Lilian Madaki Dyel: Why I Seek to Represent Bokkos in the Plateau State House of Assembly 2019

My warm greetings to the good people of Bokkos as I Lilian Madaki Dyel formally declare my intention and seek your support to contest for the seat of Bokkos Constituency at the State House of Assembly in the forthcoming 2019 general elections on the platform of our great party , The People's Democratic Party P-D-P.

My name is Lilian Madaki *DYEL*

Born in Malumfashi, katsina State, i grew up in Zaria but returned  home plateau State after secondary Education.
I hail from Kanger Village of Mushere in Bokkos LGA , plateau State.

Had been worked with different private business organizations before and during my diploma in Public administrations at plateau state polytechnic days where I started active participation in politics and later contested Ward councillorship of Mushere-Central , loss but was appointed Sup. Councillor for social services of Bokkos LGA where i picked interest in journalism and headed to NTA tv college an affiliation of ABU Zaria and backed BSC in mass communication.

Let me start by thanking the entire women of bokkos constituency for seeking it deemed fit that I go on their behalf which I enthusiastically accepted! I remained highly indepted to this constituency and will never let you down if given the mandate.

Since the democracy returned in 1999, women in bokkos constituency have never been elected to represent in the capacity of legislator despite been formidable in other areas of governance such as LGA chairman, commissioner and so on. I dont wanna over-dwel on that, because we do not consider it as a yastic for women automatic ticket because we believe in our credibility,competency and collaboration for the betterment of our people with me as your representative .

Democracy is not by conquest but compromise , not by power but negotiations, that is why I am negotiating for the compromise of the male aspirants and other  aspirants from other four axists of bokkos who have severally benefitted in the electoral arrangements and understanding of the constituency to give us a consideration " let our voice contribute to the development of bokkos"

The primary Assignment of a legislature indisputably is to make laws .yes! In doing that given, the chance, shall stand to defend, protect and sustain the legendary virtues of our fore fathers in bokkos and never to play politics with anything that pertains the constituency's and that of Plateau interest in general.

My decision is with the conviction that I posses the political exposure, experience and qualification to be elected as a member of the Plateau State House of Assembly to represent my constituency which is based on my past experience of been a supervisory Councillor which during Baba Iliya Amagon who's tenure remained ever unbelievable in times of projects execution within the locality notwithstanding the political challenges as at that time during which my area of jurisdiction covered and exposed me to knowledge of the entire Constituency I seek to represent, apart from other political assignments within and outside Bokkos.
Bokkos shall be our first interest *Bokkos 1st*

Also, my training , practice as an administrator and journalist as well working as a G.M Bendyelians Leather Marketing and Consults has helped me interacted widely.

Given the Mandate, we shall partner with relevant bodies to ensure community participatory form of leadership is initiated to transform and better up the lives of our people in few key areas :

*Quality education*




These I will deploy my experience and qualification so as to be a better voice of a representative for my immediate constituency and the entire State if given the mandate.

Together with my colleagues and the locality, we will as well reposition Bokkos and Plateau state to bring it back to its path of restoration and recovery through the adoption of the policy of transparency and open door where everybody will be carried along.

Long Live PDP
Long live Bokkos
Long Live Plateau State and FRN

Sponsored|| Mangu/Bokkos Federal Constituency choice is Hon. Engr. Solomon Maren. See why

2019: Mangu/Bokkos Verdict is ✔ Hon. Engr Solomon Maren (MNSE, FITP).

We now have a voice in the House of Representatives and an articulated contributor to debates.

24 motions vs 4 in the past. 6 bills against 2 in the past.

Over a hundred robust legislative contributions against none in the past.

4 petitions presented against none in the past.

Let us consolidate ✔ with Hon. Engr Solomon Maren

Plateau: After Tuesday night attack, Police, 7 others killed in B/Ladi & Bokkos

At least more eight people including a mobile Policeman are feared to have been killed in separate renewed attacks in Barkin Ladi and Bokkos Local Government Areas of Plateau State.

The reports coming shortly after a Reverend, his wife and kids were killed on Tuesday along with five others in Foron and Ropp districts of Barkin Ladi LGA follow Gov. Simon Lalong's pledge to end the killings which he regarded as "madness".

While one elderly man identified as Mr. Amallam Mabas was reportedly shot by unidentified cattle rustlers in Butura Kampani village, same Tuesday night of the Foron attack, one lady was alleged to have been shot by Special Task Force Personnel during a women protest in Barkin Ladi town on Wednesday.

A Pastor of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN), Rev. Ezekiel Dachomo who appears agitated in an online video, carrying the corps of the lady berated United Nations for its silence on human rights violations by the Nigerian Forces.

Same STF personnel allegedly shot three youths keeping vigilance during a mass burial for victims of the Foron village attack that Wednesday.

Although all survived with severe injuries, Chairman of the Berom Youth Movement, Foron, Mr. Thomas Tsok said the securities were a threat to them.

"We have lost confidence in the securities because instead of protecting us from our aggressors, they still kill us without provocation," he said.

Some youths in company of Mobile Policemen according to Mr. Tsok were however attacked when they went to evacuate a fresh corpse of a young man killed by unidentified gunmen in Abonong village, Foron on Wednesday during the mass burial of the earlier eight victims.

Six people including the initial one that was to be evacuated, and the Mobile Policeman were killed, the Youth leader said.

Four others he disclosed are still be missing while an unconfirmed number of persons are also undergoing treatment for various degrees of injuries.

The earlier attack in Abonong and Zayit villages in Foron district was followed by cattle rustling and burning of houses by the assailants.

Same was the case in the Butura village attack where 20 cattle belonging to the slain Mr. Amallam Mabas were rustled as the assailants reportedly guarded neighboring houses with sporadic gunshots to prevent intervention.

Although no house or property was burnt down, some cattle cattle in the same rustled herd were reportedly shot to death as the assailants equally damaged doors while shooting to prevent anyone from coming out to intervene.

The deceased was reportedly shot when he ran out screaming to alert villagers on the invasion by the attackers.

Secretary to Bokkos Local Government Council, Hon. Sylvanus Ayuba and the Youth Chairman of Butura Kampani, Mr. Sule Ali have confirmed the attack.

They both reported that a suspect who had threatened the deceased on Monday before the attack has been apprehended.

As of publishing time, the Police Public Relations Officer, Plateau State, Tyopev Terna was yet to respond to an enquiry sent to him in a mobile text, same as the Spokesperson of the Special Task Force, Maj. Umar Adams.

Plateau killings: The masterminds and the beneficiaries || Alfred Mashat Makut

Somebody keeps wondering why Plateau?
Somebody keeps asking why a particular zone in Plateau?

Why the killings of innocent children,women and Men that are defenceless?

And the only narrative the media and the leaders keep selling is the issue of Land grabbing- Agreed

Some say it's the  Jihadist plan-Agreed
Some say ethnic cleansing-Agreed.

Now this reasons have been with us since the first farmer/conflict  in Gashish in 1967.

I want to think outside the box and look at another perspective to the killings of the innocent on our beautiful Plateau.

Fast forward to 2018,what we are witnessing now on the Plateau is way beyond the farmer/herder conflict as new conflict trends are emerging and We the People of Plateau, the Government and the Media has refused to call a spade a spade.

Let's be truthful, there have been series of engagements between local communities, intra-dialogue between conflict partners,religious bodies and Governments effort that led to the creation of the peace building agency that culminated to a roadmap to Peace,but yet the peace on the Plateau seem elusive.


1.Proliferation of Arms
2.Armed Robbery
3.Religious Intolerance
4.Deep rooted hatred and lack of mechanism to check the excesses
5.Drug trafficking and consumption
7.Youth Militia groups
9.Misrepresentation of facts to the public(Media)
10.Insincerity of stakeholders
11.Hate speech
12.lack of political will
13.high level of Alcohol consumption.
14.Complicity of the security apparatus.


Certainly, there are people that are behind the conflicts on the Plateau.

There is a systematic crime syndicate that specialise in creating crisis for Economic gains.

There are sponsors that have the sole aim of making Plateau state ungovernable for their own selfish interests.

