The Constitutional Roles of a Legislator include those of Lawmaking, Check and balances through oversight functions.

Plateau North is at a critical time and needs someone who is experienced in terms of the cardinal responsibilities of the Legislature, someone who is vibrant, articulate in presentation, bold, fearless, knowledgeable and smart with apt legislative prowess. Rep. I. D. Gyang has demonstrated sufficient knowledge and vibrancy at the National Assembly.

Plateau North doesn't need a LEGISLATIVE TRAINEE on account of the prevailing circumstances. Rep. Barr  I. D. Gyang would not be a Legislative Trainee owing to his experience, skills and legislative engagements.

Plateau North needs an Accountable, transparent and honest Senator. Rep. Barr. I. D. Gyang has demonstrated to possess such attributes.

Plateau North needs someone who will sponsor Bills, raise motion and contribute credibly to debates on issues at the National Assembly. Within 3 Years of his being at the National Assembly, Rep. Barr. I. D. Gyang has sponsored over 20 Bills, raised numerous motions and made his voice as a worthy Representative of his people heard on the floor of the House. One of his Bills, which is the Bill for an Act to establish the Federal School of Medical Laboratory Science Jos has been passed into Law by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria while others are at various stages of legislation. He has been engaged in robust presentations of issues affecting his Constituency both locally and Internationally.

Plateau North needs an agile, energetic, friendly and charismatic Leader with great lobbying ability. Barr. Dr. I. D. Gyang friendly,  charismatic and charismatic dispositions have attracted numerous projects in all the Districts within the Federal Constituency he represents (the projects are verifiable) and lobbied for over 40 employment opportunities in top Federal MDAs to his Constituents.

Rep. I. D. Gyang is the person Plateau North needs for Senate.

His competence and credibility are indisputable and indispensable at this critical time.

His capacity is needed to take Plateau North to enviable height.

With Rep. I. D. Gyang as Senator, Plateau North is in safe hands.

He will give vibrant, effective, results oriented, visionary and purposeful leadership and representation.

Support and Vote for Rep. Dr. I. D. Gyang for Senate, Plateau North.

The Man with the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE.