A West African coalition of Civil Societies, Builders of New Nigeria says President Muhammadu Buhari's inability to convince his citizens of his love and empathy on the unending killings in the country might result in a "backlash during the electoral contest" in 2019.

Addressing a news conference in Jos, the group accused President Buhari of falling short of his obligations as the Chief Security Officer of the country.

"We are convinced without doubt that His Excellency could do much more than he is currently doing while he has an obligation to convince the entire Nigerian people that he indeed belongs to all.

"The sad situation where government is suspected and accused of complicity is undesirable and dangerous and the government must do everything needful to set the right impression," National Chairman and convener of the group, Mr. Yinka Quadiri said.

The President according to him must therefore strive to discredit the perception that he favours some people over others by engaging in actions that will put him in "much better light."

He warned that Nigeria will "never" be allowed to turn into "a banana republic" where human lives will become ten-a-penny, and where the rule of impunity shall overtake and replace the rule of law."

The group leader said, "The Nigerian people have come of age and they will no longer tolerate a situation that permanently puts their humanity to question," Mr. Quadiri warned.

The group according to him has commenced a strong campaign against violent attacks in Central and other parts of Nigeria tagged "KILL THE KILLINGS PROJECT".

The campaign Mr. Quadiri said is hinged on the fact that if all relevant people and interests do not interfere "urgently and effectively in this affair that has generated so much passion, tension, emotion and obsession, the survival of the Nigerian nation itself would be under threat".

He therefore called on all "patriots" to "actively" support the group in the campaign in honour and memory of all "innocent" victims of violence in Nigeria since 1960.