The Plan is to turn the people against themselves and against the government and this plan was hatched from Joshua Dariye's administration to Jonah Jang and to Governor Simon Bako Lalong whom has faced Peace and Security as his cardinal point of governance.

The Plan is to create mutual suspicion amongst the Plateau people,to divide and rule along ethnic,tribal and Religious sentiment to exterminate the Plateau dream of our forefathers and rubbish the hallmark and pride of the Plateau People which is the hospitable nature aimed at de-marketing the "Home of Peace and Tourism".

Early warning signs are left unattended to due to connivance between locals and some security outfits.

Some masterminds are Politicians that are hell bent on causing crisis only to use it as a campaign tool against the Government of the day using Religious leaders to whip up sentiments in places of worship and traditional rulers/stakeholders to do their bidding of deceit as to the cause of the crisis.

For how long will the Plateau People keep getting sacrificed on the altar of partisan politics?


For the attacks to have persisted despite efforts to curb it,certainly there are beneficiaries.

The media and the people keep selling one narrative "Cattle Rustling,Herdsmen attack,farmer herder conflict" and refuse to call it what it is " Criminality and terrorism."

Certainly criminals have taken over and are selling the gullible propaganda dummy.

The major beneficiaries of the conflict are;.

1.The Man who steals (rustle) the cows must be someone who knows how to communicate with the cows (Herders)

2.The Man who buys and sales the cow to an existing market in the Southeast or South South

3.The Man who knows the villages and the inroads and where to beat the securities and escape(Locals/ indigene)

4.The security personnel that compromise the arrest of the criminals.

We must begin to say it as it is,we cannot continue to harbour criminals in our midst and keep blaming Government,a particular people or tribe for our misfortune.
Indeed,some operatives are benefitting from the crisis and they don't want it to end so that security votes will keep coming.

The other beneficiaries of the crisis are youths that take up arms to block the highways in what is now termed " Reprisal attacks" where they loot,kill commuters on the expressway and destroy properties.


The idea of Ranching as been sold by the federal Government should be looked into with peculiarities to each state according to its conflict pattern.

We the Plateau People need to come together in a confab of all the Nationalities and face this monster headlong as we can't continue to be tossed by some masterminds who use the Plateau People as puppets to dance to their evil tune.

We must rise above ethnic,tribal,religious and political sentiments to find lasting peace on the Plateau as peace is a collective effort by all and not only Government.

We all have the right to life and freedom of speech and association,but let us avoid hate speech and politics of bitterness and un-forgiveness.

"I disapprove of what you say,but I will defend to the death your right to say it"-Voltaine.

PLATEAU is ours to build and not to destroy.

We can never Jump over our Shadow,We must face insecurity and our challenges of Peace building headlong.

#Makut Alfred Mashat

2019: In rare display of humility, Plateau Rep member, ID Gyang admits fellow constituents have rights to contest for Senate with him

Plateau Senatorial aspirant and member representing Barkin Ladi/Riyom Federal constituency in the National Assembly, Istifanus Gyang says he is in support of anyone seeking to run for office along with him in the 2019 General elections.

In a rare display of humility, I.D. Gyang as he is fondly called admitted that every citizen has rights under the constitution to run for any office and such rights should not be suppressed for personal gains.

In a telephone interview with our correspondent, Hon. Gyang said grudging anyone for seeking to run for office along with him would be an affront on democracy and the rule of law which he is known to defend.

He said, "You can't be advocating for democracy and the rule of law and when it comes to you, you would want to suppress the rights of others."

Responding to questions on recent expression of interest in the same Senate seat he aspires for by his fellow constituents and kinsmen who have worked closely with him, the legal practitioner and renowned human rights activist forbade his supporters from stopping anyone from contesting.

"There is room for consensus, negotiations, concessions, dialogue and whatever there is to have a peaceful resolution.

"I don't subscribe to the idea of grudging people for seeking to exercise their constitutional rights.

"We should not muzzle anyone who seeks to exercise his rights and that is the beauty of our democracy.

"When you have such a situation where an individual comes up to declare his interest in a particular office, you have no right to stop him.

"As a democrat, the political space permits everyone to express his interest.

"What happens under such circumstances is that people will be given the chance to determine who they would want to give their mandate to," Gyang stated.

The emergence of contestants from his constituency therefore is not a cause for worry, but a welcomed development, he said.

"If you are called into an elective office, then you have the backing of God and the people and I'm excited about this.

"I want to tell you that the eternal purposes, ordinances, plans, agenda, mandate and calling of God will always prevail no matter the controversy, contradiction or contestation. It is a simple and clear thing to me and it is not a challenge," he stressed.

The rep member assured that his aspiration is for service which he will always avail for within or outside public office.

He said, "It is a call to service and the room for service is not just in an elective office.

"The room to service is limitless. Service to humanity is all about the gifting that God had endowed us with so that we can be of help to humanity.

"We  have people that are volunteering to be of service to humanity in diverse ways. It is not just in an elective office."

Hon. Gyang had few weeks ago expressed interest to run for the Plateau Northern Senatorial seat which is currently being occupied by his former Principal and Governor of Plateau State, Jonah Jang.

Jang who is running for the Presidency seat was said to have pledged his backing after reportedly opposing Hon. Gyang's aspiration for the reason that they were both from the same ethnicity.

One of the latest aspirants in the Senate Seat and former co-appointee of ID Gyang under the Jang administration, Francis Bot is however thought to be aspiring under the influence of his former boss, Sen. Jang.

Mr. Bot who had allegedly influenced a to executive of the Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN), Jos, Dr. Daniel Kim to aspire along with ID Gyang declared interest in the same Senate seat on Thursday.

Sources however say his declaration came under heavy scrutiny by the party elders in his ward in Fan who had reportedly pledged their loyalty to Hon. Gyang.

It is however not known if Mr. Bot has decided to withdraw his support for both Hon. Gyang and Dr. Kim, both of whom are his close allies or simply begin publicity campaign ahead of subsequent elections.

Efforts to get Mr. Bot's mobile contacts for comments were unsuccessful as of publishing time.

Plateau: Heartbroken Gov. Lalong slams renewed attacks as madness

The Plateau State Governor, Simon Lalong has assured that the continued violent attacks in parts of the State by suspected herdsmen will be stopped.

According to him, his government is not resting on its oars to find an end to this "madness" and bring the "hoodlums" responsible to justice.

Lalong wrote on his Facebook fan page on Thursday that the latest attacks in Abonong and Zayit villages of Foron district in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area were heartbreaking.

"It breaks my heart that just as we are exploring all available avenues to strengthen the peace process already embarked on in our dear State, enemies of peace and progress have struck again," the post reads.

Condoling with the victims of the "callousness of agents of destruction", Lalong said, "These nights and dark days will not last forever with God on our side."

An earlier statement by his Commissioner of Information, Yakubu Dati said the Plateau state government was intensifying collaboration with security agencies to bring to an end attacks on communities by "criminal elements who are bent on taking the state back to the dark days."

The statement said said Governor Lalong had directed security agencies to leave no stone on unturned in ensuring that the perpetrators of the dastardly act are brought to justice.

Mr. Dati in the statement recalled various peace initiatives being put in place by Governor Lalong to ensure lasting peace in the state, the latest being the just ended Northern Region Christian Association of Nigeria summit in Jos assuring that arrested "criminals" linked to all attacks will be tried in the state.

Dati conveyed the condolences of Governor Lalong to all those who lost their loved ones and property including the Church of Christ in Nations which lost a priest and his family in the attack.

"The Governor appreciates COCIN for providing sanctuary for some IDPs as well as other organizations for their role in bringing succour to victims of conflict," the statement said.

Plateau: Police Confirm Attackers Rustled Cattle, Killed 8 in Foron

Police on Wednesday said Tuesday's attackers in parts of Foron district of Barkin Ladi Local Government Area, Plateau State killed eight people wounding three others before its men could intervene.

The Plateau State Police Command, Jos in a statement said it received information that Abonong and Zayit villages were under attack by 'unknown gunmen' and 'quickly' mobilised to the scene but the attackers had fled.

The attackers according to the statement by the Plateau State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Tyopev Terna looted foodstuff and other valuables in addition to the rustling of 310 cattle belonging to the locals.

