A West African pressure group, Plateau Youth G-17 Peace and Progressive Forum has alarmed that female Internally Displaced Persons in Jos, Central Nigeria pass through sexual abuse before feeding everyday.

This is sequel to the "horrible" humanitarian conditions of the IDPs in Plateau State which continue to deteriorate due government "negligence and disregard," the group said, Friday.

Addressing journalists in the Plateau State capital, the group also cried that many displaced children are out of school as farming and other economic activities have been neutralized by the recent herdsmen attacks in the State.

"Reliable information has it that women are being molested and sexually harassed in the camp before they could access daily meal for their children.

"Most of the children are now out of school with little or no hope of any form of education.

"Rural agriculture has been severely disrupted as farmlands are being destroyed and harvest is low within the axis because many can no longer go to their farms for fear of being attacked or killed by herdsmen," President of the group, Mr. Dachung Bagos said.

Bagos placed the number of IDPs remaining in camps at 20,000 with the majority being women and children.

He however lamented that most of them have no accommodation and "have to squat in make shift rooms or uncompleted buildings with no social amenities.

'Worrisome also is the fact that we are approaching the cold harmattan season with the festivities and holidays around the corner.

"It is most disheartening for one to imagine these innocent citizens, who have lost everything being continually forgotten to the point of celebrating the Christmas in the cold because of the criminal neglect by government," the group leader said.

He therefore called for the immediate rebuilding of the houses destroyed in the attacks and the relocation of the IDPs from camps.

"Appropriate machinery be immediately put in place to reconstruct the destroyed homes, schools and others amenities within the communities, just like it is the case with similar communities in the North East of Nigeria and ensure holistic relocation and integration of displaced persons," he said.

The group also sued for improved security in the state in line with the constitutional obligations of government.