A former student of the Plateau State Polytechnic, Barkin Ladi, Mr. Mandong James was on Saturday found dead in an open tin mining well near his home village, Butura Kampani, Bokkos LGA.

James, a 2016 diploma graduate of the Polytechnic was said to have gone for tin mining at the site where he reportedly drowned.

A family source said James, 31 had a brain shock while trying to fetch water from the 25ft deep well, which was filled to the brim.

"It came to him like epilepsy just when he had thrown the drawer into the well," the source said.

According to the source who claimed to have been working on a farm close to the mining site when the incident occurred, the deceased could not be rescued until after 45mins of rigorous efforts.

"When I heard a loud sound of something falling into water, I quickly alerted people around.

"Divers came and did all they could but couldn't rescue him.

"We had to use water pump machines to drain the well before recovering his body," the source narrated.

It could not immediately be ascertained whether the said brain shock was caused by epilepsy or any other medical condition.

The deceased was however believed to be into hard drugs, a situation experts believe could cause nervous breakdown.

A clinical biochemist, Mabur Tokshik told MKB that certain drugs when consumed in excess could "alter the nervous system," resulting in occasional brain shock and other complications.

Firthermore, Tribune newspaper in 2017 quoted the Lagos State Chairman of the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria, ACPN, Pharmacist Biola Paul–Ozieh as saying abusing drugs could either damage kidneys, cause hypertension, lung cancer, neurological disorder or turned them into destitute, or in worse cases, cause death. 

Between 26.4 million and 36 million people are reported to abuse prescription opioids globally.

Nigeria is believed to be one of the countries with the worse cases of such abuse of drugs.

Clinical Biochemist, Mabur Tokshik who is also the Secretary, Bokkos Progressive Youth Forum blames this on youth restiveness and depression usually arising from lack of jobs and comfortable socioeconomic life.

"Our elites are to be blamed for this because they are supposed to create the opportunities for those coming behind them to benefit from the sane system that made them who they are but often times they only consider themselves and their families," Tokshik said.

The worse cases of drug abuse are in slums and rural areas where youth restiveness is at its worse, with scarce government and security presence, findings have revealed.

The Plateau State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Hon. Yakubu Bot recently disclosed plans by the government to upgrade all slums within the greater Jos Master Plan towards fighting drug abuse and other related problems.

Equally, the Governor Lalong administration recently created a new ministry to facilitate and coordinate economic development in the state.

Whether this ministry yields desired results with regards to unemployment and its attendant effects on general health performance, only time will tell.