The Director General of the Jeremiah Useni Campaign Organization, Prof. Dimis Mailafiya has officially notified Masara Kim's blog of his intentions to head to court if an earlier news report accusing him of taking bribe to endorse Mr. James Dalork as the PDP Governorship running mate was not withdrawn.

In a letter dated 9th November, 2018, Prof. Mailafiya through his attorneys, Markus Saleh (SAN) and co Chambers demanded that the story headlined, "Plateau 2019: APC funding pairing of Dalok with JT Useni - Source" published on 19th October, 2018 be retracted with a "clearly worded written apology".

The letter tagged "Re: Your Libellous and Character Damaging Publication against Professor Dimis I. Mai-Lafiya on your Masarakim's" sent to MKB last week but turned down was received yesterday through DHL Couriers after consultation with defense lawyers.

In the letter, Prof. Mailafiya threatened to "resort to the courts of law and seek for substantial damages, as well as other reliefs" if his demands were not met.

He had verbally threatened that unless MKB disclosed it's sources, he will file an action in court.

Excerpts from the phone chat were published in another news report tagged "News Flash: JT Useni campaign DG threatens to sue MKB", an action he frowned at.

The letter reads; "Our client informed us that he got to you via GSM telephone call and text message expressing his dismay over the said publication and asking you to withdraw same but you informed him that you have credible sources which informed your publication.

"Instead of withdrawing the said publication, you went ahead to publish another story with the caption "News Flash: JT Useni campaign DG threatens to sue MKB" further repeating the same defamatory publication complained of."

MKB publisher, Masara Kim however claims to have only received a phone call and a message on WhatsApp with no clear demands for the withdrawal of the report but the release of the sources' identities.

He equally claimed in a statement to have sent a text message requesting Prof. Mailafiya's comments before publishing the first report.

"We have forwarded a copy of the text message, WhatsApp note and voice conversations with the Prof as well as the sources that provided the information that formed the initial news report to our team of attorneys for further action," the MKB boss said.

Mr. Kim equally claims to have not been assertive in the report, but written it as a mere allegation.

He said, "The last paragraph of that report clearly states that MKB cannot authoritatively confirm these claims (that is the allegations) as enquiries sent to the campaign DG and other officials had not been responded to as of the time of publishing.

"The PDP Chairman who was equally indicted in the report was later interviewed in his office and his defense was published.

"Prof. Mailafiya on the other hand was told when he first called to make claims that his own side of the story could still be taken on the same platform.

"However, even when he said he had never known the ITF DG, Sir Joseph Ari who was said to have paid the bribe let along taking any bribe from him, we asked if we could quote his submission as his defense but he refused."

Meanwhile, the Director General of the Industrial Training Fund, ITF, Sir Joseph Ari has denied influencing the choice of Mr. Dalok as JT Useni's running mate ahead of the 2019 gubernatorial elections.

Sources close to Mr. Ari say the ITF boss was infuriated by the report on MKB alleging he paid several millions of naira to the JT Useni Campaign DG and other officials of the PDP to favour his then Director of Audit, Mr. Dalok as running mate.

Mr. Ari according to the sources had warned Mr. Dalok on his decision to join the PDP gubernatorial race knowing his connection with the ruling APC.

Mr. Dalok who however did not seem willing to rescind on his decision reportedly paid for leave of notice to proceed on voluntary retirement when the ITF boss asked him to consider the implications of his decisions for his job in case of a loss at the polls.

MKB has confirmed failing on efforts to reach Sir Joe Ari for comments before the initial report as his phone contacts were said to have not been obtained.