain peace in the village, sources say.

The attack last week on an unnamed miner around Mandung village which left him badly injured was said to have been reported by the same perpetrators to the STF unit in the village as a result of self-defense after a failed attempt by the victim to rob one of them.

The victim was said to have boarded a commercial motorcycle operated by a Fulani man to the mining site located near Danbukur village.

On their way to the place, the bike man reportedly drove him into a group of armed herders who brutalized him to coma and conveyed him to the STF unit to lodge a complaint.

The STF Unit Commandant according to reports then directed the detention of the already wounded victim but the decision was reversed when the matter was reported to the Bokkos Division of the STF.

The Unit personnel were thus immediately demobilized and the perpetrators made to pay the victim's hospital bills, sources say.

The decision of the Bokkos OC followed an investigation which reportedly revealed an unprovoked attack by the Fulani herders.

Three similar incidences have been reported around the same village between January and March with no suspect arrested.

The situation has left the villagers in fear as they don't know when the herders would strike again especially as it is reported that many of them have threatened to wipe out the entire village should anyone speak against them.

Jos: Police discover 171 illegal firearms, 795 ammunitions, 131 cartridges

The Plateau State Police Command is set to clamp down on owners of illegal arms across the state from April 30, 2018.

The State Police Commissioner, Undie Adie addressing newsmen in Jos on Friday said the exercise is in compliance with the directive by the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris to all State Commands nationwide to mop up illegal arms for a safer Nigeria.

Mr. Adie said already, the command has given a "window period" for the voluntary submission of illegal and prohibited firearms by members of the public which elapses on April 30, 2018.

So far, 171 illegal firearms, 795 rounds of live ammunitions and 131 cartridges have been mopped up from different locations through voluntary surrender, the CP said.

While those who have handed over the arms and those who intend to do so before the window period closes are not to be arrested, the Police Chief said anyone found to be in possession of illegal firearm after the window period would be dealt with according to the law.

He added that the state command has concluded plans to commence thorough search of areas suspected to be housing such items towards recovering them and arresting the culprits.

He therefore warned that anyone yet to surrender his illegally acquired and/or prohibited firearm should do so before the Force begins its combing exercise.

The CP during the briefing paraded suspects arrested in connection with various crimes including car theft and murder among others.

Details of those arrests in our next news post.

Plateau: Daffo women petition Lalong, others on Herdsmen attacks

Internally displaced women from Daffo, Bokkos LGA of Plateau State yesterday filed a petition to the Plateau State Government and State Assembly for an urgent step to be taken to alleviate their plights.

The women led by Mrs. Comfort Mallan during a peaceful rally to the House of Assembly and the State Government House equally demanded the arrest of suspects identified in connection with the attacks in the community.

The full text of the petition reads:


It is no longer news that Daffo District, a community of about 25,000 people of voting age was recently hit by violent attacks by criminal elements believed to be Fulani herdsmen that have been resident in the host communities for years.

Our cries with regards to the devastating carnage that occurred on January 24, 2018 at Farundong-Hai and March 8, 2018, which started from Nghakudung and spread to 7 other villages leading to 32 deaths, 10 severe injuries, displacement of over 7,000 from 9 villages and the missing of 10 others are contained in different media reports and official petitions.

We wish to acknowledge the prompt response of the government – civil and military authorities to the aforementioned attacks which culminated in the deployment of troops to suppress the violence and prevent further loss of lives and properties. Though grossly inadequate, we believe that without such rapid response, the attacks could have deteriorated to catastrophic proportions.

However, it is imperative to call the attention of the government at all levels, security agencies, civil societies, the media, religious bodies and other kind-spirited individuals to the prevailing and/or incipient humanitarian situation facing us the victims of those attacks. Presently, we numbering at least 7,000, comprising mainly women and children are faced with the most threatening state of healthcare, destitution, poverty, hunger and food insecurity as a result of the violent displacements during the attacks.

As you may be aware, different studies indicate that hunger is related to poor health outcomes, including a higher risk of depression, violence and suicidal ideation in adolescents, and chronic conditions, particularly asthma. In addition, nutrient deficiencies, such as iron deficiency, are known to impair learning and cause decreased productivity in school-age children, and maternal depressive disorders.

