This piece aims to sort out three critical issues troubling Plateau state on the one hand and the Middle-Belt Region on the other hand. It first of all seeks to explore the nature and scope of recent skirmishes tearing Plateau State apart.

In the same token, it seeks to shine a spotlight on what more could be done to save the future of unborn generation. The reality and import of my message is that, when destiny brings us together, we must appreciate our differences, consolidate on covert or overt efforts in order to reposition ourselves for sustainable growth and development.

Plateau state which is centrally located in Nigeria has had bad times, terrible past and at a point, its future looks bleak. Here is a state that never did anything wrong to warrant destruction from internal and external forces, real or imagined.

The state was a central point of Unity, at best, a unifying point. People came from across the country and to a large extent, from across the world to settle down, pursue their studies, enjoy the extraordinary weather and perhaps invest and maximize business opportunities.

Plateau State was probably the number 1 tourist destination throughout the West African country. The uniqueness of its weather, richness in natural resources and unmatched human potentials/resources placed the state in the right development trajectory. It obviously became a global reference point for socio-economic and political discourse.

As a state of course, we can’t rule out the fact that our challenges came and disrupted the space of development and the economic well-being of our people prior to the major disaster of 2001.

That was a dark history in the state’s history and everything we had laboriously built over the years started crumbling and giving way for anarchy and divisions across political, ethnic and religious lines. These violent conflicts and ill developments continued unabated, albeit with little or no efforts from those responsible for the management of the conflicts.

Dozens of lives have perished properties and valuable worth billions of naira have gone up in flames and quite regrettable, many opportunities were gone and may not probably be regained. These killings have ran through political and social periods of the states and are still continuing in a truly vicious cycle.

The good people of Bassa, Riyom, Barkin Ladi, Mangu and other flash point areas have tasted the bitter pills of bloodletting and other unholy acts of terrorism by men of the underworld.

In this context, humanitarian crisis keeps brewing immeasurably thereby making refugees to live in squalid conditions. Regrettably, the Unity of Plateau state is threatened. The integrity of the state is under assault and the future looks uncertain.

This article is not meant to condemn or apportion blames on individuals or groups. Its underlying concern is to extol the virtues and goodness of Unity. I sincerely hope that by showing the contours of this promising path, we will be more likely to choose it.

This case is made on the grounds of public interest. Unity remains paramount and ultimately crucial to the sustenance of development. It must be chosen above other primordial, ulterior and vested interests. The underlying concern is the protection of Plateau heritage and not creating room for hate and further division.

There is huge potential in unity and out of it comes the very essence of peace and justice. United we stand and divided we fall. We’ve got to be united as a wave of change. A stitch in time saves nine.

Additionally, this article will not fail to bring to limelight the legendary efforts of the likes of Baba Paul Gindiri, Chief Solomon Lar both of blessed memory and other amazing personalities who stood and still stand for the peace and unity of the State even in the face of glaring threats and obvious gloomy situations.

To them I express my solidarity, thanks and salute. It is true that Plateau State had a past that was tragically defined by circumstances beyond human control. My heart is still heavy on account of the people and properties worth billions of naira we lost.

Regrettably, we allowed our collective conscience and hands to be corrupted by religious and political manipulators. We took firearms and other weapons of mass destruction against each other. We developed hatred of monumental proportion and the consequences fell on us badly.

Why did we allow all these calamities to befell us? We lost many opportunities that could have been translated to greater dividends for the state and the people in general. The reality at hand right now is the fact that general elections are fast approaching.

The question agitating the minds of many is whether or not we will allow agents of darkness and saboteurs to create room for violence and hurt the future of the state.

This wouldn't speak good. Violence does no one good. It always results in a loose-loose situations. Many elections gave rise to bloody violence especially in Jos North where Local Government Elections were held.

Elections are critical to the sustenance of democracy but any attempt to compromise the process in other to achieve some sinister interests and motives will obviously result in conflict and if not effectively managed, might open the flood gates of destruction.

That's sad. I must also seize this opportunity through the pen to draw the attention of Plateau and Nigerian youths to be careful and never allow themselves to be used as agents of conflicts and crisis merchants.They must guard their conscience, protect their integrity and be true ambassadors of peace and unity.

The future of Plateau state indeed is up to us. We must never flag or fail in our resolve to achieve true greatness and limitless prosperity. It's time for a better future for Plateau State.