Newly appointed Plateau State Scholarship Board Chairman, Mr. Chom Bagu says human capital development must be given topmost priority for there to be socioeconomic progress in Nigeria.

In an interview with MKB in Jos, Mr. Bagu said infrastructural development is necessary for economic growth but not without the necessary human capital.

Advanced economies of the world he said invest in this sector because of its potential to drive other sectors to success, and therefore should be emulated.

"The problem is that we just want to build roads, hospitals and the rest but it is that human capital that is the one that will transform these investments into practically beneficial investments. 

"Otherwise you will have the best roads and nothing will be happening there," he said.

The Scholarship Boss advocated for adequate financing of vocational education to provide skills that will make graduates economically productive and self reliant.

This according to him is due to the low capacity of the formal educational system in the country to provide practical skills for economic self-suffiency.

He said, "We are providing University education that is not giving people jobs.

"This means that this education is inadequate. 

"There must be vocational training as a stop-gap initiative - other things that have a more practical usage so that while you are waiting for the Ideal job, there will be something that you are doing.

"That's the  way even advanced countries are impacting their economies. There was a time the British government was doing a two-year technical education. You finish your university, you do a two-year training."

Mr. Bagu further called for the organizing of educational conferences to identify new ideas that will better impact the country's educational system.