Police yesterday detained the Village Head of Du-rah village in Jos. Mr. Yakubu Rap, despite voluntarily submitting himself to its Plateau State Headquarters.

Sources say the 52 year old was thrown behind bars along with three others who equally submitting themselves after being declared wanted by the Police in connection to the disappearance of the Defense Headquarters' immediate past Chief of Administration (Army), Major General Idris Alkali.

Mr. Rap had reportedly lost his two sons and a house when soldiers carried out a raid in Du-rah village during the search for the missing General.

He reportedly submitted himself being confident that he knew nothing about the case.

He was however put in cell after his lawyers who were with him from morning when he reported to the Police went out at about sunset to buy him food.

Efforts to get him released by the attorneys for the continuation of interrogation today proved abortive.

The Army authorities had alleged that Mr. Rap co – chaired the meeting held to relocate the corpse of the senior officer from a shallow grave to elsewhere immediately his car was found in the abandoned mining pit filled with water.

A youth leader who had reportedly cooperated with the troops carrying out the search was among those declared wanted.

Interrogation for the wanted persons who have repotted themselves is expected to continue today.