By Nandom Kura

A philanthropist and business mogul, Dennis Yillah (a.k.a Plateau of Plateau) has picked holes in the inclusion of the name of the immediate past governor of Plateau state, Sen. Jonah David Jang, in the list of looters released by the federal government last week, describing the scenario as a political mudslinging taken too far.

The Europe based entrepreneur posited that the release of Jang's name as a looter without any allegations of financial malfeasance against him before any court of competent jurisdiction, is the usual APC media trial to intimidate the octogenarian from contesting the 2019 presidential election against Buhari, who has lost the goodwill of most Nigerian voters owing to his disastrous performance as Nigerian president from 2015 to date.

According to him, the tremendous developmental strides of the Jang administration as Plateau state governor from 2007 to 2015 speaks volumes of his pedigree as an achiever who stands a clear chance of defeating Buhari in 2019 if given the PDP ticket, hence the ruling APC is jittery and resorts to witch hunt perceived threats to their continued stay in power.

The humanitarian harps on the constitutional safeguards to persons accused of any wrongdoing to shield even those on trial for corruption from being called looters before the court pronouces them as such, and wonders why the APC administration of Buhari would publish the name of innocent Nigerians as looters even when no charges are preferred against them in any court for financial crimes.

According to him, the Buhari administration won the 2015 election on its electioneering promise to fight corruption, but almost 3 years down the drain, no single individual was convicted of corruption, while the pilfering of our common wealth appears to reach crescendo under the watchful eyes of President Buhari.

Yillah maintains that the conflicting figures of alleged loots recovery dished out by the anti-graft agency, the finance ministry and the presidency is a testimony of the astronomical looting going on in the Buhari administration.

"The failure of the Buhari administration to give Nigerians a break down of recovered funds, despite the their self adulation of success the fight against corruption is an indication that either the recovered loots are relooted, or no recovery was made at all", he added. The sustained lies being dished out by the APC government of Buhari is enough to brandish the administration a disaster, he argued.

"There was never a time in our political development that a government relies on outright falsehood to run the affairs of its citizens like what the current administration is doing to keep its gullible followers in its support" he posited.

Mr. Yillah maintains that with his records of achievement as governor, Baba Jang remains the architect and father of modern Plateau despite our individual misgivings towards his administration, and we are dutybound to stand in solidarity with our leaders who paid their dues, against political opportunists who have nothing to offer but delight in smearing good leaders with proven records.

"We must resist such dirty politics with due vehemence," he opined.