John Apollos Maton

I am committed to representing our common interest, our collective aspirations and paving way for vistas of opportunities. Together, I hope we can achieve the much-needed Development.

We must understand how seriously important getting it right is, we need a Legislator who not only understands the intricacies of making Laws and Policies but passionately wants to see the development of our community.

I assure you that I am that person.

There are about fifteen (15) bills I have already prepared and a greater number of policies that need immediate attention which I intend to pursue. According to needs assessment, I intend to lobby for the interest of our constituency by moving these on the floor of the house and liaising with Member and Senator at Federal to ensure focused implementation of our goals.

We must passionately support every legislation aimed at sustainable development and growth of our People, our State and our Nation.

We must also support young, focused and vibrant candidates that are passionate about the people.