The Plateau State Government has warned those encroaching into its land allocated to the Science and Technology Incubation Centre, Bukuru, Jos South Local Government Area to desist or face sanctions.

The government has risen to fully take possession of the land and make efficient use of the centre for the benefit of the state, Science and Technology Commissioner, Hon. Dan Manjang said yesterday.

Speaking to newsmen in his office in Jos, the Commissioner said government is fully aware of the potentials embedded in the centre and is ready to harness them for general development.

To this end, all distractions and illegal activities capable of undermining its efforts would be dealt with accordingly, Hon. Manjang said.

"We are warning those encroaching into that land to desist.

"If they don't, when we come and pull down their structures, they shouldn't say we are inhuman.

"The era of impunity is over. Government land is government land.

"If you claim you have not been paid compensation, go and route your complaint through the right channel.

"But to go and encroach into government land, you are just doing great disservice to yourself because sincerely we will pull down those structures," he said.

The State's Science and Technology pointsman said the Incubation Centre belongs to the Federal Government but is under the watch of the state and will jealously be guarded.

He said the centre which exists to identify and nurture young science and technological innovations has done a lot in facilitating researches and other activities aimed at raising the profile of the state in the area of science and technology.

Manjang said, "There is a lot that has been done in that centre that needs publicity.

"There is a technological innovation that is being incubated there now.

"Somebody made a bullet proof vest and it has been tested and certified to be OK.

"Unfortunately that is where the research ended but we are digging it up and pushing it further. There is also a plant called gestropha.

"That's a plant that you can extract oil from and power your engine and even cars.

"We encourage farmers to plant that crop so that we can lessen the burden on petroleum.

"Even if you are only able to power your lamp, it is a step further."

The Commissioner lauded the innovative discoveries of young Plateau citizens especially Jerry Mallo who manufactured a tractor and Zang Bot who manufactured a high capacity power bank from e-waste as well as sand sieving machine.

"We are working to identify more of them and we will find time to sit together and draw a roadmap for the state in the area of science and technology," he said.