When then Governor Jonah David Jang made known his intentions to run for the Plateau Northern Senatorial seat, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) then under Chief Raymond Dabo gave him an automatic ticket.

Although somewhat a sealed deal from the national leadership of the party following a give-and-take consensus between then PDP Governors and then President Goodluck Jonathan who equally wanted an automatic ticket, the support of the Plateau party stakeholders was unanimous.

This was against popular belief that the retired Air Commodore (equivalence of Brigadier General) was fond of imposing his will on others. Recall that over 50% of PDP supporters who voted for Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 General elections worked against Jang's Governorship candidate, Gyang Pwajok (may his soul rest). The key reason was that Jang allegedly had little or no respect for democratic principles.

Jang who had allegedly planted Late GNS Pwajok in the Senate to serve as his forerunner, was accused of attempting to use same GNS to pave the way for the political elevation of his dearest son, Yakubu Jang.

Rumours had flown alleging that Jang had planned to make his son the Chief of Staff to GNS if he had won. The aim was to hold firm supervision and control of the envisioned GNS administration. The long-term projection according to the reports was for GNS to later step aside, for Yakubu Jang to become Governor.

That political calculation obviously failed when then opposition's favourite, Simon Lalong was voted against GNS. With this, many thought that Jang who was regarded as an emperor by then opposition commentators would have learned his lessons. However, time came when the party needed a change of leadership and again, Jang allegedly forced his way through the process.

His choice candidate, Damishi Sango emerged against supposed popular demand. The aim again was to enable him maintain his control and lordship over the party. Money or no money however, power or no power, Jang was believed to have been allowed the freedom to make choices on behalf of the party's stakeholders out of respect.

By the end of the year 2017, Jang's then godson, Istifanus Dung Gyang whom he (Jang) had allegedly promised Governorship ticket in 2015 began making consultations ahead of the 2019 polls with specific interest on the Plateau Northern Senatorial seat. Jang by then had unofficially announced interest in the Presidential seat.

A subtle feud had begun between the ex Governor and his then Attorney General, Edward Pwajok whom he equally pledged Governorship ticket. Edward had defected to to the ruling APC obviously in protest against the perceived imbalances in the PDP and oppressive characteristics of the Jang dynasty. That however did not augur well for the acclaimed House of Reps' 3rd highest bill sponsor.

Knowing the tendency for the acclaimed Plateau North's political godfather to feel disrespected and offended by such moves, ID Gyang reportedly humbly approached him to seek his views. Jang reportedly declared support for him and gave him the go-ahead to aspire.

By the middle of August 2018 however, when Jang was released from jail on bail after being held on charges of corruption, ID Gyang was no longer the choice candidate for Dara Jang as he is fondly called.

Reports have it that Jang was uncomfortable with the idea of a Berom Senator while he being Berom was contesting Presidency. While ID Gyang appeared bent on chasing his ambition having spent hugely on campaigns and lobby, Jang was on the other hand uncompromising in his perceived bid to inject sanity in the system through inclusiveness.

As campaigns were getting heated and support was getting more and more obvious for ID Gyang, Jang's then Chief of Staff, Francis Bot declared interest in the same Senate seat sought by ID Gyang. Bot who hails from the same district with ID Gyang had reportedly endorsed and campaigned for ID Gyang. It was therefore a huge shocker to many observers how the tables had turned. ID Gyang who was expected to respond was however mute, rather declaring that everyone had the constitutional right to contest for any political position.

The question many have asked however is; if Jang was really all about inclusiveness when he attempted forcing ID Gyang to stand down his ambition, how comes he still fronted or allowed Da Francis Bot? As the primaries are drawing nearer however, it has appeared that Jang did not know about Mr. Bot's aspirations after all. His son, Yakubu Jang supposedly sponsored him to teach ID Gyang a lesson for allegedly disrespecting his father. Same Yaks had allegedly slapped GNS Pwajok once when he challenged his father on unpaid civil servants' salaries.

To get off his hook this time however, sources close to the two have revealed that Jang has impressed on ID Gyang to go apologize to his son with a promise to make him his Senior Legislative Aid and also step down for him after serving a term in the Senate. Something must be fishy one might say. But whether a repeat of the 2015 Titanic submergence lies ahead, whether the party's delegates from the Senatorial zone will eventually go for "track-record" of performance or "experience" of age, only time will tell.