A survivor of the Matele army base attack in Guzama Local Government Area of Borno State, Emmanuel Ada (not real name) says officials' claims of recovering only 23 bodies were false.

He insists over 100 of his colleagues were killed by the insurgents who appeared more equipped with greater manpower.

The November 18 attack, the Nigerian Army authorities yesterday said only led to 23 deaths and 31 injuries.

It also claimed to have called the families of the deceased soldiers.

In a telephone interview with MK however, the surviving noncommissioned officer, Ada said the 23 could only be those recognized.

"Many of the corpses recovered had decomposed beyond recognition and it's not like when you are out there in the jungle you wear your name tag all the time," he said.

He revealed that it was not until Wednesday that corpses were recovered, nearly two weeks after the attack after an earlier attempt was foiled by the insurgents.

The army officials had claimed to have recovered the corpses a day after the attack.

Mr. Ada had however revealed in a Facebook post that a fresh attack on the search team which included him forced the mission to abort.

Since the Facebook post which suggested there were anomalies in the running of the army and the fight against the insurgents, Mr. Ada has continued to cry that his life was under threat.

"If anything happens to me, let the Nigerian public hold the Army authorities responsible," he told MK.

Ada who had pitched tent in 119 battalion camp along with surviving colleagues after being displaced from the Matele 157 battalion camp has been forced to evacuate obviously due to increasing threats to his life.