This therefore implies that while the violent aspects of the crisis may have been contained, a bigger and perhaps more threatening conflict still stares us in the face. Indeed, resource scarcity, poverty, inequality and structural imbalances are among the top known conflict triggers which when left unattended could result in even greater losses. In fact, poverty as it is said creates powerlessness to determine the quality of life, and compounds vulnerability when conflict or natural disaster strikes.

Already, many of us have been completely thrown off balance having been parted with their lifetime investments in food crops, houses and other properties. Many again still face threats of losing their farmlands to the marauding Fulani who are reported to have commenced trespass into our farmlands, clearing and tilling, obviously for the purpose of cultivation as the farming season approaches. This is in addition to the trauma already built up in our minds and the fear of insecurity which might not allow us resume and face our normal socioeconomic lives with the required vigour to flourish.

In the light of the above, we wish to make the following demands as a matter of urgency:

1. Adequate security should be supplied to the affected communities and the same strategy employed to guard farmers in the northeast and elsewhere on their farms should be employed to enable our farmers pickup economically. Considering that the 2018 rainy season has commenced, any further delay in ensuring that these villagers return to their ancestral homes and farmlands would create severe food shortages and debilitating poverty.

2. Sufficient food, clothing and other necessities of life should be urgently supplied to us to reduce our sufferings and enable us face life with ease.

3. Proper compensation and rebuilding of the damaged communities is hereby demanded of the government in line with its obligations and the citizens' rights to security and social welfare. According to the records, 1017 houses were razed down during the attacks. Other assets that were either burnt down or looted include; livestock, household appliances, vehicles, water pumping machines, electrical generating sets, assorted foodstuff, cash sums of money, furniture and other valuables worth millions of naira. Thousands of school children are equally out of school, losing study time and facing threats of being dragged into various social vices due to restiveness and illiteracy. 

4. The Fulani suspects arrested on the 8th, 9th and 10th of March 2018 after the killings with various exhibits including sophisticated weapons and looted livestock must be publicly prosecuted and the villagers constantly updated on each level of the law enforcement process.

5. Other suspects currently at large should be fished out and made to face justice to serve as deterrent to others. Already, some of the victims know and can identify some of the attackers.

6. We wish to call for the proscription of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), which is the umbrella body that stokes herdsmen into killing spree. This is particularly considering the devastations the killer Fulani herdsmen have caused which to a large extent fit into the definition of terrorism as contained in the Terrorism Prevention Act (2011) as amended. Already, the herdsmen have been named the fourth deadliest group in the world in the 2014 Global Terrorism Index.
According to a Human Rights Watch report, Fulani herdsmen attacks in Nigerian local communities had killed 3,000 people between 2013 and 2010 alone, thus an average of 750 people were killed by the herdsmen each year. Considering the heightened tempo of killings by herdsmen in Abia, Kaduna, Plateau, Benue, Nasarawa, Taraba, Enugu, Kogi and a host of other places from 2014 to date, the human casualties should have more than doubled those of the proscribed Boko Haram. Consequently, this justifies the clarion call to proscribe the group for its enormous crime against humanity.

7. We further demand that community leaders should be empowered to in conjunction with security agencies enforce resolutions/agreements reached at peace and/or security meetings with relevant stakeholders.

8. The constitutional provisions empowering traditional institutions to decline hospitality to anybody they consider as a threat to their subjects physically, psychologically or economically should be strengthened and emphasized at security meetings.

In conclusion, we believe that as the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), once warned, under-nourishment and starvation should not be considered less serious than blatant violations of other human rights.

In this regard, we wish to demand that these prayers be urgently attended to without any further delay. Failure to do so would amount to a confirmation of the failure of elected officials to uphold their oaths of office, thus portraying governance as a failed venture in the eyes of the citizens. Thank you and God bless you as we await your swift response to this matter.


