At least 30 people have been killed in series of violent attacks on local communities across Plateau State since April 2018.

The attacks largely attributed to armed Fulani herdsmen have occurred mainly in the night targeting remote villages with little or no security presence.

The latest of such attacks was recorded yesterday when three people were attacked at different locations - Tarei, Jol village in Riyom LGA, Ropp village and Gashish villages in Barkin Ladi LGAs.

While one of the victims, identified as Mr. Gyang Danke of Tarai hamlet of Jol village, who was reportedly ambushed and shot along Vwak-Tanjol road survived with severe injuries, the other victims lost their lives, MKB gathers.

Last Saturday, Police confirmed the killing of three people in a Friday night and Saturday morning attack in Kurra Falls, Gashish District of Barkin Ladi LGA.

Some two persons had been reported killed in nmNkiedongrwo village of Miango district, Bassa LGA two days earlier.

Between May 1 and May 29, 2018 also, there were attacks in Daffo, Bokkos LGA with two deaths and Fan and Ropp villages in B/Ladi LGA with nearly 10 deaths.

On the 28th May, 2018 simultaneous attacks were launched at Kakuruk village in Gashish District, Nafan, Nding Sesut, Nyarwai and Lohala in Ropp District all in B/Ladi where a total number of three people reportedly lost their lives.

On the 18th May 2018, four young men were reportedly attacked on their farm in Fan village where three were killed.

On the 20th May 2018, the residence of the District Head of Fan was reportedly attacked and the house riddled with bullets, though the District Head survived.

A similar attack had occurred on the 7th of May 2018, when the residence and official car of the District Head of Gashish in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area were razed in an overnight attack.

On 22nd May, 2018, an attack was reportedly launched in Rambu Village in Fan District, where heavy weapons including Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs) were used.

On the 27th May 2018, four young men were again attacked near Nding Village in Fan District, where two were seriously injured.

Earlier in April, precisely on the 8th of April 2018, seven people were murdered in Nding Village in Fan District of Barkin Ladi Local Government Area in what appeared to be the resurgence of attacks in Fan district after about two years of relative calm.

Several other attacks had occurred between January and March 2018 in Bassa and Bokkos villages where an estimated 150 people were killed with over 10,000 people displaced.

MKB gathers that the attacks were mostly been foretold but with little or no action being taken by the authorities.

Last week Thursday however, some buses were reportedly intercepted along Jos-Barkin Ladi road carrying prohibited firearms.

The suspects reportedly escaped with the items in a hot pursuit by men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, disappearing somewhere in Rukuba, Bassa LGA.

That same night, an attack was reportedly being planned in Ropp village by a group of people suspected to be Fulani herdsmen.

There was also a reported case of burglary and kidnap by a suspected Fulani gang in Butura Kampani village, Bokkos LGA same Thursday.

Although the kidnapped, a 13 year old girl was later found unharmed, a similar incident followed the next day in Makabat village near Butura Kampani village where a 26year old mother was wounded with machete.

There have been reports of planned attacks in different parts of Bokkos since the March 8 attacks in Daffo.

An unsigned letter has reportedly been found highlighting areas marked for attacks in the LGA.

The letter written in a blend of Hausa and Fulfulde has as title, "A Wati Wal Jihad" to Bokkos and Manguna communities.

No suspect has been arrested in connection with the threats.