Many commentators pouring encomiums over the recent sentencing of ex Plateau Governor, Joshua Dariye might perhaps be ignorantly heading for the same fate.

Especially those holding political offices, the temptation to be generous at times could be highly irresistible. Many political office holders right now have women up to dozens of uninvited guests in their houses. Most of them are likely to be political supporters, relatives, neighbours or even independent organizations who have come to solicit for one form of support or the other.

For those nursing future political ambitions, "No" can never be an option except "check back later", in which case they must somehow someway respond in order not to spoil their future chances.

Going by the volumes of such requests that always trail them, excluding hundreds of invitations to public gatherings, most of which are fundraising ceremonies, it is usually difficult to find one's legitimate earnings like salaries and emoluments sufficient.

For a Commissioner that perhaps earns N500,000 a month, attending ten functions out of about 50 that he is likely to be invited for in a week means exhausting his month's salary without having a dime left for himself and family, excluding other demands. Remember also that when you are invited for a function, your donation is usually expected to equal your status.

Dariye like many other politicians was the talk of the day in terms of giving. Dariye enriched many families, Churches and mosques as well as created opportunities for many high profiled personalities today to excel. Dariye like many other politicians however hadn't much of his own to dish out extravagantly as he did. Where then was he to go to get all the money that many always expected of him?

Of course like many politicians might be ignorantly doing now, he was gradually dipping into public treasury to satisfy his needs and those of others knocking at his door.

Many people celebrated him and even wished he was the one in office when Jang took over, blocking all financial leakages. However, now that he is in jail, the whole world seems excited, especially those in opposition parties.

The lesson here which many political office holders should learn is that no matter what you do to please others, whether supporters, relatives or whatever, remember, that the day you leave office, your anointing leaves and the very people you probably steal to satisfy will not be there to share your prison bed. In fact, they will be the ones likely shouting "thief" and "crucify him" despite being capable of labelling you "stingy" if you had told them for whatever reason, you hadn't what to give them when they came knocking.

Dariye going to jail could serve as a lifesaving sermon to many who care to learn. His sentence would definitely save many who care to see these lessons and act approximately.

I am Masara Kim and I just wanna rubbish nonsense.