Member representing Barkin Ladi/Riyom Federal Constituency in the Nigerian House of Reps, Istifanus Gyang says the signing into law of the bills granting financial autonomy to State Legislatures and Judiciaries by President Muhammadu Buhari is an end to "tyranny".

The quest for the attainment of financial  autonomy to State Legislature and Judiciary is one that before now, suffered defeat in previous Constitutional Alteration exercises by the National Assembly "as a result of the road block mounted by  Governors who made it impossible to secure the mandatory 2/3rd majority of the State Assemblies," he said.

In a statement on Saturday, Hon. Gyang said the autonomy is 'critical and pivotal' in that it is meant to prompt, facilitate and strengthen democracy and good governance at the state level.

"The doctrine of the separation of powers between the Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary will come to play," he stated.

According to him, Governors until now dictated what happened to both the Legislature and  Judiciary, a trend he sees ending with the takeoff of the law.

"In most cases, they  deny and withhold funds allocated  in the budget. This made the two arms of government subservient  to the Governors. This yoke of  tyranny is broken and both the Legislature and the Judiciary now have the leeway to discharge their constitutional responsibility without inhibition.

"With the Presidential ascent, the constitution stands amended and the autonomy of both the Legislature and the Judiciary at the state level takes effect," he said.

The lawmaker therefore expressed hope that good governance and the full implementation of democracy will be manifest in Nigerian States with the passage of the law.

"Now that the tyrannical hold of  Governors on the Judiciary and the Legislature has been terminated, we expect uninhibited delivery and administration of justice while democracy must thrive and become more vibrant at the state level with effective legislative oversight  that will engender good governance.

"We expect judicious use and application of available resources so as to birth  meaningful development and delivery of tangible democracy dividend to the people. Anything short will defeat the intendment and essence of the autonomy," he said.