The African International Documentary Festival Foundation, AFIDFF says recklessly sharing propaganda videos by terrorists groups popularizes and strengthens their operations which have over the years "thrived on the spread of fear."

Creating documentaries and other visual storytelling elements that better promote unity and confidence in the capacity of government forces to take out insurgents against all odds is therefore best in the face of terrorism, AFIDFF said, Tuesday.

In a press statement by its Head of Media, Mr. Joseph Ibeh, the organization offered to train Nigerians along with other Africans in visual storytelling this December to support the capacity of the continent to rebuild.

"AFIDFF has since establishment, produced documentary films that
promote the strength and capacity of Africa to rise from its past miseries.

"We urge as many Nigerians as possible to be part of this so as to collectively secure the continent," the foundation's anchorperson said.

The Documentary Foundation disturbed at the recent killing of troops in Northeastern Nigerian by suspected Boko Haram terrorists pleaded that "urgent corrective steps be taken to forcefully stop the rampaging insurgents from further decimating the nation's armed forces."

Any delay in this regard the AFIDFF said could lead to depleted manpower and reduced public interest in military jobs which could be "greatly threatening" to the safety of the growing population in the country.

The Nigerian military authorities had last week threatened sanctions against media outfits publicizing videos of attacks by terrorists as Boko Haram released clips showing its members attacking and killing government troops.

The government has however received a backlash for the pronouncement.

Whether the AFIDFF's caution reduces the pressure on the government on the matter however, only time will tell.