Just SAG!

It's one of the simplest things to do now in
Plateau - if you are armed for it:

S A G = Shoot-And-Go.

Different from Kill-And-Go (KAG) by the terrorists
who have free reigns over villages and city
outskirts. They're ever as hungry as the grave
and as tormenting as wild fire.

SAG is by men in official uniform
They drive in or by, in trucks and motorcycles.



Piercing sounds over hill tops and rural roads.
Victims bite the dust
Mangled frames here and there
Unblinking eyes gazing at the midday sun. Blood
flows. Drips somewhere
Vruum... Vrrrrruuummmm.
They drive past.
Gone. Unhindered. Unhurried. Unchallenged.
Satisfied at another harvest of lives of the locals.
They'll return another day
Or go to some other place
Nobody inquires
Nobody explains
Nobody has a bad conscience
They won't even recall that the victims are non-
combatants. Unarmed. Just at home.
Their own families are safe somewhere. Maybe
immune from death.
All you need to Shoot-And-Go on the Plateau are:
a loaded rifle;
an official uniform;
a team with you;
maybe an ID card. . . and lots of human targets -
men and women
communities already in anguish
It's official killing; state murder. The state
murders her own citizens - people she should be
All we're left with is another cycle:
Run...Wail...Bury...show the media,
then, Silence - until the next Shooting.
How can human life be this cheap and vain and
devalued on the Plateau?

- Yiljap Abraham