Dear Mr. President,

I don't hold an esteemed office but I've held several responsibilities that involved administration and review. I know what it takes to submit a document to my school Principal or Head of Department. I know what it means to make a submission to the office of the Vice-Chancellor or even a Local Government Chairman. We check, double-check and re-check for possible errors and disallow room for ambiguities. This is serious since as little as a punctuation mark can ridicule or twist the narrative of an entire text.

I do not lay the blame on you, Sir, as there are those saddled with such a responsibility of ensuring that your output comes off smelling of roses all the time BUT who are we to blame them in an administration where every suggestion away from what your lieutenants take for the gospel, is taken for an attack?

I'm not even a history scholar but I wish to remind you that the second republic was inaugurated on October 1, 1979 and not October 21 as demonstrated on a press statement you signed for National consumption. It exercises hastiness, lack of supervision and a huge presence of a desperation to inject ideas into your office. How many other orders and statements do you sign without reading? Your office is a serious one, Sir.

However, this reminds us of certain instances we forgave in the recent past, when you instructed your IGP to relocate to Benue at the wake of the killings but he preferred otherwise and you admitted that you were not aware. Abdulrashid Maina was smuggled into the country, reinstated, protected by the DSS and promoted behind your back, later dismissed and disappeared again, and we understood that you were not aware too.

Babachir Lawal, the dismissed SGF, following a recommendation of your Vice on the grounds of corruption has now been appointed the Northern coordinator of your re-election campaign against next year and just as you may be unaware of his dismissal as SGF, I'm still not sure if the report submitted against him is as missing as the Arms deal report that indicted Dambazzau, Buratai etc. or the 2016 Budget that got missing under your watch, for onward delivery to Mr. Magu, a public servant, who chose to wear your campaign pin at the commissioning of the new EFCC headquarters recently so he may carryout actions for onward prosecution, since he prefers to take your perceived opposition to court on stretchers. 

We are indeed in troubling times. You are the Commander-in-Chief but your Palace guards and closest allies are selling you really short. I learnt that all those who raise a brow against you are indicted in one way or the other especially in the National Assembly where the  staunchest vocalist who dared to speak are automatically accused of heinous crimes. Shehu Sani, SP Saraki, Dino Melaye, JD Jang etc. Little wonder we hardly hear from Mr. Commonsense any longer. He doesn't want to be accused of murder or money laundering too.  And I wonder how the likes of Amaechi and Dambazzau were able to fund your 2015 campaign when a great-grandmother surrendered her life savings of N1million to your campaign as other "Lazy" Nigerians kept buying recharge cards to assist your bid since you admitted that you could not even afford the Presidential  nomination form.

Anyway, the former CJN Alfa Belgore who happens to be the Chairman of the National awards committee, confirmed that he was not consulted by your administration before the Post Humous award was conferred on MKO Abiola and others. He opined that under the 1963 National awards act, only Military men and other servicemen are awarded posthumously for their bravery and that the President had the option of naming a Federal property to honor the late politician which has been done already. Are we to assume that this is only but a political stunt?

Sir, your Vice is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and so is your Minister of Justice / Attorney General and the recently appointed parrot, Mr. Festus Keyamo. Do you really seek their counsel for your every action at all? Or do you prefer the suggestions of Abba Kyari, Mamman Daura and other members of your inner-northern cell otherwise referred to as the Supreme cabal?

As much as some recent actions by you are regarded as "hasty political arithmetics", it is important that you idolize yourself by concentrating more on the issues of insecurity and covered corruption by your trusted allies before they will lead you to doomsday as our Law Courts might not accept your explanation of "I was not aware" when you are invited to defend your "Second Coming" into power since you were ousted in 1985 for reasons that are still playing out till this date.

I wish you well.

Truly Yours,

Arc. Bankat, FCT.

June 7, 2018.