Over 500 people returning from a funeral service in Central Nigeria's Gashish village, near Kura Falls in Barkin Ladi LGA, Plateau State were this afternoon ambushed by armed men.

The attack which occurred few meters away from a military checkpoint in Kafi Abu village left many severely wounded and several cars shattered.

The attackers who opened fire on the convoy of sympathizers hit a vehicle on which a journalist, Masara Kim was riding, wounding one person.

At least four other travellers were critically wounded in different other vehicles.

In one vehicle, the driver and another woman were shot in their legs.

Another driver carrying over five passengers was shot in the arm resulting in the car crashing.

All on board reportedly evacuated and fled into the bushes amidst heavy gunfire.

The attackers who had laid another ambush about a kilometer ahead of the Kafi Abu military checkpoint were cleared by the few STF personnel on ground before the victims could be evacuated.

The STF Sector 7 headquarters in Barkin Ladi which could not be immediately reached during the attack due to mobile network failure was later able to deploy an Armoured Personnel Carrier to restore normalcy in the affected area.

The attackers by their looks were Fulani herdsmen who have dominated Gashish district after displacing the villagers in series of attacks since 2010.

They were earlier reported to have shot and killed a man and a woman in Kura Falls and Exland villages respectively while the funeral service of Late Da Peter Jakawa was ongoing at the COCIN RCC Gashish headquarters in Kakuruk village.

While the man shot in Kura Falls, a relative of the deceased was on his way to attend the funeral service when he was ambushed and killed, the woman killed in Exland was reportedly attacked at a mining site.

The suspect of the Kura Falls attack was said to have been apprehended while the others were still at large as of the time of publishing this report.

No official comment has been received yet.