Mrs. Comfort Malan on behalf of Internally displaced women from Daffo

Commissioner of Police, Plateau State,
Plateau State Director, Department of State Securities (DSS),
Commandant, Civil Defense Corpse (NSCDC),
Commander, Special Task Force (STF), Plateau State,
Coordinator, Operation Rainbow, Plateau State,
Hon. Sunday Malo Muchen, Plateau House of Assembly,
Hon. Sylvanus Wallamko, Plat. Min. Economic Planning.

CAN Legal Adviser, Barr. Kwamkur to run for Senate

The Legal Adviser of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Barr. Samuel Kwamkur is set to run for the seat of the Plateau Southern Senatorial district come 2019.

Barr. Kwamkur, an ex Plateau Government appointee in a telephone chat said his intention to bid for the upper national legislative seat follows his passion for robust rural development.

According to him, it is not enough for Christians to pray for positive change but also be active in the sociopolitical affairs of the country.

He therefore intends to bring his political experience and high Christian values to bare in engineering positive change for his people, he said.

Kwamkur believes his election will bridge the gap between the younger and older class in politics.

Equally, the CAN legal pointsman is confident that his being in the NASS will create opportunities for greater youth participation in politics for enhanced societal growth.

STF Foil Armed Attack in Plateau State University Student Village

Men of the Special Task Force (STF) code named Operation Safe Haven yesterday foiled an armed attack on a Plateau State University student village in Bokkos.

A source whose daughter was an eyewitness said the attackers stormed the community around 10pm shooting sporadically until the intervention of the STF.

He said, "My daughter is a student there. She called around 10pm last night telling me that Fulani had invaded the community where most students of PLASU reside and there were sounds of gunshots all over.

"Some moments later, I called and she said security men had arrived and they could see the attackers running to nearby bushes. This morning she said the security had to keep watch all night."

Confirming the incident, spokesman of the STF, Major Umar Adams said the attack was an armed robbery operation which the university authorities alerted the Bokkos STF station to.

"We have established a good relationship with the university community and therefore when it happened, they called on us and we were able to respond to the situation swiftly," he said.

According to him, two students sustained varying degrees of injuries from the beatings received from the robbers until the STF intervention.

He however confirmed that no property or life was lost as a result of the timely information sent to the STF.

"That is why we always appeal that members of the public should always avail us timely and accurate information to enable us respond to any challenge of insecurity," Maj. Umar said.

He appealed to the general public to cooperate with the Force to enable it deliver on its mandate.

Plateau: Daffo women today lead rally against displacements, others

A group of women displaced in the recent attacks in Bokkos LGA's Daffo communities of Plateau State is scheduled to hold a "peaceful" rally today to convey their plights to government.

A communication by the group's spokesperson, Mrs. Comfort Malan says the rally is billed to take place from 9am at the premises of the Plateau State House of Assembly.

Top among the group's concerns are the lack of government attention and intervention with regards to their plights, she said.

The group according to her also hopes to make a case for their devastated villages as well as children thrown out of school by the insecurity in the area.

Mrs. Malan disclosed that an official petition on their concerns would be presented to the State legislative and Executive arms of government.

All security agencies in the state she said had given their consent to the planned rally.

Gov. Lalong Excited about 2019 declaration by PMB

Correspondent report

Governor of Plateau State, Governor Simon Bako Lalong has welcomed the declaration by President Muhammadu Buhari to contest in the next presidential elections.

A statement by the Plateau state Commissioner for Information and Communication, Yakubu Dati, said the declaration is an indication of the President’s firm belief in democracy and the rule of law saying the President has equally  demonstrated that he is willing to submit himself to democratic processes and the will of the people rather than submit to the wishes of a few.

"The President made it clear that his declaration is as a result of a popular clamour by Nigerians thereby reinforcing his belief in listening and rendering service to the people," he said.

The Commissioner said that by endorsing the President’s declaration, Governor Lalong of Plateau State has shown that he is fully in support of the President’s bid to seek to serve the country for another four years.
Dati said this is not surprising as Lalong was among the first set of governors to call on the president to re-contest.

"So for us, it is a positive response to our wishes and an affirmation that the president is a listening leader who is committed to doing what is in the public interest," he added.