The Action Democratic Party (ADP) in Plateau State says the transfer of Gen. Anthony Atolagbe from the state as Special Task Force Commander could frustrate the prosecution of 25 Fulani herdsmen arrested over recent killings in the state.

Consequenrly, the party has demanded President Muhammadu Buhari to direct the Chief of Defence Staff, Lt. Gen. Abayomi Gabriel Olanishakin and the Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Tukur Burutai to reverse "with immediate effect" the transfer of the 'award winning' Operation Save Haven Commander, Gen. Atolagbe.

This it says is in view of his efforts of ensuring the arrest of perpetrators of 'genocide' against the people of B/ladi, Riyom, Mangu, Bokkos, Bassa and environs, a feat it says has never been achieved by anyone since the herdsmen killings in the Middle Belt and Nigeria at large started.

According to the party, "Gen. Atolagbe reduced the killings in Bassa LGA when he arrested the major sponsor of the dastardly acts using a modern technology from his service and experience at the United Nations where he served for twenty-Seven years out of his thirty years service in the Nigerian army.

"Like the Professional Soldier that he is, Gen. Atolagbe relocated to B/ladi LGA after the massacre of 23rd and 24th of June which led to the arrest of initial eleven Fulani Herdsmen terrorists involved in the genocide who were paraded after exhaustive investigation which revealed the conspiracy and complicity of the high and mighty in this government.

"His effort also in using personal security gadget he bought with his hard earned resources in order to save lives and properties, led to the arrest of another Seven Fulani herdsmen terrorists on their way to unleash another terror and killing of Plateau people in B/ladi and Riyom LGA's
Due to his relentless efforts and commitment to put a stop to the massacre in Plateau State, another set of seven fulani herdsmen terrorists including their major financier where apprehended and paraded, thus bringing the total of high profile Fulani Herdsmen killers to twenty-five arrested in the span of just one month."

In a statement by its Chairman, Chief Nanyah Daman, the party viewed as "astonishing and vexatious" the 'punishment' posting, rather than accolades and promotion medal to Gen. Atolagbe whom it said has done what no Nigerian General has acheived since 2001 when killings in Plateau took a 'frightening' dimension.

He said, "The ADP Plateau State frowns at the posting of the STF Commander especially because of the fact that it had been predicted earlier that because of the arrests of the fulani herdsmen terrorists and the relative peace achieved the enemies of Plateau in Aso rock, Defense heads and the military high command will remove the proffesional general.

"It is very unfortunate that the boasting of Fulani herdsmen and their sponsors in Aso rock and DHQ that the STF Commander will be removed because he refused to transfer the arrested Fulani herdsmen terrorists to Abuja to be freed like in time past, has come to pass."

The party regarded the transfered STF Commander as "a man of Justice who used his resources to get and use advanced finger prints technology on the bullet castings used by the Fulani Herdsmen terrorists to arrest the twenty-five terrorists who mawed and killed 250 innocent women, Children and men in B/ladi, Riyom, and environs."

"What a country where the evil is rewarded and the good is repremanded? Is it not disheartening for Brig. Gen. Bello (STF Chief of Staff) who has spent seven years in Plateau to be applauded (amidst widespread allegations of culpability) while the one working tirelessly to stop the killings and bring back peace on the plateau is punished by an unholy transfer? The ADP leadership questioned.