"As a result of the attack, Eight (8) persons lost their lives, three (3) people were injured, ninety five (95) houses were burnt down and three hundred and ten (310) Cattle were stolen.

"Property and food stuff  were looted and destroyed," the statement said.

The Police Command has deployed more personnel to the areas to prevent further attacks, it said.

Visiting the villages at about 1pm yesterday however, no security presence was noticed except the hovering surveillance helicopter of the Special Task Force, Jos.

The Berom Youth Movement Chairman of Foron, Mr. Thomas Tsok confirmed that security patrol vans and an armoured vehicle arrived the villages at about 12am after the attack but left at day break when burial for the victims was to commence.

Local youths according to him who were keeping vigilance at the entry points to the villages to guarantee security for the mourners were shot at by the government Forces, with three critically wounded.

Six other youths were said to have been killed by the Mobile Police Forces who reportedly evacuated the attacked villages and moved to guard a nearby Fulani settlement called Fusa village at the boundaries of Jos East and B/Ladi LGAs.

The attackers were said to have come from the village and were still firing shots, attempting to attack mourners during the mass burial in Abonong village.

The slain youths were said to have advanced to prevent them from reaching the village when the troops sighted them and opened fire.

Officials have not confirmed these claims but the member representing Barkin Ladi/Riyom Federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Istifanus Gyang has accused government of complicity in handling the attacks.

Breaking News: Plateau Pastor, others killed in overnight attack, NASS member fingers government

At least six people were yesterday killed in Barkin Ladi Local Government area of Plateau State in different attacks by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

Among those killed is a Pastor of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN), Rev. Adamu Gyang Wurim, his wife and three children.

Rev. Gyang who was the Pastor in charge of the Church's branch in Abonong village in Foron district was burnt beyond recognition with his kids in his bedroom while his wife was shot in the bathroom.

The attackers armed with machetes and AK47 rifkes reportedly stormed the village at about 8pm, shooting sporadically and burning houses including part of the Reverend's house.

"They first shot at two young men walking out of the village where they had gone to charge their phones at the deceased Pastor's house, killing one and wounding the other," Chairman of the Berom Youth Movement, Foron branch, Mr. Thomas Tsok said.

Four other people according to him were shot in the morning of Wednesday in Fan and Bek villages by Special Task Force operatives.

 The herders he said rustled 60 cattle from nearby Zayit village where they destroyed a Church.

The attackers who also destroyed furniture and other facilities in COCIN Church Abonong mowed down grown maize crops across 15 farms to create a road to the target village, Mr. Tsok disclosed.

An earlier attack on Tuesday by suspected herdsmen at a mining site in Wereh village, Ropp district of the same B/Ladi LGA had resulted in the killing of one and wounding of another.

Six other villages - Loh-Fan, Loh-Pwat, Nafan, Sagas, Nzom and Ude villages were also attacked same Tuesday night according to the member representing Barkin Ladi/Riyom constituency in the Federal House of Reps, Hon. Istifanus Gyang.

Hon. Gyang in a press statement accused the government of complicity following the renewed attacks which follow the killing of over 200 in northern Plateau two months ago

He said, "These attacks are coming at a time when the people are yet to recover from the massacre of over 200 persons in the same B/Ladi LGA with thousands of the displaced victims still languishing in IDP camps!

"Furthermore, there has been the sustained maliscious destruction and mowing down of crops on farms in many  villages aimed at strangulating the communities economically as farming is their main economic activity.

"The unfortunate thing is that the perpetrators of these attacks continue to execute their agenda  with reckless abandone without an appropriate response by government!!

"Until desicive action is taken by the Nigerian government aganst the killer herdsmen to stop the ethnic cleansing and land grabbing, the presumption  is simply that of acquiescence and complicity for which the government shall one day, be held accountable for crimes against humamity, ethnic cleansing  and genocide."

Gyang however appealed to the villagers to be peaceful and law abiding.

The spokesperson to the Special Task Force in Jos was however not responding to calls or text messages as of the time of filing this report.

It was however reported that women had gathered at the STF Headquarters in Barkin Ladi demonstrating against the attacks.

The women were said to have blocked roads demanding justice on the attacks which were feared to still be ongoing in some locations as of the time of publishing.

Our correspondent who visited the affected areas witnessed massive evacuations of women and children from Foron and Heipang villages due to threats of more attacks by the suspected armed herders.

2019: Allow Middle Belt to Produce Next President, Sen. Jang demands of Nigerians

Former Plateau State Governor, Jonah Jang and a 2019 Presidential aspirant under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says Nigeria's Middle-Belt region deserves a chance to produce the next President for the country.

This he said is because the zone has yet to produce an elected President under the Nigerian constitution despite being at the centre of the country's sociopolitical growth.

"The Middle Belt is a huge statement about the Nigerian diversity. It is the glue of the north, the bridge of Nigeria, the guarantor of national unity and oneness, and has sustained the north over time," Jang said while declaring his intention to run for the office of the President in 2019.

Mr. Jang who is the current Senator of Plateau North in the National Assembly said the region should be given a chance "in the spirit of one Nigeria, for the inclusion of minorities, for the purpose of fair play and equity."

He assured that the country will experience robust transformation if given the mandate in the 2019 general elections slated for February 2019.

"The Middle Belt is a firm believer in Nigeria and the Nigerian project. Under me, the best of Nigeria will emerge," he said.

"I believe we can make it to the top ten nations of the world in no distant future. I have come to help position the country in that direction by purposeful leadership."

Jang who is currently standing trial for corruption vowed to foster justice, fairness and the rule of law while prioritizing peace and security nationwide.

He said, "Alongside growing the economy, all anti graft agencies will be strengthened and made to fight corruption within the confines of the rule of law.

"They will be given space to operate freely and independently, and periodic review of their laws will be undertaken.

"The fight against corruption will be total, balanced, consistent and sustained."

He also vowed to restructure the country's political system for better efficiency.

"The clamour for restructuring will be addressed in line with the provisions of our laws.

"Restructuring and reorganizing Nigeria to the comfort of all Nigerians is a task I will face with commitment.

"If we have operated a system for 58 years and Nigerians are asking for a review of the structures, there is no need to delay it further." 

Jang is contesting the highest seat in the country's political leadership under the PDP alongside former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, former Governor of Kaduna State, Ahmed Makarfi and a host of other gladiators.

Gowon to FG: Stop regarding herdsmen killings as clashes

Former Nigerian military President, Gen. Yakubu Gowon says all strategies at addressing the growing "terror attacks" by Fulani herdsmen in the country must take cognizance of the "one-sided" characteristic of the problem.

The attacks according to him have over time proved to be “attacks” against one section of the Nigerian population and not conflicts as widely projected.

“It cannot be regarded as conflict when defenseless citizens and communities are attacked, destroyed and annihilated at night in their sleep by heavily armed men, and such men almost always identified as Fulani herdsmen, not to mention the Miyetti Allah's claim of responsibility of such killings and destructions and their promise of more of same,” Gowon said in Jos yesterday.

Speaking yesterday at a two-day summit of Northern Christian leaders on “Sustainable Peace and Security in Northern Nigeria as a Panacea for Development, The Role of Christian Religious Leaders,” Gowon expressed fears that the attacks are particularly targeted at Christians.

He said, “The intensity and apparent selectiveness of these attacks have generated concern that they may be assuming religious connotations and declaration.”

The ex President who was represented at the occasion by one-time military Governor of Plateau State, Rear Admiral Samuel Atukum called on government to end the attacks as they do not only lead to deaths but socioeconomic breakdown of the country.

Plateau: 3 killed in separate attacks in Jos, Bokkos

Police in Central Nigeria have confirmed the killing of two in an isolated area of Jos, the Plateau State capital.

The attack on Saturday which left two others injured was believed to be an armed robbery attack.

Police arrived the scene in Zarazon community near Jos University Teaching Hospital after distressed calls but the victims were already "motionless", Police Public Relations Officer, Plateau State Command, DSP Tyopev Terna said.

One of those killed identified as Mr. Azi Magaji was confirmed to be the driver to the Speaker, Plateau State House of Assembly.

He was however not driving his principal but a State government security vehicle, the Police spokesperson told MKB.

