1. My government is forcing Arabic language on them right from Primary school, which isn't an official language of the country but of a religion and a fanatical nation in the middle east.

1. My government is forcing them to learn Islamic Religious practices from elementary level regardless of their choice and inherited religions which isn't backed by the constitution.

3. My government is forcing them to live with people who kill their parents and graze on their foods, destroying their homes and settling in them, forcing them to flea to foreign lands for safety, where they nearly become slaves to survive

4. My government blames them when they are being attacked and killed, acting on the first lies given as a cover by the aggressors, instead of questioning the use of prohibited firearms and the act of taking the laws into one's hands which is illegal, as well as considering the possibility of a decoy and taking steps to thoroughly investigate.

5. My government builds roads, and without food on their tables, they are still made to feel like they have been done the greatest favour, when it is actually their rights to be catered for as contained in the constitution.

6. My government sees nothing wrong in attacking and killing a human being as killing a cow.

7. My government walks right into their homes, studies their miseries and uses such findings to build highly compelling manifestoes only for campaign purposes.

8. My government starves them and later throws peanuts at them just to have them continually worship them.

9. My government sponsors divisions amongst their families just to gain political advantage.

10. My government doesn't care if they exist, in fact wish they don't exist especially if they don't support their ambitions regardless of its acceptability.

Will they still smile when they are grown?