In a latest propaganda video released by the Islamic State West Africa Province affiliated Boko Haram, a soldier is seen being herded by a group of armed assailants.

The soldier is seen in the last 1 second of the 2mins video lying in the open booth of a pickup van, obviously wounded and terrified.

A pro-army group, "Support for the Nigerian Army" has released excerpts of a supposed private mail from one Mr. Best Oluwayi who claims the captured soldier is his father.

The message published on the group's Facebook page which identifies the soldier as Warrant Officer Festus Oluwayinka says his whereabouts is still unknown since the incident occurred on August 30, 2018.

The literally embittered son of the supposed slain soldier in the post wondered why the country hasn't declared a day of morning for its deceased soldiers in the Northeast.

"This is just let you and I know what a failed country Nigeria is.

"100 soldiers died fighting to secure the territory of this failed country and the government can't declare a day to mourn them neither did any military flag is been flown at half mast for them.

"And we say we have a president. I doubt if we have at all," the Support for the Nigerian Army group quotes Mr. Oluwa as saying.

'Government using us to gamble'

A soldier serving in the troubled Northeastern Nigerian state of Borno has accused the Nigerian government of gambling with the lives of soldiers.

The soldier (ID withheld) who hails from Plateau State told MKB that welfare and logistics for the soldiers in the Northeast are at their worst.

"The army officials are using us to make money. They are using us to do chacha (gambling)," he said.

Asked if any new arms have been deployed to them as claimed by the government, the 28yr old soldier said "forget Buhari," suggesting no such equipment had been received.

The soldier who was only able to chat on WhatsApp using WiFi as his location hadn't mobile network coverage said he has been in Borno for six years without any hope of transfer.

Earlier in the year, a group of soldiers had staged a riot in Maiduguri town over their continued retainment in the Northeast without adequate welfare.

Last month, social media went rife with a voice note believed to have been recorded during a chat by a VOA correspondent and a deserting soldier suggested many soldiers were quitting their jobs due to poor welfare and equipment.

Similarly, last three weeks, a video surfaced online showing a group of obviously famished soldiers complaining of poor welfare, with some, said by a narrator in the video to have fainted.

Last week again, after the killing of over 100 in Matele village in Borno, a video surfaced online showing the destructions in the 157 battalion military base wherein a narrating voice decried the obsolescence of equipment deployed for use by the army in the fight against the insurgents.

Local media reports have quoted survivors of the attack as having been overpowered by the terrorists who accosted them with "superior firepower".

The Nigerian government has said it was still committed to neutralizing the terrorists but has not specifically said what it would do differently this time.

The same promises have been made by President Muhammadu Buhari since his election in 2015 where he vowed to take out Boko Haram in three months.