It is indeed a dark period through our history as we daily witness the annihilation of our defenseless brethren with a mission yet unknown, about the underlying causes of such heinous and barbaric acts of extreme inhumanity.

It saddens us as a people the more as those victims of the mayhem rely on our voices to provide essence to their livelihoods. This is unjust and this is unacceptable. We condemn this continuous wave of violence and fear in loud totality. The hope of the masses is daily getting extinguished.

The call is NOW!!!

The need for transformation has never been greater and the bar for safety has never been higher for we to speak up and act. This is a call for Justice with the necessary set of tools to evoke and uplift the conscience of those in power to speedily come to the aid of her people.

Our People have been reduced to numbers and lives have been as expendable to say the least.  We have fallen into terrible statistics and no one is safer than others. The children, the women, the old, the young, the farmers, the traders... No one is spared.

"During the times of despair, we later do not remember the wickedness of our enemies but the silence of our friends"

We can not accept this spate of dastard killings in any part of our state and nation. Innocent people can no longer live at the discretion of their enemies. We mourned yesterday, we are mourning today and we will not mourn tomorrow.

The evil elimination of our sisters and brothers should not be left to prevail. We are here to encourage everyone involved in the sacred oath of protecting lives and properties to go beyond self and act accordingly to end this mayhem.

I am deeply saddened by this ugly reality and may our cry reach the depth of national conscience.


Arc. Hart Bankat.