Yesterday being Sunday while others were busy watching  the Fulham Vs Arsenal Game, I took time to read through the latest press release by the 3rd Army Duvision on the inquest into the circumstances that led to General Alkali's disappearance, I couldn't but notice the lies and deciet plus a struggle to project self as acting professional in this investigation, so I felt like a Fulham supporter in pains for the 5-1 thrashing on timeline.

The first paragraph says
"The attention of  Headquarters 3 Division has been drawn to reports that the residents of Dura - Du District and it's environs in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State have fled and abandoned their homes and business premises to avoid being clamped down by the troops involved in the Search and Rescue Operation for the missing retired senior officer."

It is true that residents of Du, especially those leaving close to the area under investigation have been living in fear especially that 14 members of the community were gruesomely murdered by men in uniform and the subsequent arrival of the Military did not come with any hope but threats to life. This was seen in the indiscriminate arrests of vulnerable men, women, aged and even a pregnant Woman whose only offense was that they were plying the Dura road on the day the area was cordoned off.

Paragraph two talked about professionalism and as a student of history I ask, What was professional about what they did to Zaki Biam, Udi and other locations? They said and quote

" Please be informed that Nigerian Army is a professional organisation that conducts its operations with international best practices and respect for fundamental human rights.. The troops involved in the search and rescue operation only apprehended those who have information about the missing retired senior officer based on cedible intelligence."

Oh my!! Did you just read that? That the troops were apprehending those with information and those with information included the driver of a school bus who was on his line of duty? Or the Pregnant, Noro Dung, whose where about is unknown to her family members and friends ( even when Her EDD is here) oh common!! Now the annoying thing is Paragraph 3 which talks about Peace and loving People of Plateau.

"Consequently, the good and peace loving people of Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State and most especially Dura -Du District are enjoined not to desert their homes and business premises and urged to go about their legitimate businesses. This will prevent hoodlums from breaking into the abandoned homes and business  premises."

How hypocritical can we be that the same people whose unprofessional attitude, conduct and utterances gave birth to stereotyping the Plateau Person as non accommodating ( which is entirely false) and the Berom as terrorist, militia and enemies of Nigeria with many calling for a total wipe of the community (as if this People have not had enough of losses in hundreds) are addressing them as "The Peace Loving People?" The Image battering is too much to take this as a compliment. The statement went further to call on residents not to dessert their homes but stay and go about their normal Business.... What business is that? The one whose owners were picked and dehumanised or the ones that have been looted already by " Professional " Soldiers deployed to the community representing the hoodlums in Uniforms ( There are audio confessions from a victim)

This fourth paragraph is what will say like Dr Dre "Forget About it" real story for gods:

" the Division also wishes to emphasize its adherence  and respect of human rights in the discharge of its constitutional  roles. It further calls on everyone within its Area of Responsibility to remain vigilant and report any suspected breach of the peace to security agencies."

Fundamental human right were infringed upon right from the day 14 People were killed without adequate protection from Govt and security agencies. These rights were broken on the days People were arrested and humiliated, these right were infringed upon when business premises were buggled and items consumed by the same "Professional" personnel, these rights were infringed upon when some Nigerians seized the opportunity to insult, humiliate and paint a terrorised People black because of the action of the military.

History can never die and so all will answer before God the sooner the 3rd Armoured Division and DHQ take a cue from Britain as they investigated and found the two Russian spies who killed a Russian and his daughter in UK the better for us.

I am Big Blunt Morgan Tok A Nigerian suffering in the hands of Nigerians and her Govt