Mr. Terna said, "At about 2100hrs, a distress call was received to the effect that there were sporadic gun shots at Zarazong area of Jos which houses Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) Gate 4.

"Immediately the information was received, the Police mobilised to the area. On arrival Azi Magaji the driver to the Speaker Plateau State House of Assembly and Edward Ankpa Titus a security guard with JUTH were found motionless.

"They were rushed to JUTH immediately but were confirmed dead by the doctor on duty while Kopdi Monday and Nenman Popdak who were on duty at JUTH Gate 4 were also found with gun shot injuries and were rushed to JUTH for treatment.

"The two victims are  responding to trceatment. Investigation into the case is on to track and arrest the perpetrators to face Justice."

The attack preceded a similar attack by suspected Fulani herdsmen in Daffo, Bokkos Local Government Area of the state.

The attack which took place at about 8pm local time left one Mr. Jaro Monday Jama dead.

Mr. Monday, 49 was ambushed and killed on his way to his home village in Foi, Mbar village near Bokkos from Daffo town where his wife was admitted in a health facility.

Police have however not confirmed this case.

NUJ Presidential aspirant, Chris Isiguzo mourns deceased colleague

The Vice President of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Zone C, Comrade Chris Isiguzo has described deceased Benue State Chairman of the Union, Mr. David Ukuma as a vibrant labour leader and 'consummate' professional who gave his all in the struggle to dignify the 'noble' pen profession and enhance the welfare of colleagues.

Mr. Isiguzo, a presidential aspirant of the NUJ in a statement through Alh. Ali Atabor, the Director General of his campaign outfit, the Rescue Mission Organisation (RMO) expressed shock at the news of the passing away of the 'worthy comrade' on Friday.

"Death is a necessary end for all mortals, but we find Ukuma's death very tragic and saddening, his glorious life being cut short by wicked death at his prime, and at a time his contributions and services to family, NUJ and humanity are needed most.

"Rescue Mission Organisation deeply mourn with the immediate family, his media organisation, Benue Council of NUJ, NUJ Zone D and NUJ in general for this irreparable loss," the statement says.

Mr. Ukuma's death occurred almost same time with two other cases involving NUJ members - Mrs. Abiya Samson Abel, of Gombe State Television and Princess Adebukola Fadiora, Officer-In-Charge of NTA Okitipupa, Ondo State.

The cause of their deaths is still unconfirmed.

NASS member, I.D. Gyang ditches sentiments, proposes new vision for Plateau State

The National Assembly member representing Barkin Ladi/Riyom Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Istifanus Gyang says the progress of Plateau State in the next five years would be determined by the quality of its leaders.

According to him, the decision of citizens  to 'wisely' usher in a leadership that will engender good governance and bring to realisation the collective dream of the State in the 2019 elections is crucial to the protection of the State's future.

The ex Plateau State Security administrative head believes the main problem of the state is managing the diversities therein and creating an atmosphere of inclusiveness and fairness for all.

Gyang in a press interview on Friday in Jos noted that Plateau is in dire need of "A leadership that can effectively manage the plurality and diversity of the state and change the perception of negativity to building understanding, accommodation, confidence, community and sense of togetherness and oneness; leadership that is genuinely selfless, altruistic, all embracing and accommodating,  not a leadership that is parochial, deceptive and manipulative."

He added, "My dream of Plateau state is one with a visionary and compassionate  leadership that has the will, passion, capacity and determination to change the fortunes of the state for the better; one that will engender good and inclusive governance, thus erasing doubts, suspicion, apprehension, and the fear of marginalization and exclusion."

Positive use of diversity

In his words, Hon. Gyang said this has been one of his biggest aspirations especially as he seeks the Senatorial seat of Plateau North in the National Assembly.

"I shall also be a Senator in whom all people shall freely identify with, having zero tolerance for ethnic and religious bias or prejudice.

"This I shall do through inclusive representation that is accessible, all embracing and accommodating.

"I  shall be a platform for the promotion of communal harmony and peaceful coexistence.

"We shall advocate respect for  both citizenship and customary rights of the people and  pursue social integration.

"We shall effectively and positively manage the plurality and diversity of Plateau North and transform it from negativity to positivity and turn the inherent adversity into opportunity for the good of all," he said.

The rep member primarily aspires to 'consciously' pursue general "youth empowerment, skills acquisition, scholarship awards and employment generation to gainfully engage youth."

Dozens of bills, recruitments, others...

Gyang who has served two administrations in the state gave a highlight of his performances at the legislative House to include 20 bills and several physical and nonphysical projects.

He said, "God has enabled me to raise the bar of representation to an all time high on all the rating points and performance indices as far as my constituency is concern.

"In the axis of law making,  I sponsored over 20 Bills covering the critical sectors of our national life.

"In this month of August, 2018, one of my Bills, that for the establishment of the Medical Laboratory school of Technology, Jos was signed into Law by the President.

"This has provided the institution with the necessary legal framework and backing that authenticates its existence and the integrity of its courses/ certificates. It has put to rest attempts to move the institution out of Plateau state as is the case with many such Federal establishments in the state.

"I have through motions and active participation in debates on the floor of the House influence the resolutions of the House on key national issues.

"I have attracted government presence through Constituency Projects delivery too numerous to be listed here.

"A sample of the many projects include education sector in which we built and renovated 4 secondary and primary schools and awarded scholarships to over 300 students; built a medical centre and carried out medical outreaches in the health sector; human capital development witnessed training and skill acquisition, employment of over 50 youths in Federal MDAs, the Military,  Police and Para military agencies; commerce and entrepreneurship witnessed two rural markets of 90 shops each, provided empowerment for men, women and youths with starter packs and items for income generating endeavours.

"Others are rural roads and  electrification, water supply and sanitation having both solar and hand held boreholes. The agricultural sector saw the distribution of fertilizers and water pumps for all seasons farming.

"The social sector had a modern town hall while Peace advocacy and rallies were held in all districts to constructively engage and involve the people in peace promotion and peace building efforts."

The Plateau in view

His performance is driven by a vision he holds of Plateau which he intends to support to reality through whatever means possible.

"I envision a crisis free Plateau state where communities and citizens coexist peacefully, upholding and respecting both citizenship and customary rights of each other.

"I envision a Plateau state where all persons and communities displaced by violent attacks are returned and  resettled on their ancestral lands and reintegrated into safe and harmonious communal coexistence.

"I envision a Plateau state with a leadership that has the capacity and commitment to constructively engage the people in institutionalizing peace building and entrenching the culture of dialogue.

"I envision a Plateau state with functional infrastructure, modern agricultural practices, enhanced healthcare delivery, upgraded and expanded education and learning opportunities,  strong and resilient public institutions, a vibrant private sector and an entrenched entrepreneurial culture, a resourceful, well motivated and more productive work force, etc."

Mr. Gyang however expects citizens to fulfill their constitutional obligations of electing credible leaders by participating fully and wisely in the 2019 electoral process to bring about the actualization of the aforementioned dreams.

Riots: Police foil attempt to burn Church in Jos

Police in Central Nigeria on Wednesday foiled an attempt by some youths to burn down a Church in Jos, the capital of Plateau State.

The youths who were rioting over an alleged harassment of one of theirs in a Christian dominated part of Congo Russia community, located in the Northern part of the city reportedly shot a middle aged man.

The Plateau State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Tyopev Terna however could not confirm if the young man was actually shot.

When contacted, the Police spokesperson said the youths "injured" the victim whose name he gave as Mr. Danjuma.

The riots according to Mr. Terna broke out after a young lady identified as Miss Maureen was 'molested' by some 'hoodlums' believed to be Muslims.

In reaction, Christian youths according to him attempted apprehending the culprits leading to violent resistance by the Muslim youths in the area.

"As a result, the youths attempted to burn down a Catholic Church in the neighborhood but our men were drafted immediately to prevent any damages," Mr. Terna said.

Although the police spokesperson did not give details of the said molestation that led to the riots, sources in the area say the suspects waylaid their victim at about 8pm local time, robbing her of her cellphone.

As of the time of publishing this report, no arrest had been made but investigations had commenced as confirmed by the PPRO.

