Mr. Chris Naylor (L) and Rev. Dr. D.C. Datiri, COCIN President
The world’s wildlife is being lost up to 10,000 times faster than the natural extinction rate, an international nongovernmental organization has warned.

International A ROCHA, a foundation concerned with biodiversity conservation and environmental safety worldwide is worried that increasing human activities may soon lead to the extinction of many nonhuman creatures.

This, a top official of the foundation, Mr. Chris Naylor says could have severe consequences on the human world.

Addressing the 95th General Church Council of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) yesterday in Jos, the capital of Central Nigeria’s Plateau State, Mr. Naylor advocated ‘sustainable’ practices including economic activities for prolonged environmental benefits.

He condemned the traditional hunting and non-renewable energy use by African households as threatening human health and economic wellbeing for human populations.

Thus, A ROCHA International is involved in biodiversity campaigns in different countries in and around Africa for the purpose of improving human health, economic growth and environmental safety.

Mr. Naylor and Prof. McHopkins
However, the collaboration of relevant stakeholders including faith-based organizations he said is key to the success of the project.

“The mission of God addresses individual persons, society and culture, and creation.

All three are broken and suffering because of sin; all three are included in the redeeming love and mission of God; all three must be part of the comprehensive mission of God’s people,” he said, citing the ROCHA Lausanne Cape Town Commitment, 2010.

The Vice President of COCIN, Rev. Dr. Orbed Dashan in his response on behalf of the gathering called for a national programme to protect the local environment.

He assured of COCIN’s partnership with A ROCHA International to fast tract the campaign against environmental degradation for sustained biodiversity.
Participants at a biodiversity workshop by A ROCHA Int'l yesterday, Jos Nigeria