A renowned Plateau activist and broadcaster, Macham Makut has declared his intention to run for the Bokkos constituency seat in the Plateau State House of Assembly come 2019.

Mr. Makut, an architect by profession who is known for being vocal against social injustices especially the Fulani herdsmen attacks yesterday at a gathering of community leaders and political elders in Kunet village, near Plateau State University Bokkos said his intention to run stems from the inability of the past and present crop of leaders to deliver creditably for the good of the electorates.

"I realize that bad leaders are elected not just by people who fail to vote but also by good people who refuse to step out and accept responsibility.

"I wish to state here that the present crop of representatives we have, especially those holding forth for us at the State level are performing remarkably.

"However, their performances appear to only remain within their family or social circles and not in the general community.

"Where there seems to be a reasonable project of general importance, such is either insignificant in comparison to the number of people it is expected to serve or highly substandard.

"Worse still, the projects are mostly designed without considerations to the sociocultural makeups of the benefitting communities, often due to poor or lack of consultations and community involvement which mostly stems from the culture of imposition of projects and truncated public communication by public officials.

"Such projects are in the long run either left to waste or unappreciated because they do not meet the direct needs of the people," he said.

This according to him he intends to change by initiating a culture of constant interaction and consultation with all the communities in the constituency.

He said, "We intend to build a framework of partnership with our electorates to get them actively involved in governance especially in the area of decision making as it affects them.

"Already, we have commenced such consultations and are already building a network of communication in various communities."

The Tin City 104.9 FM Jos Analyst and CEO, Whistle News Nigeria online and Emsevens online stores said his intention is to see that the problems of unemployment, youth restiveness, drug abuse, social security and among others, social amenities that confront the majority of our communities is strongly dealt with.

"Our approach will strictly be bottom-top where the communities will be expected to identify their needs themselves while we handle the mobilization of resources to facilitate their execution.

"In mobilizing, designing and even executing the projects however, the people must be actively involved to ensure compliance with traditional and other peculiarities and give a sense of ownership to the benefitting communities for sustainability," he said.

Makut who was joyfully received by the delegation that turned out promised to be the platform the majority poor electorates would utilize to attain their dreams.

He condemned the habit of shielding office holders from being reached by their electorates calling for laws to sanction such.

Mr. Makut who was assured of overwhelming support is running under the platform of the Social Democratic Party, SDP.