Meanwhile, one person has been shot dead and another injured following a gun attack on miners in Bat village of Foron district, Barkin Ladi Local Government Area, Plateau State.

The attack which occurred, Thursday evening was believed to have been carried out by Fulani herdsmen.

Sources say the herders went on rampage after their cattle reportedly went missing in the village.

Officials have not confirmed the incident.

2019: Plateau broadcaster and activist, Macham Makut joins Assembly race

A renowned Plateau activist and broadcaster, Macham Makut has declared his intention to run for the Bokkos constituency seat in the Plateau State House of Assembly come 2019.

Mr. Makut, an architect by profession who is known for being vocal against social injustices especially the Fulani herdsmen attacks yesterday at a gathering of community leaders and political elders in Kunet village, near Plateau State University Bokkos said his intention to run stems from the inability of the past and present crop of leaders to deliver creditably for the good of the electorates.

"I realize that bad leaders are elected not just by people who fail to vote but also by good people who refuse to step out and accept responsibility.

"I wish to state here that the present crop of representatives we have, especially those holding forth for us at the State level are performing remarkably.

"However, their performances appear to only remain within their family or social circles and not in the general community.

"Where there seems to be a reasonable project of general importance, such is either insignificant in comparison to the number of people it is expected to serve or highly substandard.

"Worse still, the projects are mostly designed without considerations to the sociocultural makeups of the benefitting communities, often due to poor or lack of consultations and community involvement which mostly stems from the culture of imposition of projects and truncated public communication by public officials.

"Such projects are in the long run either left to waste or unappreciated because they do not meet the direct needs of the people," he said.

This according to him he intends to change by initiating a culture of constant interaction and consultation with all the communities in the constituency.

He said, "We intend to build a framework of partnership with our electorates to get them actively involved in governance especially in the area of decision making as it affects them.

"Already, we have commenced such consultations and are already building a network of communication in various communities."

The Tin City 104.9 FM Jos Analyst and CEO, Whistle News Nigeria online and Emsevens online stores said his intention is to see that the problems of unemployment, youth restiveness, drug abuse, social security and among others, social amenities that confront the majority of our communities is strongly dealt with.

"Our approach will strictly be bottom-top where the communities will be expected to identify their needs themselves while we handle the mobilization of resources to facilitate their execution.

"In mobilizing, designing and even executing the projects however, the people must be actively involved to ensure compliance with traditional and other peculiarities and give a sense of ownership to the benefitting communities for sustainability," he said.

Makut who was joyfully received by the delegation that turned out promised to be the platform the majority poor electorates would utilize to attain their dreams.

He condemned the habit of shielding office holders from being reached by their electorates calling for laws to sanction such.

Mr. Makut who was assured of overwhelming support is running under the platform of the Social Democratic Party, SDP.

Plateau: Tarok Professionals Forum Hails Lalong over new Chiefdoms

A Plateau elite group, Tarok Professionals Forum (TPF) has applauded the Plateau State Governor, Barr. Simon Bako Lalong for his recent creation of chiefdoms and the restoration of old ones across the State.

The forum in a communique at the end of its meeting on Tuesday held at Rockfield Motel Little Rayfield Jos,  particularly appreciated the Governor for the restoration of Kadarko Chiefdom in Wase LGA and the creation of Byan Chiefdom in Langtang south both with Second Class Statuses.

The forum in the document noted that the move by the Governor will help accelerate development across Plateau State and Tarok communities in particular.

Praying for the peace and harmonious co-existence of Plateau communities at home and diaspora, the TPF commensurates with victims of recent attacks in parts of the state as well as families who lost loved ones in the cause of service to the nation and humanity.

TPF in the communiqué signed by its convener, Chief Nanzing Nden and co-convener, Mr. Ponfa Wuyep however called on all Tarok sons and daughters to take advantage of the extension of voter registration by INEC to register for the 2019 elections.

It also called interested members in different professions to join the forum and contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of Tarok land.

Plateau: 4 gunned down as STF kill 2 locals in Bokkos

Military Task Force personnel in Central Nigeria's Plateau State have allegedly killed two people in Irish potato rich Bokkos Local Government Area.

One of those killed, Mr. Atajan Aguliash  Amadu reportedly died of excessive internal bleeding after being brutalized by the Special Forces operating in Sha village, Bokkos LGA over a friend's missing mobile phone.

Mr. Amadu was reportedly invited for questioning by the military personnel after he allegedly used his friend's phone to take pictures at a Secondary School graduation ceremony but could not return it.

The deceased who was invited to the party by his friend was said to have explained to the securities that he used the phone but handed it to an unidentified individual who requested to use it to also take pictures but disappeared with it.

Mr. Madu who was admitted at the Plateau State General Hospital in Bokkos died after about a week of relentless battle by the medical authorities.

Mr. Madu died this morning almost at the same time a young man named Mr. Hassan Danjuma was rushed to the same hospital after reportedly being shot by the STF personnel in Daffo, west of Bokkos town.

Mr. Danjuma was reportedly shot during a demonstration by youths in the locality over the killing of one Mr. Stephen Garba Adamu by suspected herdsmen.

The incident reportedly led to a reprisal attack leading to the death of one Mr. Mustapha Ibrahim, a Fulani youth in Daffo.

The clashes follow the killing of one Augustine Ali in Heipang village, Barkin Ladi LGA on Monday and one Mr. Timothy Bulus in Darwat hamlet of Jol village in Riyom LGA.

Authorities have confirmed the attacks except the latest clashes in Daffo which are believed to have caused palpable tension in and around the area.

Rep ID Gyang, Plateau Govt Hail new Federal Lab Tech Law

The Plateau State government says the recent signing into law of the Act establishing the Federal School of Medical Laboratory Technology Science, Jos and many others by the Nigerian Federal Government is progressive and 'most' commendable.

The Bill for an Act to Establish the Federal College of Medical Laboratory Science, Jos No. HB.15.07.39, C769-790, sponsored by Plateau Federal Reps member representing Barikin Ladi/Riyom Federal Constituency, Hon. Istifanus Gyang was signed into law last week by then Acting President Osibanjo before the return of President Muhammadu Buhari from his work leave.

The Plateau State Commissioner for Science and Technology, Hon. Dan Manjang in a statement regarded the sponsor of the bill and all others who contributed to its birth and success as "progressive elements".

"This gesture will go a long way in correcting the education imbalance that exists in the state in that field of study," the Statement says.

On his part, Hon. Istifanus Gyang who footed the bill lauded the passage of the bill as "yet another milestone in building and consolidating the study and practice of Medical Laboratory Science and Biomedical Science in our nation."

"The Act now serves as the necessary legal framework backing and authenticating the institution and the integrity of its Degrees and other Certificates," he said.

Hon. Gyang regarded the Act as a testimony of his legislative contribution as a member of the 8th Assembly along with previous legislative efforts towards nation building in the education and health sector.

The school operating within the premises of the old Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos is over a decade old as a professional science laboratory training institution.

Although reputed despite operating without an Act of the Parliament, there have been corruption cases involving its present Provost, Dr. Sunday Etukudo.

Dr. Etukudo who is said to have exhausted his tenure after being long overdue for retirement is facing charges of financial misappropriation and other criminal offences.

The matter has lingered on in a Jos based court for over two years with the prosecuting Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC appearing in court severally in vain.

The provost is also alleged to only favour his kinsmen in appointments into the school.

By the signing of the law however, the Plateau State government in the statement by the Science and Technology Commissioner demanded that he abides by the "rules of engagement" as it affects student admission and employment.

Nigeria: 1000 IDPs facing humanitarian crisis rescued in Plateau State

A Nigerian humanitarian organization, Stephanos Foundation has supplied assorted food items and other household essentials to an Internally Displaced Camp in Plateau State, housing nearly 1000 survivors of violent attacks.

The items worth thousands of dollars were delivered in response to the growing humanitarian crisis in IDP camps across the State.

Pastor Mancha Darong, an official of Stephanos Foundation who presented the items to the leadership of the camp located in Ban, Heipang village, Barkin Ladi Local Government Area said the support came through the efforts of a Lagos based activist, Dr. (Mrs.) Fumi Emeka and her friends.

He disclosed that the foundation was committed willing to collaborate with many more groups and individuals to raise support for crisis victims in the country.

