Following recent comments by President Muhammadu Buhari in United Kingdom (UK) that lots of Nigerian youths are lazy and want everything free, the National President of the Youth Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN), Daniel David Kadzai says the Nigerian youth would mobilise votes from across the country in favour of a young leader that knows their value.  

This would be to teach the President a bitter lesson on their capabilities, the Youth Leader said.

In a statement on Sunday, Kadzai expressed shocked that a President could lower the image of his youths - the "brain box and pillars of democracy" anywhere in the world before the international community.

Kadzai, who challenged the President to tell Nigerians what he achieved in his personal life on personal merit, alleged that Buhari joined the military on quota system and became president on zoning formula, not on merit.

The YOWICAN Boss observed that it was the efforts of the youth to change the leadership of the country that brought the President into office and should therefore be treated with respect.

He added that the youths have made and are still making tremendous sacrifices towards keeping the country strong despite leadership failure.

He said, "The youth fought the civil war to keep Nigeria as an indivisible entity and that the country has lost thousands of youths in all the security agencies battling insurgents and other criminalities in the country as a result of poor leadership by leaders that are over 70 years of age.

"The current economic crisis and its expected fallout leave youth and women increasingly endangered following the sustained massive looting.

"While innocent nigerians are brutally murdered like never before, all that concerned them is 2019 elections,the dead do not cast votes Mr. President."

He added, "We know that his host will be amazed by such comments from the Nigerian President, because his host knows the capacity of Nigerians youths in education and other disciplines.

"We are patiently waiting for the five million jobs President Buhari promised Nigeria youths during his  2015 campaign and would not be distracted by his UK's outburst," he said.