Davou Mang was not sacrificed by anyone.  He was betrayed by those inexperience boys that hang around him. He has no support base.

No political experience.  After all,  Mr Mang and his campaign directorate had always bragged that Mang was Dara aye disciple. No party structure was directed to abandon Mang for anyone.

The party top shot in the two LGAs supported Mang to the end of the primaries. Starting the election late even helped Mang to get more votes,  it would have been worse. Mang was not even second but third so how can you even consider him as a factor in the game.

To be sincere,  Mang was defeated by Hon Daniel Dem and not Dr Simon Mwadkwon. The only experience and serious respected person  in Mang's campaign team is the most important and respected Sam Godongs.

However,  and unfortunately for Sam Godongs,  a tree cannot make a forest.  Mang,  his boys and those that say Mang was sacrificed should go to bed,  have a deep sleep and Wake up from their dream and return to the world of reality.

Most we always blame our Dara for our inexperience? Who was it in the party hierarchy that Dara told them to sacrifice Mang? Please,  let us join hands to remove and clean the mess in Little Rayfield instead of the blame game.

Timothy Davou Dung

One of Mwadkwon's media team members