The recent crisis within the Plateau State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over the choice of a running mate for its Governorship flag bearer, Sen. Jeremiah Useni may have been caused by certain interests within the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Sources reveal that while the top hierarchy of the party had endorsed the PDP Central Zone Vice Chairman, Hon. Benedict Shignugul, the Director General of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Sir Joseph Ntung Ari has disbursed huge sums of money to the State PDP Chairman, Secretary and other key stakeholders to favour Dr. James Dalok, the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) accountant.

Mr. Ari is an appointee of the Buhari APC government, a tribesman to the APC Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State and blood brother to the Chairman of the Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission (PLASIEC).

He was however said to have dished N2m to Sen. Useni's campaign DG, Prof. Biti Mailafiya, N2m to a top Chieftain, Haj. Ladi Nimla and N5m to the State PDP Chairman, Hon. Damishi Sango aside other gifts to some top members of the Useni campaign team.

Mr. Ari is also alleged to have made undisclosed donations for the campaign of Sen. Useni with the aim of influencing the selection of his financial anchorman as running mate.

The ultimate goal for Mr. Ari and other forces within the APC is to trigger internal conflict of interests, which could project the opposition PDP as an unstable party, thereby weakening its chances in the 2019 Governorship race.

Mr. Dalok is also expected to serve as a spy for the APC, relaying relevant information on the internal strategies of the PDP for proper countering, the sources say.

Earlier insinuations had emerged that some denominational interests may have set into the choice of candidates to support ahead of the 2019 polls.

The Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) is believed to have lost the goodwill of other denominations given its longstanding influence on the political decisions of the State.

In protest, a number of denominations in the State are feared to have planned a protest against candidates from the COCIN extraction during the polls.

The choice of Hon. Benedict Shignugul, a catholic was therefore thought to be best for the resolution of these deep-rooted grievances arising from perceived structural imbalances.

Thus, Dr. Dalok from COCIN is considered best for the fight against PDP by the APC.

This is because aside Gov. Lalong already having a substantial population of COCIN by the connection of his Deputy, Sonni Tyoden who is from COCIN, PDP having Dalok from COCIN likely restricts the battle between a fraction of COCIN and the rest of the Christendom in the State.

Already, Gov. Lalong has the support of the larger population of the Muslim community in the state with nearly 100% support from the catholic faith where he hails from.

Having Dr. Dalok therefore seals a near automatic ticket for him despite insinuations that he may have lost the support of majority of the State.

MKB cannot however authoritatively confirm these claims as enquiries sent to Sen. Useni's campaign DG and other concerned parties were still to be responded to as of the time of publishing this report.

However, officials of the PDP were said to be holding a close door meeting with a view to resolving the conflict.