The House of Representatives has called for a “professional investigation” into the whereabouts of the missing Gen. Idris Alkali by Police and the Department of State Services.

This is so that the fundamental human rights of Nigerians living in the affected communities would not be violated, The Punch reports.

A member from Plateau State, Mr Edward Pwajok (SAN), had moved a motion calling for the House's intervention in the sustained military onslaught on the community in which the General was suspected to have been killed.

In the motion co-sponsored by the member representing Plateau State's Barkin Ladi/Riyom Federal constituency in the House, Mr. Pwajok raised concern that the direct involvement of the military in the investigations was hazardous.

Pwajok told the House that while the criminal activities in the area must be condemned and thoroughly investigated, the case of missing persons was better handled by the police and the DSS in line with the extant laws of the land.

"we are bleeding"

Another member, Mr Istifanus Gyang, told the House that much as the security situation in Plateau State was disturbing, there was a “deliberate propaganda” against the ethnic nationalities on the Plateau to find sufficient grounds to blame it solely on them.

"Mr. Speaker, Hon Colleagues, let me as a co-mover of this motion join Hon Pwajok to condemn the abduction and disappearance of Rtd Maj. Gen. Idris Alkali and to call for thorough investigation so as to unveil the facts of the matter and apprehend the abductors.

"I equally call for compliance to due process of law in the investigation which ordinarily ought to be handled by the Police in consonance with sec 217(2(2) CFRN 1999 (as amended) sec 1Armed Force Act and sec 4 of the Police Act as against the current indiscriminate mass arrest and detention of civilian citizens by the Military. Occasioning severe infringement on the rights of those affected.

"Mr. Speaker, as we strive to build a nation where all citizens belong and matter, we must resist any attempt to single out any particular ethnic group or people for negative branding.

"The events surrounding the disappearance of Rtd Gen Alkali has given rise to the propagation of a narrative of prejudice and hate against the some ethnic nationalities on the Plateau.

"Mr. Speaker, the danger of this negative narrative ought to be arrested and corrected as it seeks to hold the entire community culpable for a criminal act that is still being investigated.

"We are all aware that our legal jurisprudence operates on the doctrine of presumption of innocence not presumption of guilt.

"This negative branding propaganda seeks to serve as a justification for what appears to be a collective punishment of the community through military action.

"Never before has a people suffer massive loss of lives, ancestral lands and habitat and yet subjected to an aggressive hate campaign through negative labeling, profiling criminalizing and demonization than is being witnessed against the Plateau people.

"Mr. Speaker, we are bleeding, sorrowing, grieving and burying on dead on a daily basis. There was a time we buried 500 at Dogo Nahawa massacre on March 7, 2010 in a mass grave, in July 7 & 8 2012, 101 lives including a senator and state Assembly member were massacred. Last June we buried over 230 in Barikin Ladi.

"Hardly any day passes without merchants of dead visiting including the Jos metropolis unrest of last week including students of the University of Jos.

"One critical constitutional mandate of the military is to protect and preserve the territorial integrity of Nigeria.
This House is aware through previous motions that a large territory of some LGs in Plateau State-Barikin Ladi, Riyom, Bokkos and Miango in Bassa have been and are under forceful occupation by bandits whose identity is alien to this country.

"The Military and the nation should know that our territorial integrity has been and is being violated and must be recovered!!

"Unfortunately, some persons want to turn the anguish and pain of the people into political capital by sponsoring touts on public protest to malign Plateau people including our traditional rulers.

"We advise the propagandist of anti-Plateau prejudice to instead of inflaming hate and reinforcing animosity, turn a new leave and help us heal our wounds thereby promoting harmonious communal coexistence on the Plateau. All we need is peace on the Plateau," Mr. Gyang submitted.

"handover to police for proper investigation"

The session, which was presided over by the Speaker, Mr Yakubu Dogara, passed the motion in a unanimous voice vote.

The House condemned "in strongest terms", the attacks by "criminals" in Plateau State, particularly in the northern zone, which have led to the killing and disappearance of many citizens.

The House equally sympathised and condoled with the families of all those who died in the crises and pray for the speedy recovery of all those who are injured.

A summary of the House's resolutions on the matter read in part; “Urges the Federal Government and the relevant security agencies to do everything within the law to trace the whereabouts of all missing persons in Nigeria, including but not limited to Maj. Gen. Alkali and Captain Mwankon-Gyang.

“Urges the Federal Government to use security forces saddled by the constitution with the powers of investigation of missing persons in communities, specifically the police and the DSS, to investigate professionally and respect the rule of law and human rights of citizens.

“Urges the Federal Government to put a stop to the killings, attacks and kidnapping in Plateau State.

“Urges for the release of all those who are under detention, particularly civilians detained in military barracks, and they should be handed over to the police for proper investigation in line with the due process of law.”

"military openly biased"

Reacting to this, an Adamawa State Gubernatorial aspirant of the All Blenders Party, Dr. Daniel Shaga lauded the House saying the Military's actions were a concern.

He said,  "The military in this case are the complainants; they are the police to investigate, they are the judge and jury in their own matter.

"Mr. Idris if CUPP UK has alleged strongly that the military is also the main suspect in the matter.

"Military high handedness in this matter has encouraged antagonists of Plateau State and the Berom tribe to take advantage of the disorganized situation to inflict harm and put many families in jeopardy.

"I agree with this position. The role of the military is openly biased; they are incompetent to handle such matters and they have played ignoble roles to create the false impression that Alkali was killed in Jos and his vehicle was found here."

He called on the Legislature to demand extensive forensic examination of the vehicle and all items claimed to have been “discovered” in the pond in which the General was suspected to have been dumped.

"The wife of the late General needs very serious security as key witness in the matter.

"Those who discovered the vehicle need to be fully investigated.

"The Orderly and Driver of the General who were left behind would also have something to tell investigators.

"All those who were arrested, brutalized, tortured, molested, and those whose houses were ransacked and turned upside down, and those whose items were stolen would also speak because they must be appeased.

"Those who were directly shot at and killed by soldiers in the dark days of the “investigation” must be identified and their families appeased. In the absence of justice, peace would not also be found because justice and peace are SIAMESE twins."