The Plateau State Peace Building Agency headquartered in Jos, Central Nigeria says it is focussed on fixing 'broken relationships', mending 'broken fences' and reconciling communities in the troubled state as the work marks the 2018 United Nations Peace Day.

Mr. Joseph Lengmang, the Director General of the Agency said in a report by The Oasis Reporters is confident the united efforts of citizens in the state would further consolidate government's gains on peace, and prevent any 'loopholes' that may be exploited by 'enemies' of Peace.

Applauding the contributions of the agency's sponsors and international partners, Mr. Lengman expressed readiness to learn from every mistake the agency has made for improved performance.

"It is our resolve to brace all resistance, sabotage and subterfuge to broker peace and understanding regardless," he said in The Oasis report.

The Plateau Peace Agency was set up by the Plateau State government in 2016 as the first independent government agency for conflict resolution purposes following violent conflicts in the State that have persisted since 2001.