Receiving the items on behalf of the IDPs, Chairman of the camp, Mr. Irimiya Magit expressed appreciations, saying the camp was already running out of food supplies.

A local Chief from Nghar village where the Ban camp IDPs hail from, Mr. Mallo Maditen also expressed delight that the IDPs were being remembered.

He however called on government to hasten efforts towards returning them to their original homes.

Party Crisis: Plateau SDP warns against fraudsters posing as party leaders

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) says it is united in Plateau State under the leadership of Hon. Abubakar  Dogara.

As such, anyone else posing as its leader, operating anywhere other than its state secretariat in Dogon Karfe, Jos is a fraudster.

In a statement by Hon. Abubakar  Dogara and the party's State Publicity Secretary, Mr. Zim Philip Jibi also warns those trying to cause confusion in the party to desist as the party will not hesitate to invite the law enforcement agencies on them.

The statement which is also signed by three others says, "Whoever is parading himself as a leader of the party in Plateau State apart from those who operate at the state Secretariat No. 72 Dogon Karfe, Jos should be treated as fraudsters.

"Let me also sound a word of warning to individual members or group in the party that may want to bring confusion or crisis in the Party throughout the state concerning the leaders and leadership in the State, that appropriate party sanctions shall be melted out to such mischief makers.

"Note also that the leadership will not hesitate to report such individuals or groups to the Law enforcement agencies."

The party which said it has been active in electoral matters in the state since 2015 affirmed in the statement that it is committed to internal democracy.

It therefore enjoined all well-meaning Nigerians to join the SDP platform towards impacting their communities at whatever position they wish to contest.

"Our doors are wide open to those who can add value to the party and democracy in Plateau State and Nigeria," the statement says.

IDPs jubilate as COCIN delivers another set of relief materials to 17 camps

By Joel Gomiyar

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Plateau State have described the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) as a friend to them.

This is in view of the Church's sustained humanitarian support to them since the recent attacks that forced them out of their homes.

The IDPs made their feelings known while receiving relief materials from the Church on Thursday.

Director of Administration at the Geosciences  IDPs camp, Anguldi, Jos, Mr. Gyang Alfred who received the items from the COCIN Relief Materials Committee said amongst all the groups, government agencies, private organizations and Churches that have supported them, COCIN stands out.

"COCIN has been a brother to us in the camp right from the day one, they are the ones that have been coming to worship with the IDPs every Sunday through the neighbouring COCIN church here.

"They have sent us medical personnel that have come to attend to our health needs, provided facility for us to use as School apart from assorted relief materials to us always"

He appreciated the leadership of the church for what he described as real gospel and prayed God to continue to strengthen the Church as he stressed the need for unity among the denominations.

Mr. Alfred enumerated some challenges of the camp to includes nutritional need of especially the children and breastfeeding mothers, hygiene of the environment because according to him they have up to 2674, IDPs in the camp so the toilet facility is not enough despite the Red Cross has added 3 more toilet to them yet is not enough.

He thanked both the state and local governments for their support and the deployment of teachers to teach some of the students in the Camp and the Red Cross society for being with them all through.

Earlier, the COCIN Relief
Materials committee leader, Rev. Davou Jakawa, said the leadership of the Church thought it wise to set up the committee for the purpose of looking into the plights of the IDPs with the aim of bringing succour to them.

He urged the camp leaders to be fair in sharing of whatever is been giving to them and prayed God for peace to enable them return to their homes.

The Committee which has three days to visit the 17 IDPs camps has so far visited Geosciences, Riyom and Rahoss Camps.

Items donated by the Church includes food items like Maize, Rice, Beans, Gari, Palm oil, Groundnut oil, Maggi, Salt, Sugar, Clothes, toiletries among others.

The Church had last month delivered various relief items to the camps with different other church units following suit.

The Church is believed to still be mobilizing more support for the IDPs from its members worldwide.

Plateau APC gives reasons for creation, upgrade & restoration of dissolved chiefdoms

The All Progressive Congress, APC in Plateau State says the party remains committed to the strengthening of formidable institutions and the fulfilling of campaign promises according to its party manifesto.

Chairman of the party in the State, Hon. Letep Dabang while responding to newsmen in Jos, the State Capital said the visible excitement on the faces of the generality of Plateau people since the Governor announced to the state, the creation, upgrading and restoration of diiefdoms that were reversed illegally by the immediate past administration is a clear indication that indeed he meant and still means well for the State.

According to Letep, “chiefdoms were created and gazette having passed through all the right channels but were set aside by those who did not mean well for the state, today we can beat our chest and say this administration means well for us”. 

He assured that strengthening and emancipating the traditional institutions will engender peace as they are closer to the people and called on the citizens to give in their support as government continues to do more for the people.

Hon. Letep Dabang further stated that Governor Simon Lalong has not disappointed the party by working inline With it’s manifesto as can be seen in the recent attraction of several people oriented projects to the state.

“Approval for the reimbursement of over N20 billion (Twenty Billion Naira money spent on Federal Government projects by the State, approval of the sum of N348,000,000,000.00 (Three Hundred and Forty Eight Billion, Five hundred Million naira (N500,000,000) for the dualization of the Akwang-JosBauchi-Gombe Roads when Mr. President visited, the 45 kilometre Babban Lamba-Sharam Road awarded at over 19billion (Nineteen Billion Naira), the Pankshin-Tapshin-Gambar-Sarakai-Gindiri Road. The Mangu Dam Water Project at over 977 million (Nine Hundred and seventy seven Million Niara) among others are worthy of commendation to the present administration in the State.

0n the efforts of relocating displaced Plateau people, Letep Dabang said the Governor means well in that regards and that was why he set up a committee on relocation, resettlement and reintegration of people displaced from their homes as well as attracting a 10 billion (Ten Billion Naira) presidential palliative fund for the farming communities.

He added that these tremendous achievements among so many has placed die party far ahead as we approach the 2019 general elections.

The APC state chairman again reiterated that all members seeking election on the platform of die party shall be provided a level playing field as long as they abide by the party guidelines.

Letep was then quick to add that the Party believes next the Governor will address the issues of development areas in the state because he part and played a key role in the creation of the development areas while he was Speaker of the House of Assembly.

Nigerian inventors emerge only African team in top 20 list for $1million prize

Team Nigeria reaches top 20 shortlist of $1 million Hult Prize for technology innovation

A team of Nigerian technology innovators have made it to the top 20 shortlist of $1 million Hult Prize, making them the only African team still remaining in the competition.

The 2018 Hult Prize theme on 'Harnessing the Power of Energy to Transform Ten Million Lives', began from the campus level to regional level until it got to the global stage, while hundreds of participants/teams from many world class universities participated.

Speaking to newsmen in Jos, the Plateau State capital, on their chances and challenges in the competition, the Prime mover of the innovation, Faisal Sani Bala, said their work was a technology that boost irrigation farming like never before and also provides light for rural communities without electricity.

He said together with his other colleagues they formed the ImpactRays enterprise and their projection beyond the competition is to impact over 5 million lives in three years, pointing out that their technology has already being piloted in Waya Dam, Bauchi State, where local farmers have started to enjoy the irrigation technology, which also provides for their household lighting. 

Bala, a graduate assistant lecturer at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU) Bauchi, who is currently pursuing a Malaysia in Mechatronics Engineering in Malaasyia, however stressed that the challenges they are having in the competition is finance, and that the other teams were being financed by their governments while theirs was from their personal pockets which has not been easy. 

He explained that the Malaysian government almost took up sponsoring them in the competition but later withdrew owing to the thought that the beneficiaries of the technology would be Nigerians and not Malaysians.

Another challenge again, he said, was that he and one of the team members were yet to obtain their UK visas to attend the final 6 shortlist event, of which the programme is coming up in about two weeks' time.

"Some of us have engaged in dry season farming as students, and have been faced with the challenge of manual flooding irrigation, high cost of fuel, high cost of labour involved in watering, fertilizer wash-off and water shortage. These problems motivated myself and Aliyu Dala Bukar to design, implement and patent a smart Solar-Powered Irrigation System to ease irrigation farming through cutting the cost of labour and eliminating the use of petrol. 

