A southern Plateau group, Tarok Political Youth Vanguard (TPYV) has condemned a purported political consensus by a group called the Tarok Elders Forum which endorsed Sen. Jeremiah Timbut Useni of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as the sole aspirant of the Tarok nation for the 2019 gubernatorial elections in Plateau State.

In a statement by its Chairman, Mr. Innocent Tali, and Secretary, Manchang Nimnan, the Tarok youth group described the decision of the elders as selfish and bias.

"Not only did the position of the elders portray the Tarok nation as lacking the requisite human resources to turn around the fortune of the state, but also, for their selfish interests, are telling the world that the army of eligible Tarok sons and daughters vying for the governorship cannot be trusted with leadership, which action we consider treacherous," it said.

It particularly slammed the choice of a man who "should be enjoying his retirement after a meritorious national service."

The decision according to the statement "offends the spirit and letters of the Not Too Young to Run campaign being championed in Nigeria, that metamorphosed in the promulgation of an Act to that effect."

The group which said it is not directly linked to any candidate demanded a "genuine consensus" by a well represented delegation which provides a level playing field for all aspirants.

"In as much as we would welcome a genuine consensus where a credible Tarok aspirant would be chosen from among the plethora of Tarok aspirants to gun for the governorship of the state come 2019, and enjoy the support of his co-aspirants and the entirety of the Plateau voting population for the next gubernatorial elections, we would not be cajoled into accepting a fraudulent and self serving contraption by a group of elders to subvert the wishes and aspirations of a larger majority in an effort to massage the egos of one of their own."

The youths endorsed the position of another group which passed the purchase of nomination forms by all interested candidates to participate in the polls.

It said, "We fully align with the position of the Langtang North and South PDP to the effect that any Tarok son and daughter aspiring for the governorship of Plateau state under the party should go ahead and obtain their expression of Interest and nomination forms and go ahead with their campaign, as their fate can only be decided by the party at the primary elections."