The United States Government says the circle of impunity where people commit attacks and still be exempted from punishment must be addressed to save Nigeria's future.

The US Envoy to Nigeria during a visit to Jos in the wake of the recent killing of over 200 people in parts of Plateau State said ending impunity is essential to ending attacks and averting the consequences of such in the future.

"There is a circle of impunity that exists in many ways where people are able to commit attacks and not be subject to the law.

"I think in order to prevent this kind of violence and prevent it, it is very essential to address this issue of impunity."

"This presents some big challenges as you know in my own country, we have a problem of gun violence in the US and it is very challenging in different ways where an active shooter can pop up anytime to begin shooting people," Young said.

Law enforcements according to Mr. Young must in this regard play decisive roles to prevent such violence in the future as it could lead to more 'horrific' experiences.

"This kind of violence can lead to reprisal killings that could lead to another horrific circle of violence," feared the Ambassador.

He emphasized that all life is sacred, condemning as 'criminal' and tragic, the killing of over 200 people by armed assailants in the state two weeks ago.