"Our innovation makes it possible for farmers with the challenge of water shortage to have 3 cycles of irrigation, whilst eliminating environmental impact of green house gases released by petrol powered irrigation pumps. The technology also provides light to rural communities without electricity, and local farmers where the project was piloted have started enjoying its irrigation benefits as well as the household lighting benefit.

"Regarding the Hult Prize competition, the ImpactRays won the 1st position at the campus level and proceeded to the regional finals in Kuala Lumpur. At the regional finals, there were 60 teams and two hundred participants from some of the best Universities across the world, including Canada, Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan among others. We still scale through at the regional level to make global level, upon which we are among the 20 shortlist and the only African team remaining in the competition," he said.

He added that the Hult Prize Competition is about creating market ready solutions to pressing needs of humanity, while maintaining balance between profit and social impact, and that the competition goals are in line with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Source: Adams Dick

Rt. Hon. George Daika begins Gubernatorial Campaign tour

As the 2019 elections draw closer, those seeking elective positions have commenced wider consultations and strategic contacts to win delegates to the Primaries and supporters for the main elections.

One of the gubernatorial hopefuls and strongest aspirants of the PDP in Plateau State, Rt. Hon. George Edwards Daika who was Speaker Plateau State House of Assembly when Nigeria returned to democracy in 1999 and then Member of representatives Shendam/Mikang/Qua'anpan Federal Constituency from 2003-2007, Rt. Hon. George Edwards Daika has commenced meet-the-delegates tour to further solidify his support across the Seventeen Local Government Areas of the State.

Local Government Areas visited were Mikang, Shendam and Qua'anpan LGAs.

The tour started in his Local Government, Milan with a visit to the Traditional Ruler and Chairman Mikang Traditional Council Long Tehl HRH Miskaam Barr. Donald Puntel to seek royal blessings.

The Rt. Hon. George Daika campaign directorate led by its Director General, Dr. Sam Godong was warmly received by the royal father who wished the Aspirant luck.

The delegates in Mikang LGA eulogised Rt. Hon. Daika, saying he has assisted them in diverse ways and brought development to the area while he held sway as Speaker and House of Representatives Member.  They said he has been supportive of the party and believe he would do more if he becomes Governor of the State.

In Shendam Local Government, the Campaign Team visited the Long Ga'mai of Shendam, HRH Miskoom Martin Mudu'utrie Shaldas III to seek royal blessings before proceeding to meet the party Executives.

The Traditional Ruler admonished Rt. Hon. George Daika to preach peace and uphold same all through the tour. He wished him the best in his aspiration.

The Party Executives in Shendam LGA warmly received the campaign team.
They said Rt. Hon. Daika is their Son and has delivered dividends of democracy to them when he served them at the House of Representatives.

In Qua'anpan LGA, the story was no different as the campaign team paid courtesy visit to the Traditional Ruler of Qua'anpan LGA the Long Pan, HRH Nda Emmanuel Dabang.
The Royal Father warmly received the campaign team and call on the Aspirant, Hon. George Daika who he called his son to put God first in the aspiration.
He said the Aspirant has impacted the LGA positively when he represented them at the National Assembly as his projects are still visible and wish him luck.

In Qua'anpan LGA, the Party Executives said Rt Hon. George Daika is "Amana" meaning a "Promise Keeper"

They said they are still drinking from the Water he brought to them.

The Director General of the Campaign Organisation, Da Samuel Godongs who spoke at all the meetings said Rt. Hon. George Daika remains the best Aspirant in PDP and in the State.

He said the Aspirant is bold, fearless and a purpose-driven person.
He went further to posit that Rt. Hon George Daika would bring about the much needed transformation and unity amongst the diverse groups in Plateau State. Da Sam Godongs said with the wide acceptability of Rt. Hon. George Daika across the 17 LGAs, he is convinced he would emerge victorious as the Party Candidate and become Governor to bring Plateau State out of the hardships being experienced and the infrastructural deficit the APC-led government has plunged Plateau State into.

Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Campaign Organisation and Former Chairman Pankshin LGC, chief Simon Tangni said they have seen in Rt. Hon. Daika the qualities required to move Plateau State to enviable height as Governor of Plateau State. He said Rt. Hon. George Daika is man of integrity and someone with a great heart.

In all the Local Government Areas visited the Aspirant, Rt. Hon. Daika said he is in the race for Governorship to bring about immense transformation and change the fortune of the State.

He said he would pursue unity and entrench good governance in the State. He promised to carry all people along irrespective of ethnic, tribal, religious and political inclinations if elected as Governor.

He said Plateau State is far behind and not where it should putting into account the infrastructural development the former administration of Sen. Jonah David Jang brought to the State.
He said the agenda is to have Plateau State far above where it is today, but the lack of vision and purpose of the present government have greatly affected the State.

Source: Friday Bako, Viewpoint Nigeria

Plateau LG polls in view as Govt. ups number of traditional stools

Gov. Simon Lalong of Plateau State says he is consulting with security agencies on the conduct of the long delayed Local Government elections in the State.

Gov. Lalong in a State broadcast yesterday said the prolonged delay was sequel to security challenges.

"The delay is not deliberate as security issues have hampered our efforts in carrying out the exercise," the Governor said.

With 'relative peace' returning to the state however, the Governor said the Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission (PLASIEC) "would swing into action and conduct elections" at the third tier of Government as soon as security clearance is obtained.

His administration according to him remains committed to tackling issues that tend to hinder progress.

Perhaps in the light of this, the governor has also approved the creation, upgrading and restoration of earlier suspended chiefdoms in the State.

This is in fulfilment of the desire of government to unite the people under accountable traditional institutions, Gov. Lalong said.

The Governor however hoped that the move will bring "greater confidence and assurance to the citizenry of a collective resolve to remain united and pursue common development goals."

Detail breakdown of the exercise across the 17 Local Government Areas are as follows:

JOS SOUTH LGA:  The existing status quo of all Chiefdoms in Berom land remain and under the Chairmanship of the GbongGwom Jos with 1st Class Status.

JOS EAST LGA:  The existing status quo of all Chiefdoms in Afizere land remain and under the Chairmanship of the AgwomIzere with 1st Class Status.

JOS NORTH LGA:  The existing JOS IZERE CHIEFDOMwith Headquarter in KatonRikkos, under AdagwomIzere is now restored to 2nd Class Status.

BARKIN LADI LGA:  A new Chiefdom, namely IBAAS CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Ibaas, under DagwomIbaas is now created with 3rd Class Status.

BASSA LGA:  The existing three Chiefdoms, namely Rukuba, Pengana and Irigwe maintain their statuses, under the Chairmanship of Utu Ugo Kithe, with 1st Class status.


KULERE CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Siken, under the SafKulere is restored to 2nd Class Status.

MUSHERE CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Ikgwahap, under MishkahamMushere is restored to 2nd Class Status.

KANAM LGA:  The existing two Chiefdoms, namely Jhar and Bogghom maintain their status quo of 2nd Class, under the Chairmanship of the Emir of Kanam Emirate with 1st Class Status.

KANKE LGA:  A new Chiefdom, namely NGAS CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in KWALL, under Ngolong Kanke is now created with 2nd Class Status.

LANGTANG NORTH LGA:  The existing Chiefdoms, namely, TAROH and ZINNI maintain their status quo with 1st and 2nd Class Status respectively, under the Chairmanship of PonzhiTaroh.

LANGTANG SOUTH LGA:  A new Chiefdom, namely, BYAN CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Mabudi, under PonzhiByan is now created with 2nd Class Status.


PYEM CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Gindiri, under the Sum Pyem maintains its 2nd Class Status.

CHAKFEM CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Chakfem, under MishkahamChakfem is restored to 3rd Class Status.

JIPAL CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Jipal, under Long Jipal is restored to 3rd Class Status.


YOUM CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Garkawa under the MuoYoum is restored to 2nd Class from 3rd Class Status.

PIAPUNG CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Piapung, under Long Piapung is upgraded to 3rd Class Status.

KOENOEM CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Lafidi, under Long Koenoem is restored to 3rd Class Status.

PANKSHIN CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Lannang, under Ngolong Pankshin is restored to 2nd Class Status.

