The core values include:
A= godliness
B= academic excellence
C= impact making lives
For this organization to be sustained, it will do the following:
A= offer consultancy services at minimal but sustainable rates within the vision and mission of the organization.
B= generate funds from the sales of its publications
C= welcome and accept donations from well meaning friends and partners. These donations could be in the form of cash, spirituality books or materials, academic books or materials and any other form the lord would lay in the heart of people and organizations that have the younger generation at heart.
L.G.I will work with relevant facilitators from time to time for conferences, seminars, counseling, campaigns and research for the attainment of the objectives.
L.G.I doesn’t have a corporate structure yet. It is in this regard that she solicits for volunteers through which among them, the governing council, the board of trustees, and the management team will be appointed by the executive director.
A= to undertake awareness campaigns that will conscientize students on the need to be spiritually and academically sound in schools and campuses.
B= to carryout research and identify core features necessary for making a balanced spiritual and academic life and to disseminate them to the students.
C= to engage communities and societies in activities that will promote the spiritual and academic lives of their children who are the students.
D= to run programs that will promote morality and academics.
E= to publish documents for the promotion of academics and spirituality.
F= to distribute writing materials especially to schools in the rural areas. Also to distribute spirituality materials to students of higher institutions of learning.
G= to encourage students gear towards achieving more knowledge educationally, especially when one is becoming a critical thinker with positive reflections within his/her field of study.
h- To open the eyes of students to scholarship opportunities.
This organization is happy to welcome and to partner with all organizations and individuals who share the same vision and principles with L.G.I. these may include:
Related NGOs
Church denominations and other religious bodies
FCS and other related fellowships.
Institutions of learning and research
National and International organizations that have similar aims.
L.G.I live to awaken the consciousness of Nigerian youths (students) on the importance of moral and academic seriousness. To make the students realize how meaningful that will be to them and the entire nation. To help them recognize the dignity and favor that comes with committed attitudes toward spirituality and academics.
L.G.I envisions Nigerian youths (students) who will be sound and balanced spiritually and academically. This is because only moral and academically sound youths will make Nigeria great again.
The Legacy Generation Initiative was initiated by Mr. Abafaras Longji Mark in 2016 as a result of the careful observation of the level of moral and academic decadence in our schools over the years. Most students are not committed to their spiritual lives when they get to schools. There is also the challenge of passive attitudes towards their studies. Parents now cry when their daughters and sons get admitted into universities why? Because their godly values may soon be a thing of the past.
L.G.I is a non-governmental organization through yet to be registered with the CAC but we hope to do so with the necessary support and guidance we may get. L.G.I hopes to partner with individuals, churches, governments, private organizations, other NGOs and religious bodies who share its vision so as to bring about the needed change of the narrative in our institutions. Only this way, we can have serious students in our schools and by implication productive future leaders of the Nigerian state.

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