Youths in Wase recently turned out en mass to drum support for Alh. Umar Sulaiman Rabo, a renowned Accountant and youth mobilizer whom they believe would better represent their interests at the National Assembly come 2019.

Alh. Rabo, popularly referred to as 'the Barden Wase' (the Hero of Wase), a cross section of the youths said has displayed outstanding leadership qualities, hence their confidence in him.

At a rally organized in his honour in Wase, the youths who turned out from all the districts of the Local Government chanted solidarity songs, bearing placards with the inscriptions; "Our true Representative is here," "Barden Wase for House of Reps in Sha Allah" and the likes.

Headline News Political Editor, Jeffrey Isaacs, reports that a renowned youth activist in Wase, Hon. Dahiru Ibrahim described Alh. Rabo as "the right man for the seat of the House of Reps in Abuja come 2019" in view of his closeness with the people and his commitment to the preservation of the cultural heritage of the land.

Hon. Ibrahim accused the incumbent House of Representatives Member of the constituency, Hon. Idris Ahmed of incompetence.

"We are assuring  Sule Rabo of our unflinching support.

"Youths from Mavo, Kadarko, Lamba, Bakin Rijiya districts and others have all bared their minds.

"Supporting Alh.Umar Sulaiman Rabo at the polls come 2019 for a position that would bear the fruits of democracy for all wase indigenes is a worthy cause," he said.

Alh. Rabo has however not officially declared any interest to run for office in the forthcoming 2019 General elections.