MHISHIP CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Chip, under Long Mhiship is restored to 2nd Class Status.

MUPUN CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Lankan, under MiskhomMupun is restored to 2nd Class Status.

FIER CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Fier under the Wela Fier is restored to 3rd Class Status.

TAL CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Tal, under Ngolong Tal is restored to 3rd Class Status.

KADUNG CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Kadung under the ReidengMakadung is restored to 3rd Class Status.

PAI CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Pai under the Ngolong Pai is restored to 3rd Class Status.


The existing KWO CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Kwande, under Long Kwo is now regraded on 2nd Class Status.

The existing NAMU CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Namu, under Long Jan is restored to 2nd Class Status.


The existing ATEN CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Ganawuri, under Atar Aten is now upgraded from 2nd Class to 1st Class Status.


The existing DOROK CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in UngwanDadi, under Long Dorok is now upgraded from 3rd Class to 2nd Class Status.

The existing JAKTOE CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in DokanTofa, under Long Jaktoe is restored to 3rd Class Status.

The existing DERTENG CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in GidanGaladima (Lunuwang), under Long Derteng is restored to 3rd Class Status.


WASE EMIRATE maintains its status and all the Chiefdoms in the LGA are under the Chairmanship of the Emir of Wase with 1st Class Status.

The existing BASHAR CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Bashar, under Rekna Bashar maintains its 2nd Class Status.

KADARKO CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Kadarko, under PonzhiKadarko is restored to 2nd Class Status.

MAVO CHIEFDOM with Headquarter in Mavo, under AkuJukun is restored to 2nd Class Status.

The exercise he said is a continuous one with respect to bringing governance to the grassroots across the state. 

Plateau: IDPs lament neglect by Local Authorities

Internally Displaced Persons in COCIN RCC Heipang have lamented that the authorities in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area have abandoned them.

Leader of the camp, Iliya Makau disclosed this when a corps member embarked on a sensitization exercise on the dangers of drug abuse to the camp.

The camp leader said the Local Government had promised to relocate them within a month after the attack on their communities but have done nothing to that regard.

Makau also debunked reports that the church had told them they would relocate,  adding that it is unfortunate that instead of commending the leadership of the church for accommodating them thus far, some persons are spreading false information about the church.

He thanked the corps member for the initiative, stating that most youths go into drugs because they are traumatized and described the gesture as timely.

Speaking earlier, President of Drug free and quality control CDS, Jos South Local Government Area, Panshak Stephen Dawap said the gesture is because of the vulnerability of the displaced persons to drugs.

He also presented relief materials to the IDP's including grains and toiletries.

Source: Rwang Tengwong

Plateau thrilled as FG approves new road project, others in Jos

The Plateau State Government has lauded the Muhammdu Buhari led federal government for "fulfilling promises made to the Nigerian electorate."

The State government under Gov. Simon Lalong specifically lauds the approval of capital projects in the State by the Federal Government.

A statement by the Plateau State Information Commissioner, Yakubu Dati says the recent approval of the sum of N348.59 billion for the expansion of the road linking Akwanga through Jos, Bauchi to Gombe is in fulfilment of the pledge made by President Buhari during his last working visit to the State.

"On 8th March 2018, Gov Simon Lalong placed a request for the dualization of Abuja-Jos road to the President during his 2-day working visit to Plateau State.

"The President in his remarks promised to consider the request," the statement said.

By this gesture, "Plateau State is indeed a testimony of Mr. President's integrity as his word is his bond," Mr. Dati said.

Acknowledging an earlier approval of N192 million by FEC for the completion of the Mangu regional water scheme in Plateau central senatorial zone, the statement stresses that Gov. Lalong's strategic engagement  with the Federal Government and its agencies is yielding the 'desired' results.

The statement further lauds the President for ongoing road projects in Pankshin, Taphin, Tambar Sara-kal and Gindiri.

It also lists other projects under construction through Federal intervention to include the Sharam - Ballang road linking Plateau with Bauchi state through Tafawa Balewa. 

It therefore assured the President of the "unalloyed loyalty and support" of the state to the success of his administration. 

Plateau Emir wants 2019 southern senate seat reserved for Wase

By Moses Pam

The Emir of Wase  His Royal Highness, Alhaji Dr. Haruna Sambo has advocated the zoning of the Plateau Southern Senatorial Seat to Wase Local Government  Area of the State in 2019.

According to him Wase is also part of the six Local Government Areas that form part of the Southern Zone and should b part of the Zoning formula of Southern Zone for equity and Justice in the spirit of democracy and equal representation.

The First class Traditional Ruler stated this yesterday in Wase when the Aspirant of the Southern Senatorial Seat under the Platform of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP Barr. Samuel Kwamkur visited the Emir to seek his blessings to contest for the Senatorial Seat come 2019 elections.

"We in Wase LGC are also pleading with other LGCs of the Southern Zone to support us in 2019 to have the opportunity of going to the National Assembly too, because we are also part Southern Zone, we have credible Sons and daughters who are very qualified to go to the National Assembly and make us proud,  except if we are not part Plateau State and Southern Zone, but if we are, then we deserved this opportunity in Wase LGC to also produced a Senator Come 2019".

The Emir commended Barr. Samuel Kwamkur who is from Wase LGC for his efforts and contributions to the development of the Locality especially in the area of promoting Peaceful coexistence.

"I know you Kwamkur as a humble Son of Wase, you have contributed a lot for the development of Wase, you were the adviser to the Governor and you did very, your my Son I wish you success, we are proud of you.

The Southern Senatorial Aspirant who was the Former Special Adviser to Former Governor Jonah Jang and currently the National legal Director of the Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) Barr. Samuel  Kwamkur  also visited the Ponzhi Zinni and Acting Ponzhi Taroh Chief Nimnan Langnim , the PDP office in Wase, Langtang North and Langtang South including Mikang, Shendam and Quapan LGCs respectively where he officially declared his intention to vie for the senatorial seat in the southern senatorial zone of Plateau state in the 2019 elections.

He said explained that the passion which he has for the success of his people motivated him to contest.

He said that if he is voted as the Senator, his goal will be to represent the will of his people at the senate and ensure that youths as well as the physically challenged are empowered by providing employment through people-oriented programmes in the zone.

On their part, the PDP party Chairman of Wase Alhaji Nasiru Abba and the Deputy chairman PDP Langtang North Hon. Ventim Tyem both expressed their party's total support for Mr. Samuel, saying the people have a lot to benefit from the party when well-meaning individuals run for office.

A stakeholders from from all the Local government visited confirmed that Barr. Kwamkur has always been a dedicated and supportive  to the upliftment of his people through his antecedents from grassroot to state and National level both Politically and Religious activities.

They also promised to give him  their full support towards bringing his goals to reality, as they believe that he has great plans for them.

Plateau Highschool student killed, STF personnel arrested after village attack

A 19 year old final year secondary school student has been shot dead in Kambang village of Daffo District, Bokkos Local Government Area, Plateau State.

The deceased, identified as Mr. Tajan Hassan Ezekiel was said to have been shot by gunmen believed to be herdsmen when he went for a pee in the late ours of yesterday.

The attackers according to the District Head of Daffo, Saf Bitrus Dauda had surrounded the house where the deceased was, long before the shooting.

"It was a house raid and they were said to have surrounded the house when the boy went out to urinate," he said.

Saf Dauda disclosed that one other person was wounded during the attack which occurred at about 9pm.

"The other boy about 21years old heard a gun blast and came out to check what it was and was also shot in the leg," the village chief said.

The attack occurred hours after a Church women fellowship leader from Daffo gave a testimony at a Christian women convention in Vom, Jos South LGA on how many women and children survived the attacks of January and March, 2018 in Daffo, soliciting for prayers for normalcy.

Similar attacks had occurred in Jol and Bachi villages in Riyom LGA two days earlier where two people were reportedly killed with others sustaining injuries.

The Daffo attack however coincided with a similar incident in Gall hamlet in Rim village, Riyom LGA.

Vigilante group members were however said to have repelled the attackers, arresting four who were found to be government security personnel attached with the Special Task Force, Operations Safe Haven in the state.

The STF and Police spokespersons in the state were however yet to respond to enquiries on the incident as of publishing time.