An international peace and conflict resolution consultant, Mr. Chom Bagu says Nigerian communities depending on government for security will perish.

This according to him is because government has not proved to have the needed capacity to fight insecurity in the country.

In an interview with MKB, Mr. Bagu said instead of depending on government, communities should organize themselves into viable networks for communication and cooperation.

"We can't always say it is government responsibility because does it have the capability?

"We say they (attackers) are herdsmen but you see them (security forces) mounting roadblocks while the herdsmen are in the bush.

"So if you are going to put your fate in this kind of system, you will perish.

"We need intelligence to track these people and this is where communities become efficient.

"Let's rebuild our communities because a community that is organized can resist any threat.

"After all there is mistrust even among the government agencies. But the communities know themselves and know what is going on everyday around them. They can share information on a day to day basis.

"If you say herdsmen are attacking, you can call the other community to watch out for where they are going, that way you can track them," Mr. Bagu said.

Bagu, a former consultant with Search for Common Grounds, an international peace and conflict resolution NGO and present Chairman, Plateau State Scholarship Board however opposed "self-defense" as recently clamoured in Nigeria.

He said, "The constitution guarantees self-defense but it only allows certain groups to bear arms.

"The constitution only says I'd someone comes to kill you and you kill him in the process, the courts will free you.

"But only securities are backed by law to carry arms which then means if you carry arms in the name of self defense, you are going to face the Nigerian securities including your enemy.

"How does that help anyone? Because if you bear arms you should be arrested. That's what the law says. That's why it is better for the communities to be organized."

He equally opposed full-fledged military intervention in situations of crisis.

In his words, Bagu said such approaches would largely put the victim at greater threat.

"If we say the military should deploy its full force in this fight we wont be able to bear it and we will suffer the most.

"In parts of the Northeast soldiers have had to sack or evacuate entire communities to track down insurgents. Can we stand that?" Bagu questioned.

He however suggested a "bottom-top" reorganization of the nation's security sector.